Mother & Son Arrested En Route To Bermuda

March 25, 2014

According to various American news reports, a mother and son were arrested at a North Carolina airport with more than 20 pounds of cannabis, with the reports saying the pair were on their way to Bermuda via a connection in Atlanta.

42-year-old Karen Sullivan and her 25-year-old son Korey Braley, who appear to be U.S. citizens, are now in a North Carolina jail facing various criminal charges.


WSOC-TV report that, “Police said once their bags were dropped off at the ticket counter, they were put on a conveyer belt and immediately X-rayed.

“Police said the two tried to disguise the drugs as black rectangular packages. They were laid at the bottom of their suitcases and hidden inside the luggage liner. Channel 9 was told the packages were then wrapped in a black plastic cover in each suitcase.”

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  1. Time Shall Tell says:

    Find out who their local connection is & go after them if possible. Stopping the mule doesn’t stop the traffic since there’s always someone willing to take the risk for fast cash.

  2. Hmm says:

    Fantastic news! Well done!

  3. Nooo says:

    What a shame… And waste…. Of good herbs!

  4. whatever says:

    Further evidence that “there ain’t no cure for stupid”

  5. swing voter says:

    Can’t imagine doin’ stupid with my daughter….its jus not right

  6. Cinderella says:

    Tee Hee Hee!!! Thanks Charlotte!

  7. paul says:

    never never put it in your luggage,
    that’s what the cruise boats and freight containers are for

  8. LiarLiar says:

    The family that trafficks together, stays together.

  9. Sleepin dawg says:

    As Moses once said….Let mahhhh people go!Ok granted….it is still illegal….but…it should’t be.

  10. BobtheBuilder says:

    stopped on that side dang you got lucky. Good thing it was on that side cause you wouldnt have made it through on this side plus harsher penaltys over here.

  11. Gotham says:

    She looks pretty stupid but with those looks he likely would have waltzed right through.

  12. Enough says:

    Just legalize and have the govt sell and tax just like alcohol and cigarettes, and put police money elsewhere. Govt can create jobs, make money, ease police burden. Done. The society will not degrade any further than it has, and we can stop putting young black men in jail when we should be using the profits from cannabis to put them in university.

  13. StillThatBS says:

    OK, So…Blast 2 peoples photos who never even made it to Bermuda let alone on the plane to Bermuda, so big that you can see it from outer space..

    Yet…wait for it….The pedophiles of Bermuda are protected from being pictured in the news…


    • LMAO says:

      Americans release everyone’s photo when they get arrested, they put everyone on blast. If this family was arrested in Bermuda their names wouldn’t be released either.

      • StillThatBS says:

        Do you think we do not release pictures of ‘criminals’, ‘perps’, and ‘pervs’ because we are such a small community?

        I have always wondered…

    • Mike Hind says:

      You DO realize that it’s to protect their victims, right?

      • StillThatBS says:

        And releasing them could protect FUTURE victims.

      • Wondering Why says:

        Mike Hind your logic is just as flawed as the authorities. If a relative is the perp, then I can understand protecting the victim since people can put two and two together. However, if the victim is completely random then how does revealing the perp’s identity protect them? All it does is protect the sicko from the public’s justifiable outrage. It doesn’t help people protect themselves and their vulnerable children.

        • Mike Hind says:

          In many, if not most, instances, the “perp” is someone close to the victim. Many, if not most, times, the identity of the “perp” gives clues to the victim.
          The most important thing in these cases is the protection of the victim. ALWAYS.
          The victim’s protection… and remember that we’re talking about children here… is ALWAYS more important that “the public’s justifiable outrage”.

          And, once found guilty, aren’t their identities released?
          Or am I mistaken?

          (And, finally, you DO realize that these folks’ pictures were released by American authorities, not Bermudian, so… um… how do Bermudian practices come in to this?)

          • Wondering Why says:

            Mike Hind, my issue was never about who released these people’s identity. My issue is with protecting the identity of these sickos based on the illogical notion of ‘protecting’ the victim.
            I can speak on the issue from so many levels. A man can beat his wife and have it splashed across the headlines for all to see. Nobody cares that all her intimate and personal business is now public knowledge. Yet a grown man can molest or rape a child and nobody knows who he is.
            I had a close associate of my family molest children and my aunt began dating him. We welcomed this man into our family with open arms, totally clueless that he was a child molester. Needless to say, he troubled two family members and it was only then that we found out. Why is there no register to warn people? Somewhere along the line, a victim’s right to privacy has to take a backseat to protecting innocent kids.
            On another note, about 20 years ago, I had a strange man grab my breast after I got off the bus in Hamilton. This man was known to accost women on a regular basis. As most times he was just thrown in St Brendan’s (as it was known at the time) defenseless women were at his mercy. Think about your wife and daughters. Wouldn’tyou want tthem yp be aware of sex pests so they could be on alert and protect themselves?
            I know we’re off subject, but I just had to make that point.

            • StillThatBS says:

              Exactly!!! Thankxx Wondering Why

              I am just baffled as to why 2 people who have ‘nothing’ to do with Bermuda can be blasted but we can not see the people we should be protecting our OWN kids from.

    • Fruity says:

      mmm hmm!!!! PEDOPHILES NEED TO BE SEEN; sorry to the families of the abused too but it helps protect against for when the idiots get out on the streets!!

  14. Truth is killin' me... says:

    I say BLAST all the criminals!!

  15. Ben Dover says:

    Which one is DUMB and which one is DUMBER?

  16. M & M says:

    I guess the dislikes for the first and second post know something we don’t… hmmm!

    • Ben Dover says:

      Those dislikes are just the usual potheads who feel legalization is somehow Bermuda’s key to financial turnaround. And who are p!ssed that they can’t score any of that 20 lbs of bud now.

  17. Ruthless says:

    To come through Bermuda airport with drugs in your luggage is suicide…….. Unless you have good luck or a Customs Officer on your side! There’s no more Police down their working in the hall and outside on the ramp! Customs must be having a field day! And don’t worry about the customs dogs cause after searching 15 flights in the summer along with 2 mega ships, docks, courier and post office, those dogs are pooped!

    • Wondering Why says:

      Thanks for revealing all that onside information. My bet is that you’re a disgruntled Customs Officer!

    • Wondering Why says:

      Thanks for revealing all that inside information. My bet is that you’re a disgruntled Customs Officer!

  18. abd says:

    Who has a kid at 17!?!?

    Ace girl must of gotten knocked up and now locked up!

    Make smarter choices ace girl!

    • in the news says:

      She looks doped up and he looks meffed up – sad, but abd your turns coming and I wonder what your mistake will be, check yourself!!!

  19. Mr. Meoff says:

    Hey Ben Dover, it that how you take it?

  20. more than enough says:

    prices here are so ridiculously high
    i’m surprised more foreigners aren’t trying this
    it was reported to be valued at $15,000 for 20 lbs
    here it’s over $15,000 per lb, wholesale
    that’s some serious profit

  21. JONESER says:

    Wow… give them a break!

  22. 20 down d drain says:

    thats sad all those meds know body to smoke it smh…

  23. question says:

    for weed is bermuda the highest price per gram?

  24. crow lane says:

    legalize cannabis, these people are victims of being poor. governments suck.