PLP: “Premier Is Bragging, Bermudians Suffer”

April 29, 2014

“The Premier today is bragging of the OBA’s ‘accomplishments’  in office. Yet while Premier Cannonier is bragging Bermudians are suffering,” a PLP spokesperson said.

This follows after the Premier wrote an opinion column for the newspaper extolling the accomplishments of his administration over the past year.

Responding to the column, a PLP spokesperson said, “Ask the Bermudians who lost their jobs last year if the OBA has anything to brag about. Ask the thousands of civil servants who saw their salaries slashed last year if the OBA has anything to brag about

“Ask the 261 businesses that shut down last year if the OBA has anything to brag about. Ask the hundreds of Bermudians who have simply stopped looking for work if the OBA has anything to brag about

“Ask the thousands of Bermudians and their families who have been forced to go on financial assistance if the OBA has anything to brag about.

“While the OBA is bragging, Bermudians are suffering. The PLP have offered new ideas and new solutions for Bermudian job and business creation and for expanding fairness and opportunities for Bermudians. We call of the OBA to stop bragging and start working for the Bermudians who are currently suffering,” added the PLP.

The Premier’s office declined to comment.

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  1. Bermuda Boy says:

    Bermudians are suffering BECAUSE OF YOU and don’t forget it BIU / PLP.
    Thanks for nothing. Just think where we would be if the OBA was in power for the last 14 years.

    • I thank you Bermuda Boy.”Lets call a spade a spade” It truly is a shame when certain people can’t accept the truth for what it is :-(

  2. Onion says:

    The PLP were the ones who bankrupted the country and made pay-cuts inevitable.

    The PLP’s big lie is that if they’d won they election they would have had to cut salaries and lay off Civil Servants – either now or when the foreign lenders stopped lending to us because our debt had grown too large.

    They’re also the ones who saw 6,000 jobs disappear – and are blaming the OBA for last year’s losses when only 8 months of that were in the OBA’s term!

    • Onion says:

      …and if yesterday’s press release by the PLP is any indication they don’t have a single new idea.

      In fact, the ideas they presented wouldn’t create a single job, let alone the thousands of jobs we need to save our country.

  3. Did he do it? says:

    Ask them all if they want PLP back in charge????? I lost my job and while I think the OBA is not doing a good job, the PLP are even lower on the totem pole!!!

    • Nancy 2 says:

      NO matter what, the same OBA defenders will come on here and “Defend even the Indefensible” actions of the government. This is not necessary or required if Bermuda is to move forward as one. Their actions only further serves to divide Bermuda.

      Never are most of the regular OBA bloggers willing to make a critical evaluation at what the government is doing right or wrong. It is sad when such folks continue in such a blind fashion.

      I look forward to the day, when I can read on the blogs, folks that have taken the time to gather a full spectrum of information about a subject, as it is crucial for critical evaluations of an issue. Folks would also ideally be objective, since a willingness to consider all viewpoints better equips them with the ability to evaluate the viewpoints. Perhaps most importantly, many would be at least a little more flexible in his or her thinking, because studying and challenging the issues often requires revising the individual’s own beliefs and incorporating ever-changing new information. I hope these folks will someday be capable of reaching such a level of debate. Maybe the level of debate on this site and others can raise up a nudge.

      To defend the government just because you are a strong supporters in no way does them any good, more so the country.

      Lets be honest and call the government out for what they are doing Right, and WRONG. it is called “TRANSPARENCY” something the OBA trumped pre-election. Now that it is smack in their faces they fall into Denial and dribble up nothing but pure nonsense.

      When will these OBA fans grow up politically and mature. Debate the issues based upon facts and logic, rather than blindly defend their government. Who wants to defend a government in such a blind fashion, only those folks that will never willing to change their votes in the first place. Been that way for the past 40 years.

      Hopefully, some day a mature discussion can be held on the issues facing Bermuda, beyond that of just supporting the OBA for the sake of supporting the government.

      I expect many to “click dislike”, as when you write something that is unpopular or is smack in their faces, they are likely not willing to accept it. Hopefully, someday we will see a level of political maturity, someday, someday, someday soon.

      • JD says:

        What an utterly useless tirade. If you want to a mature discussion why don’t you start by listing all the “indefensible” actions of the government and we can take it from there.

        • Think about it says:

          This is the type of foolishness I believe Nancy2 was talking about. JD your statement is full of nothing.

          • wow says:

            so is Nancy’s statement biggest hypocrite of them all, maybe you should let some of that garbage you typed (nancy or betty) sink into her own head.

          • JD says:

            Really? So someone makes a general reference to a behavior (defending the indefensible) I ask for an example, and I get accused of being foolish.

            Awesome debate we’re having.

      • Think about it says:

        Well put Nancy2.

  4. Ringmaster says:

    Why are these responses to reports by people who are named always released by “a PLP spokesperson”? Is there no one there who will take the responsibility to name themselves? Let’s have honesty and transparency.

  5. street wise says:

    Hey! The OBA, although not perfect by a long shot (at least they aren’t blatently stealing from us), are doing their best to clean up the mess created by guess who? So plp… why not get on board and HELP clean up YOUR OWN mess, instead of all this unhelpful, negative politicing!

    • Think about it says:

      Street wise, your statement “at least they aren’t blatantly stealing from us”, I think maybe a bit premature. We don’t know that they aren’t/haven’t at this time!!

      Also, have I missed it, cause I don’t recall any convictions being make on any PLP representative stealing? Please enlighten me?

      • Raw Onion says:

        Unethical but not illegal sound familiar to you. In my books, as a politician unethical behaviour is just as bad as illegal. I know that If the government auditors looked deep enough, they would find unethical behaviour that would warrant an investigation.

      • street wise says:

        Funny that you should take that tangent, rather than discussing the essence of my comment. Seems to be par for the course for many plp bloggers.

  6. ya right says:

    The OBA have been selling false hopes for a while now. This is nothing new. This has always been their political strategy.

    • inna says:

      Nothing different that your illustrious governments 14 years then huh?

  7. Rhonda Neil says:

    As the people struggle, the OBA is screaming…let them eat cake….

    • Yahoo says:

      Looks like you’ve had a few slices Rhonda… slow down.

    • JD says:

      …by raising the budgeted expenditure for financial assistance by $7m to almost $47m this year.

      I guess you’ve just ignored that little fact though. I’m not surprised it does tend to spoil your nice little stereotype.

    • Mike Hind says:

      No. They’re not.

      Please stop making things up.

  8. rj says:

    Ask the PLP what they’re doing to fix it?

    …Everyone on this island complains. Even our politicians.

    Pretty pathetic if you ask me.

    Don’t complain if you had a worse reign.

    *cracks open an elephant*

    • hmmm says:

      How about open up a betting shop to effectively milk the poor

  9. Betty Dump says:

    It’s amazes me how the PLP don’t take responsibility for their piss poor performance. Their failed policies combined with other external factors are what got us here in the first place.

    • jonah says:

      And they should as should the OBA when they fail…

      • Betty Dump says:

        So you want the OBA to fail? Do you not comprehend that if they fail, Bermuda fails…

  10. How about ... says:

    How about asking why the economy is in such sad shape? How about asking who left the OBA with an impossible mess to clean up? How about …

  11. longtail says:

    I fully agree with the PLP on this one… the OBA have no place in bragging about how well they are doing! It will clearly take a lot more than what has been achieved in the last year or so to undo the financial damage caused by the PLP!!!!

  12. Hey plp…please allow me to repeat what miss Macphee toe u….civil servants should indeed be grateful for having jobs….were having to pay them with buttons because of YOU LOT!

  13. swing voter says:

    r u serious? do you really want me to believe that you care about me? 14 yrs M8! Thank god most of us saw the OBA as the better option right now. I’m not into endorsing any party, but I’m glad I went with the lesser evil, they are closer to stabilizing our economy than the PLP had they been given another chance….it would have been disastrous.

  14. Hey plp …biu…..civil servants….my taxes pay civil srvice wages….I suggest you be a bit more civil!Do your job….BE GRATEFULL YOU HAVE A JOB GO TO…….ingrates…..turn yah frown upside down……doowant be a clode annag sunny deaihaaaaaa!

  15. Gotham says:

    Actually what the PLP are deliberately doing is destroying the rest of the economy with these ignorant, juvenile attacks – Bermuda is presently the last place anybody should invest with the possibility these clowns might be in charge, which is precisely what Bean and co want… The Godfather taught his tricks well.

  16. Choir Boy says:

    Your party put us in the mess and that’s why we voted you out.

    ……and we were singin……

    Bye bye PLP and their lies
    Drove my SUV to KFC for chicken and fries
    And Chris and LV and the rest of those guys singin
    PLP officially died
    PLP officially died….

  17. jonah says:

    lesser evil for sure – however less evil is still the devils work..

  18. jt says:

    Oh no, they might be doing something that starts to drag us out of this hole before the next election…quick, we need another press release.

  19. Dirk Gentley says:

    What good news to wake up to… 15 1/2 years later and the PLP actually had an idea… A NEW IDEA! Long time in coming, but refreshing none the less.

  20. Unbelievable says:

    Remember that time when former Premier Paula Cox announced that the recession was over and we were on the road to recovery?

    What was that 2012? How selective the PLP’s memory can be when it wants to be.

  21. Looking in says:

    Thank the PLP for all this unemployment.

  22. joank says:

    The PLP are sooooo angry and upset that they are no longer in power. They had their time to do the right thing by all and failed, put us in ridiculous debt and now are trying to do everything in their power to discredit the OBA and bring them down to the PLP’s level. When the PLP took over our finances were in the black and now we’re so RED it’ll be quite some time before we can see that status again! Thanks to them. IF you want to work together with the Government and improve our Island, you would get far more respect from the people.

  23. Alvin Williams says:

    Under the regime of the OBA government the plan is on tract to create a Bermuda without the Bermudian; that’s why they want to bring in more people here even in the face of growing Bermudian unemployment. But with the advent of the peoples campaign the Bermudian has no other choice but to fight for their survival and their future.

    • JH says:

      This should be the headline:

      PLP scares away all the high spending foreigners, and now Bermudians suffer.

  24. flikel says:

    While both parties engage in a war of words, and while their supporters faithfully defend their respective records…..the reality is neither party has addressed the main problem that we face.

    Bermuda is exporting jobs to other countries. The main reason is that companies no longer need to have a significant presence in Bermuda in order to benefit from the advantages of being based or having an office in Bermuda.

    The PLP did not cause this, nor did they chase jobs away. The OBA is not causing jobs to flock back to Bermuda. While both parties blame each other, they conveniently ignore the reality in which neither can solve.

    The fact is these jobs are not coming back. Gone are the days when a company had entire finance, accounting, back off and IT departments in Bermuda. The outsourcing or relocation of jobs to other countries happened before the PLP came into power and will not reverse with the OBA.

    Even local companies are relocating certain functions to other jurisdictions as they look to streamline costs and increase efficiency.

    Bermuda was a long beneficiary of companies relocating or establishing offices in other jurisdictions. These companies are still on the move and constantly looking at ways to increase their bottom line, and hence moving certain functions elsewhere. The PLP did not cause this and the OBA’s presence will not fix this.

    Let’s face the reality and stop the false blaming as this will continually get us nowhere.

    • Impressive says:

      BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow.. I just wish that realization will reach others.

  25. Spittal Pond Skink says:

    if the PLP were still at the helm an analogy would be the ill fated South Korean ferry.

    Someone with no experience turning the island in a terrible direction and when disaster struck those in charge would have no escape plan and the Premier would be the fist to save him or herself!

    • Dirk Gentley says:

      I have to disagree with you, SPS. The PLP has had MANY YEARS of experience at running the ship aground.

  26. Bermuda Boy says:

    We are suffering BECAUSE OF YOU!!!! and don’t forget it BIU / PLP.
    Thanks for nothing. Just think where we would be if the OBA was in power for the last 14 years.

  27. Expat who is leaving says:

    What a Muppet – the leadership of the PLP ruined Bermuda over their despotic rule and set the island back twenty years…nice debt/deficit! Anyone who wants to deny this needs to put their crack pipe down….Bermuda’s economy was once the envy of the world but now??…I pity the unnamed spokesperson who has to release this dribble–hope the salary is good for spreading BS!

    The PLP are great at soundbites, terrible at planning and executing! Am surprised that more did not resign from the party but its that tribal instinct again that plagues all political parties in Bermuda.

    • Tick Tock says:

      Could you hurry up and leave, so a Bermudian can fill your job. Oh and not that you care but I do support OBA and my fellow citizens people.

      • Expat who is leaving says:

        Ticker, nice attitude, keep it up and lets watch Bermuda become a true Caricom nation…

        How about the government comes up with an unemployment insurance program to help out those who are having a tough time…oh forgot, the government is broke because they juiced all the money away and you as a taxpayer tolerated it – nice job.

        Fact of the matter is you can probably get rid of 15% of the expats and replace them with Bermudians…get rid of much more and that big sucking sound you hear will be more jobs being moved somewhere else – probably time you accept this as reality.

  28. Coffee says:

    Hey remember , Craig’s bragging on a full stomach . His handlers make sure that he is well fed and happy !