Devrae Noel-Simmons Laid To Rest

January 19, 2014

The funeral service for Devrae Noel Simmons saw a huge turnout at the Cathedral in Hamilton as people from all walks of life came out to pay their last respects to a ‘gentle giant’.

Mr Noel Simmons was well known throughout the island for his larger than life appearance, his work in the sports and fitness field, as well as his foray into the political field.

Former Opposition Leader Kim Swan delivered a tribute paying homage to Mr Noel Simmons’ passion for living life on his own terms.

“Many can attest that Devrae made a positive impact during his life,” said Mr Swan. ”From my vantage point Devrae wanted to make a positive contribution in our beloved Bermuda, be a positive role model for his son Dante, be a good provider for Susie and make Relda proud.

“Devrae was a very intelligent man who had the courage and humility to face his difficulties head on, he wasn’t perfect and made mistakes – but then again who amongst us is perfect and hasn’t made a mistake?

Video tribute courtesy of Channel 82:

“Devrae was a loyal friend, the type of guy that would step in between you and the problem you were facing. Physically, Devrae was big and strong but with a commitment and dedication to a cause that far exceeded many of the people we rely on to lead us today.

“Ironically, many [not all] turned their back on Devrae’s political aspirations – inspite of his work within the political party and him being duly selected by the UBP.

“It is worthy of note, that the time period when Devrae ran for politics was the most volatile period in Bermuda’s history. Public Safety was a major issue, as our country was besieged with murders, gang violence and our residents fearful that the ills of society could worsen ……….

“Ironically, during his political exploits his hairstyle caused a stir, but against the backdrop of suggestions to cut his hair to become more palatable to the conservative UBP voters – Devrae was unwavering. He did it his way. I learned from Devrae and about others because of Devrae.

“Let us not be in a hurry to pre-judge people based on their hair styles or past indiscretion when they have taken ownership for them and are demonstrating a commitment to make positive their future contributions.

“In my opinion, when Devrae’s came to the forefront in Bermuda politics, his candidacy represented an opportunity for our marginalised young people to see that it possible for a person to ‘rise above adversity’, as Devrae was doing, to make a life for himself with Susie, Dante and to make his mother proud of her beloved son.

“I am appreciative of the time Devrae and I spent together – ironically the last time we spoke was at Port Royal Golf Course – he expressed and interest in his son Dante learning golf. That is certainly a wish that I can help fulfill.

“Devrae did it his way – maintaining his Mohawk hair style to the very end.

“Today, many of us are mourning Devrae’s passing …… but Susie …. Dante ….. and Relda must endure from this day, the impact of this loss everyday of their life going forward.

“Let us as a collective community reach out and be there for this young family well beyond today. May God Bless Devrae’s family.”

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  1. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    Rest In Peace Big Guy.

  2. Channel Locks says:

    Peace Be With You Devrae.