Bermuda Contingent To Attend 2014 WorldPride

June 9, 2014

Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda, in collaboration with the Centre for Justice, the Human Rights Commission, Kinsfolk Bermuda, and Two Words and a Comma, announced Bermuda’s participation in WorldPride 2014 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, from June 20-29, culminating in the Annual Pride Parade on Sunday, June 29th, 2014.

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Pride events take place worldwide, celebrating the 1969 Stonewall Riots in New York City’s Greenwich Village, which marked the beginning of the modern gay liberation movement that has transformed the oppression of LGBTQ [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer] communities into pride.

The WorldPride movement began as a way to connect global Pride events, and provide a platform and space for them to come together at one time. WorldPride 2014 Toronto is shaping up to be one of the biggest international events of our times. Bermuda was previously represented during WorldPride in London 2012.

Bermuda contingent in the 2012 WorldPride event in London:

A statement from the Rainbow Alliance said, “The Bermuda LGBTQ community has much to celebrate, including the long-awaited passing of the Human Rights Act amendment in June 2013. Unfortunately, however, this amendment falls short when it comes to protection with regard to discrimination on the grounds of gender identity and gender expression.

“The Human Rights Act also fails to provide legislation necessary for protection against hate crimes. It is obvious that, while Bermuda has taken a large step forward in protecting its citizens, there are still heterosexist, homophobic, and transphobic attitudes towards our LGBTQ communities. Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda is committed to seeking safer spaces for the LGBTQ communities in Bermuda and advocating for further legislative protection.”

A spokesperson from Two Words and a Comma remarks, “Many Bermudians now call Canada their home, where same-gender marriage is recognized. We’d love for them to come home one day to a Bermuda that recognizes their love and commitment currently reserved only for heterosexual couples. In the interim, we are excited that we’ll be joined in Toronto by other Bermudians.”

“The WorldPride 2014 Toronto celebrations take place June 20-29. The WorldPride parade on June 29 departs from the corner of Church and Bloor heading to Dundas Square. Toronto’s LGBTQ communities will be joined by international delegations who will dance to celebrate victories, march to honour losses, and rise up to keep moving forward.

“Any supporters of Bermuda’s LGBTQ communities who would like to join us in Toronto on June 29th, please contact”

For more information on the Rainbow Alliance of Bermuda, please visit their website, and for more information on WorldPride, please visit here.

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  1. HEY DIS BIE HERE says:

    lord have mercy , i mean come on…there is no where in bermuda where people hate gays,but there is plenty of stories and online gays and gay supporters who , attack and vilify straight people, all the time … you say that you want human rights and no discrimination yet you have a group LGBTQ a group that doesnt include other sexuality’s and discriminates against straight people

    • BS says:

      The LGBTQ community does not discriminate against straight people. They are fighting bigoted people for equal rights, that’s all. They welcome straight supporters. Until they are no longer denied basic civil rights based on gender expression or sexual orientation, events like this are necessary, and Bermuda should participate.

    • James Herald says:

      You clearly don’t remember all the church people who were threatening to protest Rosie O’Donnell’s gay cruise. It had to be cancelled because of religious hypocrits. Imagine the free publicity it would have attracted. Churchy types use an ancient book to get their way again. The height of hypocrisy.

    • Eugene says:

      Gay pride or LGBT pride is the positive stance against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people to promote their self-affirmation, dignity, equality rights, increase their visibility as a social group, build community, and celebrate sexual diversity and gender variance.

      So instead of wondering why there is not a straight pride month or movement you should be thankful you don’t need one!

      The movement is to show support around the world not just Bermuda my friend. Blessed day to you.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      What ? ?

      Please show me anywhere in Bermuda that you’re refused service ,employment or housing because you’re heterosexual .

      And while you’re at it list a few incidents where you have actually seen gays attack and vilify ‘straights’ because they were straight.

      That was one dumb azz comment if I ever saw one.

      • Portia says:

        In that light, please give us examples of someone who is unable to buy groceries, a car, utilities, etc, in Bermuda, or is currently unable to find a job, or is homeless – because they are gay?

        I think it’s important to keep things in perspective when you advocate for human rights, and know where the REAL battlefields of discrimination are.

        I do not believe that any gay person should be homeless, jobless or without basic needs simply because they are gay. However, what I see is a much larger segment of our population who IS being discriminated against and kept out of jobs, housing and denied services. I speak of our elderly and disabled.

        If you think that homosexuals have it bad in Bermuda compared to these groups, as the wife of a disabled person, I can tell you, they DO NOT. If you do not believe me, then become old or disabled (don’t worry – all of us will at some point)and see what I mean.

        Society is judged by how it treats its most vulnerable. I personally do not consider gays to be our most vulnerable. Government had the opportunity to address some of these problems last summer within the Human Rights Amendment Act. It chose not to. I guess that tells you where the priorities of this country lie.

        • Ridiculous says:

          There were a few local members of the LGBTQ community that spoke out about being unable to find housing because of their sexual orientation, culminating in a rally called “Home is Where the Hatred Is”. The updated HRA did address this issue in theory, although I’m unsure what the impact has been in practice.

          There is no need to try to debase the LGBTQ movement to try to gain support for your own cause. I agree wholeheartedly that we need more support for the disabled & seniors, but the LGBTQ community is not to blame, nor should their efforts be derided because the government is dragging their feet in other important areas.

          I encourage you to continue advocating for the necessary protections that you seek, as I am sure there are many people that would be happy to support.

    • Whaaaaa? says:

      Please cite one article about a straight person being attacked by gay people in Bermuda.

      LGBTQ does not discriminate against straight people any more than the NAACP discriminates against white people… just sayin’

      BTW, Allies are TOTALLY welcome to Pride! ;)

    • Common Sense says:

      I have read some ridiculous comments on Bernews and in the Royal Gazette over the years but this one from HEY DIS BIE HERE really takes top prize! As a happily married heterosexual I have heard dozens, if not hundreds of rants from totally homophobic men and women who utter the vilest comments about people who they perceive to be gay. They always do so when they believe they are with like minded people. On more than one occasion I have heard people who profess to be Christians stating that homosexuals should be stoned to death. I mention my own sexual orientation to make the point that when people believe they can speak frankly they do so and their true feelings of hate pour out.

      As an analogy, I sometimes hear my fellow white folks make the same sort of vile comments about black people in the very mistaken belief that other whites will share their racist, ignorant views.

      I believe we all have to stand up and be counted, and we should have no hesitation in denouncing the evils of homophobia and racism whenever we see or hear them. I know it’s very difficult for some people to grasp but we need to move on and treat our fellow men and women with respect and EQUAL HUMAN RIGHTS.

  2. campervan says:

    Like the PRC issue currently being waged this is another topic that Bermuda will drag its heels on.
    Lets enter the 21st century people and start respecting everyones human rights.
    Lets push for same sex marriage and equal rights here in Bermy, lets get with the program.


    Stay in toronto then

    • Michael says:

      You are one of the reasons that as a long time labour supporter I will NEVER vote for the PLP again. You don’t need my vote.

    • Whaaaaa? says:

      That is what many more open-minded people (gay and straight alike) choose to do, because of attitudes like yours.

      and THAT is one of the many reasons why Bermuda is experiencing “brain drain” …

    • campervan says:

      backward thinking redneck attitude.

    • Eugene says:

      Go back to the …. Shoot can’t even give you a time line as there have alway been gays around! You shame PLP with your user name, it’s pathetic sorry.

    • Sickofantz says:


    • Robert says:

      ” plp supporter” in no way speaks for the PLP !!!

  4. sage says:

    Equal rights for all, unless you smoke herb?

    • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

      sodomy is cool but don’t you dare strike a spliff you heathen!!

  5. mr.speaker says:

    This wont ever happen in Bermuda. You can push for it all you want. We dont have strip clubs what makes you think they will pass gay marriage.

  6. nuffin but the truth says:

    Narc Bean wont like reading this article,he’s hates gays and anyone that dont look like him

    • Speak Truth says:

      Please stop speaking or attempting to damage Mark Bean views. You can not speak for him or the PLP or any political party. It is clear you have no Factual knowledge of their views and position on this matter.

      • Common Sense says:

        We should not besmirch Marc Bean’s name unless he has made anti-gay remarks. However, I would be interested to hear what Mr Bean has said publicly about his opinion on the subject of gay rights and the need to treat ALL people with dignity and respect no matter what their sexual orientation.

        Can anyone quote what Mr Bean has said on the subject?

        Would anyone be willing to state clearly the PLP’s official position on this subject?

        Is it possible that the PLP’s official position on equal rights for gays was clearly enunciated when the Stubbs Bill was passed in Parliament with the full support on every single PLP MP who was either the leader of the Party or later became leader of the PLP. Just for the record, that included The Hon. L Frederick Wade, Dame Jennifer Smith, The Hon Alex Scott, The Hon. Ewart Brown, and of course Bermuda’s champion campaigner for human rights, Dame Lois Browne-Evans.

        Has the PLP’s position changed since then? What would Dame Lois say on the subject if she was still with us? Would Marc Bean follow the example of these great leaders of the Progressive Labour Party?

  7. wow says:

    keep it up in toronto…we don’t want badmind business here!

  8. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    Houston we have a problem!! with the sensitivity limiter solenoid.