Auto Solutions Offers New Hyundai Warranty

March 3, 2014

Auto Solutions Limited announced the introduction of the Hyundai 5 Year /100,000km Warranty Programme.

Hyundai is the dealership’s bestselling brand, representing approximately 70% of the company’s sales. Previously, Auto Solutions offered the standard 3 year warranty for Hyundai. This new 5 year / 100,000km warranty programme is specific only to Hyundai and will be retroactive to all Hyundai vehicles purchased under Auto Solutions from May 2013 forward.

Managing Director Glen Smith said, “We are delighted to be able to offer the Hyundai 5 Year / 100,000km Programme to our customers. This new offering is a testament to Hyundai’s commitment to the Bermuda marketplace. It also reflects our confidence in the strength and reliability of our Hyundai vehicles.

“Hyundai is by far our most popular brand. It sells very well because their vehicles are well manufactured, reliable, and come with all the bells and whistles, minus the expensive price tag. Now, with the 5 Year / 100,000km Warranty added into the picture, you just can’t beat what Hyundai has to offer.”

Additionally, the company recently extended its operations to include Rust Check, a rust proofing service. This service was previously outsourced, but now the company has installed the necessary equipment to be able to offer this service in-house in order to control costs for the consumer. Rust Check is a mandatory rust proofing application that is applied to all new vehicles before they go on the road in order to protect them from Bermuda’s harsh climate.

To support the recent developments, Auto Solutions has also hired six new staff members over the last six months.

Harry Andrews, Sales & Operations Manager, said, “Our business is growing steadily and we have hired new staff to facilitate this growth and keep up with the demand. We are looking forward to continued success in 2014 and believe that we have the right team and strategy in place to reach our goals.”

Mr. Smith added, “We remain committed to being progressive in this industry and have additional business developments in the pipeline which will further our capabilities and offerings to the Bermuda market. Stay tuned.”

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  1. Umm.... says:

    Couldn’t be happier with my Hyundai and the service I’ve received from Auto Solutions. I wish them the best of success. Happy my warranty is now extended to 5 years!

  2. Really ? says:

    Name one hyundai model that has lasted….? Mine had to be dumped after five years !

    Trash ! your going to need that warranty .