Video Report: Bermuda Twins Born 8 Days Apart

December 8, 2013

Twin boys were born eight days apart in a rare arrival at a Canadian hospital, with Bermudians Edonna and Ryan Bean welcoming their son Emyr first and his brother Esai eight days later.

Due to Mrs Bean’s high risk preganancy, she flew from Bermuda to IWK Health Centre in Halifax to receive specialist medical care.


She was admitted to the IWK on November 5th and two weeks later she gave birth to Emyr, who weighed just one pound, 15 ounces.

Eight days after Emyr was born, his twin brother Esai made his grand entrance into the world weighing two pounds, seven ounces.

Dr. Michiel van den Hof, a maternal fetal medical specialist at IWK, told said that it is incredibly rare for twins to be born at two separate births, adding he has only seen it happen one other time in his 20 years at IWK.

“We had a mother who was extremely motivated to do the best for his children,” he said. “We have world class medical teams. Our neonatal unit is world class.”

Video courtesy of Canadian broadcaster CBC News:

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  1. somuchless says:

    Very different indeed but I’m glad the situation went well and she was in the right place.

    I wish them a healthy recovery.

  2. To Ryan and Edonna may you continue to keep the faith and thank God continually for the blessing’s that He has bestowed upon you, it has been a long road for the both of you and your families and many have prayed you through but now is the manifestation of the promise that God promised.

    To have these beautiful blessings being born in Halifax is a true blessing within itself, Halifax was once my home for several years and that is were i was married almost 20 years ago, I have many friends still there and consider it to be my home away from home, may the remainder of your stay be comfortable and blessed and safe journeys on your return when the time comes, well for Brother Ryan I would say now you really have competition in the house and as they grow older I am sure they would have their mothers good looks but their Dad’s singing voice, let the Prophets come forth.

    Bless all four of you and lets not forget your other two, especially the little dog on four legs who is spoiled more then any human i know, (smile). God bless

    • somuchless says:

      Where the hell have you been? You’ve been amongst the missing.

    • Brother Bean says:

      Wow… Thank You so much for the well wishes and encouragement. Our faith has been tested and we thank God for the opportunity to reassure people’s faith through our experience that He is still in the Miracle Business. I Love the positive encouragement from our Bermuda Family. We thank Everyone for their prayers because that’s what has kept us afloat and what has kept us going with our faith strong enough to withstand all that we have endured…
      Season’s Greetings to everyone and Be Blessed

      • Bernadette says:

        Such wonderful news!

        I never doubted for a moment.

        God is GREAT!!

        I am glad Canada was able to play such a small part in God’s plan for your family!


  3. Tina says:

    Bernews, do you know where #11 south shore road is ? I understand a new elderley care facility is advertising for staff.