Photos & Results: Weekend Hockey Games

April 3, 2014

A number of hockey matches took place this past weekend, with the Ravens, Canaries, Budgies and Wildcats all recording wins.

Budgies 2 – Ravens 3

Carolyn Soares started of the Ravens when she scored a field goal in the 14th minute. Ana Abend scored a field goal in the 30th minute and Alex Wheatley scored a field goal in the 33rd minute to give the Ravens a 3-0 lead. Francesca Cacace replied for the Budgies scoring a field goal in the 44th minute while Jaselle Smith scored a field goal in the 60th minute.

Canaries 2 – Swallows 2

Elizabeth Stewart was responsible for both of the Swallows’ points scoring a field goal in the 44th and 57th minute. Kirstie Jones scored a field goal for the Canaries in the 62nd minute while Grace Edy scored a field goal in the 69th minute.

Longtails A 3 – Budgies A 4

Francesca Cacace executed a penalty stroke in the 33rd minute for the Budgies and went on to score field goals in the 43rd and 53rd minute. Selina Whitter executed a penalty stroke in the 44th minute for the Longtails while Maya Palacio scored field goals in the 52nd and 70th minute. Katelyn Miller scored the game winning field goal for the Budgies in the 62nd minute.

Bluebirds 1 – Ravens 1

On an unusually warm March afternoon, and the last league game of the season for both of these teams would prove to be full of excitement as they’d battle for extra goals and points. This game was also the decider on who’d win the B League.

After a closely fought first 20 minutes, first to score would be Bluebirds from a long corner self-pass by Jo-Ann Smith who laid the ball off to Jill Finnigan with Finnigan passing it back to Smith and from an awkward right angle, Smith fired the ball home for a fabulous field goal in the 21st minute.

Even with continued action seeing sets between Ravens’ Alex Wheatley, Megan Troake and Ana Abend, Bluebirds’ strong defense couldn’t be penetrated. Later in the half, there was a 1 on 1 situation between Ravens’ Isabella Boonstra and Bluebirds’ ‘keeper’ Vicki Johnston who smacked the ball at goal but was miraculously saved by ‘keeper’ Johnston.

The second half continued to be exciting and tough exemplifying great movement on the ball by both teams in defending and attacking. The whole of Bluebirds’ attack/midfield line tried tirelessly to advance Bluebirds’ score with great set plays and found themselves on numerous occasions well into the Ravens’ area but their efforts were superbly saved by Ravens’ defense.

A foul occurred in the Bluebirds’ circle and Ravens’ were awarded a penalty corner and despite this being defended well by Bluebirds’, Megan Troake would score from a broken-down corner on a reverse pass between ‘keeper’ Johnston’s legs to even the score of 1-1 in the 67th minute.

Action continued and with seconds to go saw Ravens’ Troake strike at goal saved by Finnigan, and Troakes’ second attempt saved by ‘keeper’ Johnston and the game ended still tied in the 70th minute to the relief of Bluebirds.

Both teams had additional goal scoring opportunities even after being awarded 6 and 7 penalty corners respectively with Ravens being able to convert 1, but the match ended 1-1.

Longtails 1 – Wildcats 2

For some of the Longtails, this would be their second game of the day. Wildcats’ Suzanne Moniz collected a long ball, driving it into the circle and fired it home in the top right corner from the penalty spot in the 14th minute and that half ended 1-0 to Wildcats.

In the second half Longtails were awarded a penalty corner. Longtails’ Selina Whitter pushed the ball out to Rebecca Gibbons at the top; a slip to McKenzie Farquan then to Maha Clarke who scored near the right corner in the 38th minute and now the score was 1-1.

Wildcats’ Pier Simons collected a ball in the circle and scored a field goal from a rebound off the Longtails’ ‘keepers’ pads into an empty goal in the 52nd minute and Wildcats were the winners of 2-1.

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