Casino Theme Wins Best Overall At Boat Parade

December 8, 2013

The casino themed entry by Charles Crisson was judged the Best Boat Overall at last night’s [Dec 7] Christmas Boat Parade in Hamilton Harbour.

Founded in 1998, the Boat Parade continues as a biennial event and always attracts a large crowd to watch the spectacular event, with the casino themed boat attracting quite a bit of attention among attendees.

The timing does, of course, coincide with the recent tabling of the bill which paves the way for a referendum, with the public set to be asked their views on the introduction of regulated casino gaming.

Charles Crisson casino boat bermuda parade 2013

Crowds of onlookers lined the parade route for the event, which concluded with a fireworks display after the fleet of boats had made their rounds starting from the Fairmont Hamilton Princess.

Dozens of boats took to the waters and followed the parade route clockwise around White’s Island. There was a wide variety of themes, and a number of awards were presented to the entrants.

The Most Humorous was Cedar, the Best Traditional Christmas theme was Halcyon, the Best Contemporary or Current Affair Theme was Twisted Tini, the Best Crew Costumes was Lucky Charms, and the Most Confusing Entry was Gabriella.

The Best Use of Lights was from the Fairmont Southampton Turtle Hill Golf Club, the Best Music Onboard was Unholey, the Pink Category winner was Just Sayin, the Most Fun to be Aboard was Justified, and the Children’s Choice was the Marketplace barge.

Video of the casino-themed boat, accompanied by the sounds of “Let the Good Times Roll”:

The Best Commercial boat was Playmate, the Best Sailboat was Spirit of Bermuda, the Best Corporate was by Bermuda Pest Control, the Best Non Profit was the Caledonian Society of Bermuda and the Most Original was Andrea Christine.

The Best Powerboat under 25 ft was Sylvester, the Best Powerboat over 25 ft was Dutch Courage, the Best Bermuda Themed boat was Full Hott Scott and the Best Community Message was Megabucks.

You can view our first set of photos of the Christmas Boat Parade here, our second set here,  photos and video of the fireworks here and all our coverage of this year and past Christmas Boat Parades here.

The full results follow below:

Best Boat Overall

  • Warlock #2 – Charles Crisson Casino Themed Boat.

Best Commercial boat

  • 1st – Playmate – #5 Playmate Fishing Charters
  • 2nd – Ellen B #14 Baxters Fishing Charters

Best Sailboat

  • 1st Spirit of Bermuda – #60
  • 2nd Nightwind – #28 Andrew Barnshaw
  • 3rd Self Made – #32 Sharundae Thompson

Best Corporate

  • 1st Blue Heron – #4 Bermuda Pest Control
  • 2nd Bravo zulu – #1 Michael Gladwin

Best Non Profit

  • 1st – Naughtiness – #6 Caledonian Society of Bermuda
  • 2nd – RV Stommel – #7 BIOS

Best Power Boat Under 25 ft

  • 1st – Sylvester – #22 Bill Pitman
  • 2nd – Rolling Hot – #20 Terry Williams
  • 3rd – The Rancid Kipper -#25 Alan Blackmore

Best Power Boat Over 25 ft

  • 1st – Dutch Courage – #43 James Boyce
  • 2nd – Ingy – #16 Vanell Ingham
  • 3rd – Sacrifice RM #9 Susan Correia

Best Bermuda Themed

  • 1st – Full Hott Scott – #21 Corey Masters-Brown
  • 2nd – Devocean – #15 Cameron Harris
  • 3rd – Team RHADICAL #31

Best Community Message

  • 1st – Megabucks #51 Jamie C Charters
  • 2nd – Endurance #55 Bermuda Zoological Society

Most Original

  • 1st – Andrea Christine – #57 Edwin Whitfield
  • 2nd – Studio – #56 Emmanuel Methodist Church

Most Humorous

  • 1st – Cedar – #34 Friends of Black Seal
  • 2nd – Brenda J – #12 Cecil’s Jewelry Box
  • 3rd – Little Grumps – #23 Byron Renecken

Best Traditional Christmas Theme

  • 1st – Halcyon #35 The Chee Foundation
  • 2nd – Sundeck II- #47 Swizzle Inn

Best Contemporary or Current Affair Theme

  • 1st – Twisted Tini #39 Martin Harvey
  • 2nd – Fisher Seal – #40 Smiles Inc.
  • 3rd – Elusive #46 Bermuda Olympic Association

Best Crew Costumes

  • 1st – Lucky Charms – #19 Carlos Falcao
  • 2nd – Westpot – #41 Anfossi Marine
  • 3rd – TMT – #53 William Rowse

Most Confusing Entry

  • 1st – Gabriella – #50 William Knight White
  • 2nd – Entropy – #36 Sean William Dickonson

Best Use of Lights

  • 1st – Friendship – #30 Fairmont Southampton Turtle Hill Golf Club
  • 2nd – Suigetsu – #29 Ross Smith

Best Music Onboard

  • 1st – Unholey – #33 Anamaria Worswick
  • 2nd – Sea Slipper – #10 Michael Smith

Pink Category

  • 1st – Just Sayin – #26 Peter Stableford
  • 2nd – Hi MainTNance #44 Glen Flood

Most Fun to be Aboard

  • 1st – Justified – #3 Justin Williams
  • 2nd – Ubervida #58 Denis Owen

Children’s Choice

  • 1st – Marketplace barge – #59 MarketPlace Stores
  • 2nd – 10 of us – #13 Michael Heslop


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  1. Moonbeam says:

    Thanks BerNews for this comprehensive coverage. Excellent Job – AS USUAL ! Merry Christmas to all your staff.

  2. Passive Aggressif says:

    I would agree with that boat being best overall winner. Very well done.

  3. Generator says:

    No referendum necessary,give a casino license to new hotel Development,that fits certain criteria to be ascertained.Show leadership Mr.Cannonier and do it.The PLP will rally their troops to defeat a referendum ,then what?

  4. tricks are for kids says:

    The Casino Boat was my favorite….job well done….more than worthy of 1st place……

  5. u ank sers says:

    Wonder how much Crisson paid to get a silly little trophy if dat….lol. waste

    • Tricks Are For Kids says:

      ALWAYS at least one negative person (wth followers)…..!who the heck cares how much money THEY spent on THEIR float………float was awesome and enjoyed and appreciated by many….

    • Jeep says:

      Know ya stuff before u talk garbage. They offer great prizes along with a trophy. Even if there wasnt it’s still a fun event to participate is.

  6. San George says:

    The Casino boat theme was out of order.

  7. sage says:

    Ah, so uniquely Bermudian it will be like christmas all year soon, wait for next time, designs for the “Pimping ain’t easy ” boat have already started in earnest.

  8. The “Casino theme was on the money!and rightfully deserving of top prize :-)