Governor And Senator Visit Troops In Canada

May 10, 2014

Governor George Fergusson and junior National Security Minister Jeff Baron visited Bermuda Regiment troops in the field in Canada.

The Governor and Senator Baron toured the Canadian Army’s Meaford training area alongside Brigadier James Illingworth, the UK’s top soldier at the British Embassy in Washington DC.


Mr Fergusson watched infantry troops practise their rifle skills on a shooting range, soldiers from Guns & Assault Pioneers work with plastic explosives and visited the nerve centre of next week’s major field exercise, run by the Regiment’s signallers.

Mr Ferguson said, ”All of them seem pretty happy. I haven’t seen all that much so far, but Meaford seems extremely well geared to what the Regiment needs;

“And the Canadians have been extremely supportive in terms of equipment, facilities and some personnel.”

Mr Fergusson was speaking at the start of a two day visit to the northern Ontario training ground.

He said, “Morale has been very high – and not just among the ones we have seen at meal times.

“They have got used to the weather and they have the equipment for it, in part thanks to the Canadians. It hasn’t dented their enthusiasm at all.

“The big benefit of Meaford is space – it’s about 100 square kilometres, which is bigger than Bermuda and it’s empty, which makes it easier to put into action what our soldiers have learned.”


Sen. Baron added he was “impressed and encouraged” by what he had seen of the troops in action.

He said, ”This trip is important, not just for the Regiment and the Government, but the country.

“It’s great to see the men and women of our Regiment coming together to really test themselves, leave their comfort zones and, quite frankly, really excel.

“And when you’re pushed past your comfort zone that’s transferrable to any job back home and to the community in general. When people are looking to hire, they’re looking for someone who brings a little bit extra to the table.”

Brigadier Illingworth, a former Director of the UK’s Army Air Corps and Military Attache in Washington, added: “The level of ambition that the Regiment has put into its training should not be underestimated.

“They are trying to do a great deal of things and doing really well. The guys are having fun, they’re being challenged and they’re learning skills that will help them in the Regiment and the wider world.

“That can only be good for the Bermuda Regiment as well as Bermuda.”


Regiment Commanding Officer Lt Col Mike Foster-Brown said, “I’m really pleased with the level of enthusiasm and the way people have got stuck into training.”

He added that innovations for this year’s camp included adventure training for the troops, involving kayaking and wilderness hikes, and training the Junior NCO’s Cadre alongside the rest of the Regiment.

The Regiment has also saved money through good management of rations and accommodation, allowing it to spend on a military form of paintball and rifle range targets that register hits.

Soldiers have also been formed into two companies to allow larger scale and more testing training.

Lt Col Foster-Brown said, “Because of that, we can have a meaningful battlefield exercise, rotating the companies through objectives and also allow the Battalion HQ to properly train and test itself.”

Lt Col Foster-Brown, a career British Army soldier, added, “We all come with our own levels of experience and I’m trying to make the Regiment the best organisation it can be, but within the confines of that, turn it into a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

“The two are mutually reinforcing because people like to be good at their job and enjoy a job they’re good at.”

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  1. Jr Smith says:

    I understand the regiment going abroad for training, but did the governor and national sec. minister need to go to over see?

    • Coffee says:

      Oh , that was a free trip . No worries , the civil servants will pick up the tab .

      • Mike Hind says:

        The civil servants will?

        I’m starting to realize that you have no idea how government works!

        • I thought we had no money??? says:

          So Mike tell us was it cool for the Minister and Governor to take a trip over to Canada? We are talking about money we don’t have the same money the PLP used up?

  2. nuffin but the truth says:

    Yet MORE public money wasted!
    Scrap this toy soldier brigade.

  3. Mumbo jumbo says:

    But…the mealtime ones were definitively the happiest….well I must say I understand this….I like my groceries too…screw fightin…lets eat!