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December 15, 2010

[Updated with videos/photos] Kim.Swan, standing in for the UBP’s Devrae Noel-Simmons in the by-election in Constituency 26 today [Dec 15], reckoned that voter turnout was “slow” but he was “optimistic” that this would improve. Mr Swan, a successful candidate in St George’s admitted that he had little knowledge of the particular habits of voters in this Warwick constituency, but was relying on his general experience having participated in several elections and by-elections.

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Mr Swan pointed out that: “Today the people speak.” Mr Swan said that Mr Noel-Simmons was resting in hospital and that he had advised him to stay calm, look after himself, and be ready to serve the people after the by-election was over and he had returned to full health.

Mr Swan’s observation about voter turnout was echoed by both PLP and BDA candidates. Mr Marc Bean, PLP, said that by 2:00pm, about 150 voters had attended. He said he felt that about “500 people” might eventually turn out to vote. The former Senator said he said he was “confident and optimistic but recognizing that the voter’s would choose and that he was bound by their choice, he would describe himself as probably more optimistic than confident.” Standing with Mr Bean was Minister Zane DeSilva who felt that turnout had been “steady”.

Just two steps away on the constitutionally ordained “meet and greet line”, Mr Sylvan Richards, BDA, also said that he was anticipating a final voter turnout of around 500. He said that this might partly be explained by the “apathy” that he had met when he was door-stepping in the constituency. He said that many voters had told him that they were dissatisfied and intended to express their dissatisfaction by staying away from the polls and not casting a vote for anyone.

On a cold squally day, the three candidates and their supporters will stay on, meeting and greeting, until the polls finally close at 8:00pm. With so many voters working elsewhere in Bermuda, there will likely be an increase in voter turnout between knock-off time at 5:00pm and polls closing at 8:00pm.

If the turnout is as the candidates suggest, then the result could be known by approximately 8:45pm tonight.

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  1. White Jesus says:

    Go to Kim Swan’s video and replay 00:51-00:55 over and over. Hilarious lol. I thought it was an introduction to Kimpossible and friends.

    • Call as it is says:

      Dont know what you saw in the times you state,but I did’nt see anything.

      However,if you saw something that made you smile or laugh,then I’m happy for you.

  2. last laugh says:

    He who laugh last… as I heard this evening several people say, a vote for the BDA is a vote for the PLP. Even Stevie Wonder can now see this.