Bean On Allegations, Tapes, Phone Tapping

February 18, 2014

marc-bean-bermuda-PLPZBM’s Gary Moreno hosted a one-hour interview with the Opposition Leader Marc Bean last night [Feb 17], where Mr. Bean discussed his allegations, said his phone is tapped, and said tapes exist that would “bring the Government to its knees in 24 hours.”

Mr. Moreno started out by asking Mr. Bean why he did not come forward with these allegations earlier or contact the Police or Government House, to which the Opposition Leader said ”no bribe has been accepted.”

Mr. Bean said, “Because he is talking about it, that may be unethical, but it’s not illegal. It is the actual action of taking a bribe, giving and receiving a bribe that is illegal. If we had evidence to that effect, than certainly I would have reported it to the Commissioner of Police.”

MPs all have Parliamentary Privilege, meaning they cannot be sued for anything they say in the House of Assembly. After Mr. Bean made his allegations in the House on Friday, he was challenged to repeat them outside the House by Minister Shawn Crockwell, and Mr. Bean did repeat the allegations outside the House.

There was also some discussion about the situation involving the recording made by OBA MP Nandi Outerbridge, with Mr. Bean saying he “gave her a heart to heart reasoning.”

He repeated the call to release the tape, and said there are “enough tapes circulating, some tapes that if released would bring the Government to its knees within 24 hours.”

“So if you want to do it, so if you want transparency, let’s go into the tapegate phase of this debacle,” said Mr. Bean. “Because eventually for Bermuda to go forward….we are going to have to deal with truth.”

Mr. Moreno opened the phone lines to callers, and one person asked would Mr Bean allow his phone records to be made public.

Mr. Bean said, “Of course. I am certain my phone is tapped anyway. So that’s no big thing, most politicians, especially on my side of the fence, we know our phones are probably tapped.”

When asked what evidence he has of his phone being tapped, Mr. Bean said, “I know the environment I am living in. I know the position I inherited as the Leader of the Progressive Labour Party. I know that people don’t like me, not because of my policies but who I represent…”

“If you think for one moment that my devices are not being tapped into or monitored, then I shouldn’t be in politics. In fact to be as naive as some would say the Premier was to think he would actually think he would be the Leader of this country once the One Bermuda Alliance took power,” added Mr. Bean.

He also mentioned the “Jetgate” situation —  noting that the Premier took his gas station manager with him on the flight — and said once the fact there was a fourth person on the flight became public knowledge the Premier “conveniently dismissed” it.

In a statement issued late last night, a PLP spokesperson said: “The Premier’s failure to address serious allegations made against him are very troubling.

“The new Casino Development will be one of the largest in Bermuda’s history; we as a country must get it right and the process must be transparent.

“The Premier’s continued refusal to be reveal the nature of his relationship to a potential casino developer is eroding investor confidence in Bermuda. If the Premier has nothing to hide, he should then come clean with the nature of his relationship with Nathan Landow.

“The PLP will continue to press for answers to legitimate questions to ensure that the people’s business in being conducted in an ethical manner that will benefit all Bermudians.”

We have asked the Premier for a response to Mr. Bean and the PLP’s statements, and will update as able.

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  1. Gotham says:

    Get the help you need before you end up like your boss.

    • Malcolm X says:

      I’ll say this so listen up. What I see is BLACKS in the OBA fighting with BLACKS in the PLP and vice versa. Now while we as a people are fighting each other for position in a battle arena the whites are laughing at us for entertainment.

      They use us to win the election and now their got us doing their dirty work of self destruction. Craig take control of the party and stop being a surrogate, Mark stop following in his footsteps and work together. If both of you took your strongest members and form a new government “they” would change their name again.

      • Fruity says:

        yeah past all politics, both, or all are supposed to be trying to better the island; yet political people are all displaying (at large) exactly what BDA has become in its little society. Yet they speak of change.
        Damn parties – they all make me sick; hardly anyone works sincerely to make things better period rather its all for how much money can be taken HOME.

      • Gotham says:

        The biggest problem with your Mugabe approach to politics is that at the end of it all, there is no country left for anybody: just ask any of the many fine people from Zimbabwe now working here.

      • shaka zulu says:

        @Malcolm X, Strange you would use the great name of Malcolm X, but was he not killed by his “own” people when he spoke out and became stronger than his prophet??

    • Mazumbo says:

      The problem with Europeans in this Island is that they cant handle an African Bermudian who does not have fear of the Elite Oligarchy Society which historically has been proven, if your familiar with the card game uka ? ya boy showed benny, right, left and face cards.

      • Betty Trump says:

        Well said @MAZUMBO….this use of “LEGAL THREATS” BY THE UBPoba is their only weapon to defend. But NO longer will folks go along with Legal threats by this UBPoba government. It is weak political strategy often used by the UBPoba. An attempt to silence the MPs in the PLP. DO not run PLP MPs, stand firm and the public will see who is HONEST and TRANSPARENT.

        The UBPoba are falling back on the same old TACTICS that was commonly practiced by the UBP back in the day….

        Let the Law Suits begin UBPoba…

        • Betty Trump says:

          Well done Mr. Bean. It was a great Interview last a result the UBPoba have now gone into the “DEFEND THE UBPoba”. The “LAW SUITS” is their only tactics to address this issue, rather than address the many allegations put on the floor of the HOUSE of ASSEMBLY..’

          Mr. Bean you were loved by thousands last night on TV, as a result it has pushed the UBPoba to take some form of action to protect their party image. Mr. Bean your killing the UBPoba party and fans. Mr. Bean your presentation has pushed the UBPoba in a corner, and so their only recourse is to now take out LAW SUITS. Law Suits in hope they are making you and others afraid…. which is a joke…

          TRANSPARENCY. The very things they promised pre-election, are now biting them in the butt.

          Let the LAW SUITS begin, as this is their only re-course. NO FEAR, THE TRUTH WILL STAND ANY TIME OVER MIS_TRUTHS.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:

        Release all the tapes lets have it.


  2. Joonya says:

    I watched this last night, and I can say that while I think Mr Bean is more than capable of debate, and has honed his skills beautifully himself at the art of spin and defelection, he made it obvious that he is a very angry man who seems to also be suffering a bit of…., and would clearly be of detriment if he was ever put in a position to lead Bermuda. In my opinion of course.

    • Question says:


      Respectfully, I would have to indicate, in my opinion, that I do not understand which TV show you watched last night to come to that conclusion.

      I saw a man who is without fear, who has put himself in harm’s way to shine the light of truth on this entire situation.

      He spoke with passion and with finesse, when required. But I must remind you that the burden of fact is not on him – - he has asked for the tape to be released. If there is any information which would implicate the Opposition Leader, I will be the first person to call for him to resign. However, it would be unnecessary, Do you know why?

      It is because He would do it himself – - he clearly stated that last night.

      I call on the Premier, MP Crockwell, MP Petingill, and MP Davis-Outerbridge to stop “faking the funk” and “stop bluffing” – - put your cards on the table or leave your chips on the table and get out.


      • haha says:

        So besides the tape, where is the PROOF for all the other stuff Bean said last night. Oh right there is none, because all you PLP diehards accept every word as truth, when it’s nothing more than gossip/rumour and fear mongering to gain support.

        Spoke with passion?! LMAO even some of his own people (callers) dissed him on the air. Looked like his lip was quivering throughout….

        • Question says:

          First, I am not a PLP diehard as you suggest – - check the record of my posts and that will be proof enough.

          Secondly, if you read my post, you would understand my thought process – - this is for all persons involved – - including Mr. Bean, MP Burgess, MP Burt and MP Furbert (all of which are involved in some form or fashion) – - if they are guilty of something untoward – THEY NEED TO GO – period.

          Mr. Bean has spoken out in the open – - he has placed the target on his back – - this is why I said the burden of proof is on the OBA members – - Mr. Bean has thrown down the gauntlet and they need to step up to finish the job. I will wait with baited breathe to see if they actually have the balls. . . .


        • ABM says:

          Same can be said in the opposite direction. Take Doctor Brown for instance. So many allegations against that man, but where is the proof? I’m just saying. Where were you when allegations by the then opposition were constantly ringing in the media about Brown? Where was the outcry for the PROOF (as you put it) then??

          I see no transparency within BOTH PARTIES nor by their SUPPORTERS. Seems everyone is too busy being caught up with the he said she said BS.

        • Mazumbo says:

          Where was the proof on Dr. Brown’s allegations and they had investigations, Two Bermuda’s

      • Prove it All says:

        And the onus is on Mr. Bean to prove his bribe accusations as well as his allegations that his phoen has been tapped by teh Government.

        So let all the cards be on the table, instead of the ones you just want to see.

        • Question says:

          Look here my fine fellow:

          I want all the cards to be laid down – - show each and every hand that has been dealt – - and whoever needs to leave should leave – period. This is not about MP Bean becoming Premier or the PLP winning the government – - this is about truth.

          MP Bean did not call for the OBA to be removed from government – - never said it. He called for the 4 individual OBA members to resign.

          And for the record, I want to see all the cards because I want the truth – period.


      • Hmmm says:

        In a previous post you said you had evidence of a meeting and that “We will remove Mr Bean” if needed.

        Who are you?

        • Question says:

          Go back to that tread and read my response.

          Moving on . . .


      • DA says:

        Mr. called his bluff. Waiting for Craig to play now.

    • die hard St. George's Fan says:

      Why is Mr. Bean always angry with the world.Maybe he
      is not suitable for that position.PLP needs a much more
      mature person like Derek Burgess etc. to lead them.Mr. Bean
      is too naive for that position.

      • ABM says:

        Same can be said about the Premier. Just listen to him in the house, always the loudest and most disrespectful person.

      • Mazumbo says:

        Why are people afraid of a young aggressive black man?
        My answer is because black people have been afraid to speak against white establishments or entities, and we are expected to act in a manner that’s cordial but when some one goes against the grain of status quo we get bent all out of shape.
        Gone are the days when people will bow down in reverence because of political, social or economic status its a new day and we need new leaders. Historically a man like Mark Bean would have lost his life to the powers that be speaking like he does so now we have liberty get over it and deal with it.

        • BlueFamiliar says:

          Just thought that I should mention that we haven’t been in the 1960s for a quite some time now. You sound like you may not have noticed.

          That, and aggressive is not a good trait in any person. Black, white or purple.

          • Mazumbo says:

            AH that’s quit obvious but the symptoms are still here if you want me to elaborate I will and Ill expect the (your a racist) comments but that’s the problem with Europeans in Bermuda they cant handle the truth and just enjoy the undeserved benefits that have been galvanized in society from the past and act like nothing happened.
            Elephant in the room syndrome.

            • BlueFamiliar says:

              I couldn’t speak for the Europeans in Bermuda, so I’m going to speak as the Bermudian I am.

              I’m not going to call you a racist, no particular point in doing so.

              However, I will address the elephant in the room, as you say, and suggest that you are an example of the perpetuation of that which you speak out against.

              You have bought so deeply into the concept of ‘white privilege’ that, from your posts, it seems as if it consumes you.

              Why not simply stand up and carry yourself as a proud and intelligent person, rather than constantly rail against a perceived bogeyman.

              Sure, the bogeyman exists, but he’s not lurking around every corner. By believing he is, you give him far too much power.

              THAT is the elephant in the room no one wants to talk about.

      • Impressive says:

        Do you want someone to gracefully lie to you or passionately tell you the truth?

    • Impressive says:

      That may be true, but that still doesn’t address the actions and allegations made about the Premier and some of his cabinet. Angry or not, he was upfront and forward, he wasn’t speaking from a document that was prepared for him, he was speaking from his own thinking, and for that you have to give him credit. He answered all the questions that where put to him and didnt shy away from any callers or from the host. He stood firm on what he said. I don’t always agree with everything Marc Bean says, but I respect him as he always makes himself available for the people and is willing to tackle any issue, regardless of how uncomfortable it may be.

      We must also remember that it wasnt Marc Bean that initiated all of this talk about tapes etc. I was the Premier who first made reference to many of these items in the House of Assembly, so what do you want for Marc Bean to do?? Just sit there and take it on the chin and not say anything?

    • T. says:

      You sound angry because a young black male is the leader of a progressive party. Get over it and let the man do his job WELL!

  3. Unbelievebale says:

    When he became Learder of the Opposition, I thought “ok someone young, maybe he’ll bring something new to the position.” But after this week, I think this dude is……

    Phones are tapped????

    • frank says:

      unbelievebale you are like the old ubp guard can’t stand a strong educated black man you will not dance to the masters tune ever
      a little different from those in the oba

      • Seriously? says:

        What does any of this have to do about the colour of someone’s skin? I’m so tired of people not being able to speak up or give an opinion because if they do they are automatically considered a racist, which is so far from the truth. Please let’s focus on the character of a person instead of skin colour!

  4. Real Talk (original) says:

    Mr. Bean said, “Because he is talking about it, that may be unethical, but it’s not illegal. It is the actual action of taking a bribe, giving and receiving a bribe that is illegal. If we had evidence to that effect, than certainly I would have reported it to the Commissioner of Police.”


    Bribery of member an offence
    Any person who—
    in order to influence a member of either House of the Legislature in his
    vote, opinion, judgment or action on any question or matter arising or
    expected or likely to arise in that House or in any legislative committee; or
    in order to induce any such member to absent himself from that House or
    from any legislative committee,
    gives, confers or procures, or promises or offers, or agrees to give or confer or to procure or
    to attempt to procure, any property or benefit of any kind to, upon, or for, such member or
    to, upon, or for, any other person, commits an offence against this Act:
    Punishment on summary conviction to a fine of $50,000 or to imprisonment for 5 years, or
    both; and on conviction on indictment: an unlimited fine or imprisonment for 15 years, or

    Actually it IS an offence under the s 16 of the Parliament Act 1957 if an offer is made.

  5. Mad to be Bermudian right now says:

    Well done Mr. Bean, Bermuda stand up for something, stop being cattle, fooled by the promise of a good life. Open your eyes, or just sit back and watch and wait for things to jus Change for the worst. Got us jumping around like gombeys, while they take over, stop settling for crumbs. Look around..

  6. Looking in says:

    This guy could be The Premier?

    • young observer says:

      I’ll take him before Craig any day.
      Crsig not only looks brand new but acts it too.

      • You may take him but the rest of the world will surely laugh their arses off when he opens his mouf (in his actual wording)!! The guy cannot string a sentence together to save his soul.

        • mixitup says:

          When they could string a sentence together (Paula/Dr.Brown) you called them something else…

        • Impressive says:

          You have got to be joking???

        • Umjussayin says:

          And CC can! Seriously I shudder to think what our international buddies think when our PREMIER speaks! And don’t give me the Rev/Pastor voice CC.

    • payattention says:

      I hope so.

    • Impressive says:

      Well if your comfortable with Craig Cannonier being Premier of this country, then I guess your logic might be a little flawed,, just saying..

      Actually, the OBA have some very intelligent members, I can’t for the life of me think they are comfortable with this guy being the leader of their party, I really can’t.. Its like a group of musicians going to a piano recital and they where all more impressed with the chef hitting the pots and pans in the kitchen than the persons playing the piano

  7. watchfuleyes says:

    @ jooyna are you serious? I think we all know someone who needs anger management and it is not Marc. The Premier is the king of the ‘bob and weave’ tactic which is wearing pretty thin now with the rest of us, and we are not buying it. Can we get a straight answer from him please? Marc showed a lot of patience, even when Gary seemed to be having some issue with his responses. Don’t ask a question if you don’t want to hear the truth Gary. People have a real problem when they are faced with the truth, apparently. Marc well done last night. I admire the patience, and restraint you showed both with the caller and with Gary.I think we know that if we were to ever see our Premier debating anyone it would be his undoing. So we have to get every message from him through a press conference. Marc deserves a lot of credit. He is a strong young black man and I am very proud of him. He has shown that he has nothing to hide, bring on the tape/tapes, and let the chips fall where they may. What do you say now Mr.Edness,I can’t hear you.

  8. Looking in says:

    Bring out the “Nandi” tape Craig.We must know what our leaders are thinking.Call Marc’s bluff,bring it out!

    • DA says:

      Craig don’t have control of it. Nandi does. In fact Craig has control of very little!

  9. wondering says:

    “” Mr. Bean said, “Of course. I am certain my phone is tapped anyway. So that’s no big thing, most politicians, especially on my side of the fence, we know our phones are probably tapped.” “”

    It can’t be both Mr. Bean……that is an oxymoron (of a statement) in its finest form. This is typical scaremongering inherited from the “olden days” that generates ignorant statements as such.

    “”When asked what evidence he has of his phone being tapped, Mr. Bean said, “I know the environment I am living in. I know the position I inherited as the Leader of the Progressive Labour Party. I know that people don’t like me, not because of my policies but who I represent…” “”

    Who exactly do you represent?

    • ABM says:

      YAWN!! You do know that goes both ways right?

    • ABM says:

      My reason for saying that stems from this: If the tape is so damning or Bermuda politics, then release it. If you do not then just as you said, this is scaremongering and would lead me to believe that there is no tape. Which brings me to this: What evidence do you actually have to make such a claim as “the tape would bring Bermuda to its knees!”

      My opinion, if we hold one political party to the light, then we must hold the other as well!

    • Mazumbo says:

      He represents most African Bermudians in this country who don’t have a voice in the Oligarchy System.

      • LOL (original TM*) says:


      • BlueFamiliar says:


      • haha says:

        Guess when he said he represented all Bermudians that WAS a LIE! Pretty easy for him to say that too…makes you wonder. And we’re all Africans bra…quit that s***!

      • shaka zulu says:

        Get a grip @mazumbo , he does not represent my black a– or many i know and you do not fool me, as you do many others here! and if he wants to be leader of Bermuuda he must represent all, but knowing him all my life ,he is on a power trip..If this is what the best of my party has to offer than help us all, especialy my black people..Seems to me he must be getting his orders from the good docter..

        • Independent says:

          @ Shaka Zulu,

          What power was he grasping at for you to come to that conclusion? If you don’t like what he says, thats cool, but don’t speak for black people in Bermuda bra.

          Personally, I don’t care if you knew Marc 3 lifetimes ago, you are not him, so you don’t know what he is thinking. Go lay down with your weaka$$ comment.

          • Kim Smith says:

            @Independent – you criticise (and lambast) Shaka Zulu for something you are doing yourself… acting like you know what he is thinking… unless you are him that is!

            My vote also is to release the tapes!

          • shaka zulu says:

            @Independent,i did not speak for black people, I spoke for myself and the people that are also around me that talk the same as i do!!My comment was to Mazumba, and glad that i am not him,or what he is thinking, so take your weak a$$ comment and do as you please bra..The party will never be the same, they tricked the Dame when she went to polls second time around and kicked her to the side, as did Alex Scott..Karma is a b—h, what goes around comes around..

  10. Mark says:


  11. aceboy says:

    The FCO needs to investigate this under the UK Bribery Act 2010 which we, as Bermudians, are all subject to.

    Same with Burt’s accusation.

    Full investigation.

  12. wondering says:

    all this nonsense of don’t be cattle, stand up for something…..the PLP and supporters were cattle all this time (14 yrs) probably because the bull(s) in the china shop looked like the rest of the cattle being led.

    they say your own fleas bite the hardest——> what a flea the size of a bull might do!

    now you want to make a stand?

    and to talk of a coalition govt?

    it is all political gerrymandering of the country’s state of affairs to suit one’s PERSONAL ambitions.

    Gone are the leaders who are in it for Bermuda

    PLP/OBA are all a bunch of slimy eels trying to get out the same bucket (now imagine how thta might work out?)

    at least crabs in a bucket stand a better chance of getting out but it is still a poor state of affairs.

    we had the BIG Conversation, Town Hall Meetings and even a SAGE Commission….we still are the same animals in the cage with the same mentality who are only trying to impress someone (i don’t know who yet) similar to the dog with the bone and his own reflection!!

    Bermuda needs to have a Come to Jesus/Allah/Buddha moment and resolve to do better at something new. not DO BETTER AT THE SAME OLD CRAP……

    the world is watching and laughing at our vulnerable state and like a true law of nature – the world is beginning to devour what isn’t already mangled by the ever present vampires and vultures already in Bermuda in the form of the two govts and the supporters who support the letters (OP/BL/AP) and deny the travesty of failed leadership and a confused legislature who really is running on fumes and is about to fill the gas tank up with diesel!

  13. Gotham says:

    I have come to realise the real PLP, the party of Dame Lois and Dame Jennifer, no longer exists. What remains is a rump of self-serving oligarchs hell bent on destroying anything and everything they cannot get their paws into. Hence forth I shall be referring to this group as the EFBplp and I encourage all like minded correspondents to do likewise.

  14. watching says:

    what could Marc Bean have said to Nandi Davis that could cause so much damage to Bermuda? If anything, it would be damaging to him personally, but to the island? Sounds like hyperbole from Premier Cannonier (as per usual).

    The tape is a distraction so that people lose focus of the allegations from Mr Bean and Mr Burt about alleged bribery. Mr. Cannonier has not been forthcoming at all in that regard, and not fully forthcoming about Jet Gate.

    People need to wake up and see that this crew is not up to par. Yes you voted OBA for whatever reasons. But you cannot give them a pass simply because they aren’t the PLP. And are insulting the general public by refusing to even acknowledge or respond.

    I firmly believe Mr Bean and Mr Burt.

  15. swing voter says:

    I jus want my country fixed…I want a job, start my own business, raise my children to be better off…having said that:

    (1) F*** the recorded conversation
    (2) F*** the alleged bribe opportunity
    (3) F*** the he said and she said

    You politicians wasted precious time last Friday, when you chose to crush each others gonads instead of handling the peoples business.

    • Independent says:

      @Swing Voter,

      Sounds like you need to speak with the Government of the day mate lol

  16. Tired says:

    So if there are “tapes that would bring government to its knees in 24 hours”, produce them. You want the tapes of Nandi made public, so put up or shut up. Everyone is tired of this dumb nunsance that is going on in the house. We cannot get this country to move forward, if all you of are acting like little children. And Mr. Bean needs to stop running his office in the media. Plp do what you have to do to prove you are worthy of being elected again. If I was in a high-level position, I surely would not be discussing my private affairs with someone who could use this as a weapon. No one knows what goes on behing closed doors. Get rid of both parties and start with new fresh faces and people who have Bermuda at heart.

  17. Who does The Hon. Mr. Bean Represent? says:

    Mr. Bean, your comment does spark curiosity.

    I could be wrong but don’t you represent ALL Bermudians?

    • LOL (original TM*) says:

      His own supporters say he does not rep all Bermudian’s see above.

      LOL IMO the PLP can not ever be able to rep all Bermudians it’s just a fact.

  18. norf says:

    Rome is burning down and Mr. Bean and Mr. Burt are throwing a tantrum because the voting public took their toys away….

  19. More “bogeyman” tactics from the White Hill group. Freddie and Lois must be spinning in their graves. This is all about regaining Power and Money, nothing about what is good for Bermuda and Bermudians. The word disgusting comes to mind. I see lots of work for for Messrs. Johnston, Fromkin &Dunch

  20. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Who do you represent Mr. Bean? I would like to know and for you to tell me so that I can make my mind up come the next general election.

    • Let me answer that for Bean says:

      You already made up your mind …. by all the blogs you write about hating the plp.

  21. BlueFamiliar says:

    I did not watch the show, but from reading this article, I have to say that Mr. Bean has a very interesting, not to mention deeply troubling, perspective on things, including his own self importance.

  22. Rich says:

    It’s quite irresponsible to flippantly allege phone tapping without any proof, especially since the government has neither the logistical nor the legal capability to tap a phone. Any such tapping is made by telecommunications providers cooperating with a police investigation or by order of the Governor – see the Telecommunications Act 1986.

    If someone is predisposed to not liking or trusting the current OBA govt, then when Mr Bean says “we know our phones are probably tapped”, that person will take that as gospel.

    • haha says:

      ding ding ding…most of the followers of the PLP, which is why all these situations are blowing up right now, when in reality it’s a big fuss over nothing.

  23. Dennis Rodman says:

    Not surprised at all by both parties!

  24. Sara says:

    Isn’t all this talk about tapes, tapping, bribery and secrets a little bit weird? They aren’t telling the public what these things are so why are they discussing it in the house??? Stop wasting my taxpayer dollars if you aren’t going to tell the public what the f*** is really going on! Carry on with the things that need to be done or tell us what the f*** is going on!

  25. more than enough says:

    why was the premier absent form the show?
    can’t handle a live interview?
    or has he jetted off somewhere on behalf of jobs for bermudians?
    it has now been said in the house, and outside of the house.
    unfortunately, craig wimped out. leaving us with only one side of the story. silence is consent.
    where was shawn with his threats about saying this outside of the house?
    nandi…i won’t even go there.
    how much you want to bet that the recording has been trashed? of course it was done for jobs for bermudians, i suppose.

  26. deallnighter says:

    First of all read my previuos posts i do not support any party as ive said i think Bermuda is to small for party politics!This is my opinion and my opinion only!
    Marc Bean seems to have alot of anger in him,for what ever reason.But i would not like that attitude to be controlling my island,very imature.If he knows the truth, let it cme out in the wash as they say.Even mareno was looking at him cross eyed sometimes!
    Marc bean talked about hypocrits last night if im not mistaken?!The left side of his mouth said sure go ahead release the tapes,i have nothing to hide.
    Then the right side said,sure go ahead release the tapes, i have tapes of them i c an release also.Sounds like a concious problem to me.
    Just saying!

  27. ohyea! says:

    more wasted time and money just bring back the “Music Festival” at least we can get a break from the muppet show!

  28. one time says:

    Is this guy paranoid or what. I am sure my phone’s are taped. Who’s taping his phone. Does the BPS have an NSA section. GIVE ME A BREAK! ! !

  29. Take it Easy! says:

    What i find disturbing is that Mr. Bean had some questions to answer about spice hill and spring benny and all u heard was a pin drop! Now he wants a tape to be heard for all of BDA (me 2) cuz he has “nothing” to hide. Ok so what ya telling me is that u have something to hide about spring benny and spice hill cuz u was O so ever silent! U can’t have both sides of the coin Mr. Bean!

  30. Navin Johnson says:

    Most of the supporters of mr bean and his party are more interested in politics then righting all of the wrongs they created for Bermuda…….this is the diversion that was cooked up during the holiday recess and what is the first thing they do after the break. Put up a bill to,legalize drugs… fitting


    We must look like the joke of world politics. Children fighting not men or women and they BOTH seem to be saying F*** you Bermudians BLACK OR WHITE. So sick of it. Bunch of morons.

  32. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    “Never put your hands in another mans pocket”

    More Smoke and mirrors to divert attention away from the mechanic who is looking under the hood or is it old mother Hubbard looking in the cupboard for the cookie jar.

    I work to pay Tax dollars,with the anticipation of seeing my Tax dollars well spent for the common good of this country, not wasted , on hand outs and frivolous spending.

    Sticking our seniors with the bill is Greed in its purest form.

    If you did, but know it ,over Taxation is bringing our People to their knees,approximately 25% of a working mans income goes in taxes.

    You want relief then you need to have a conversation with those who hold the purse strings.

    All Governments need to learn how to get by with less.