Video: PLP Call For Governor To Be Recalled

July 11, 2014

[Updated: The PLP said the Governor "made a mockery of Parliament and disrespected the Bermudian people" and said they will march on Government House this Tuesday and call for the "immediate recall of the Governor." The PLP plan to "abstain" from participating in Parliament until a solution is found. Videos + Governor & Premier's comments added.]

None of the Progressive Labour Party MPs are seated in the House of Assembly this morning [July 11], with a quick check showing that only One Bermuda Alliance MPs and Independent MP Terry Lister are seated as of this writing [10.20am].

Many of the PLP MPs appear to be present on the property, but none are actually sitting in the House — which they normally are at this time on Fridays, as Parliament gets underway at 10.00am.

Although no official statement has been made yet as to why none of the PLP MPs are seated in the House, this is unofficially understood to be in relation to the Governor’s rejection of  a Commission of Inquiry.

On July 4th the House of Assembly passed a Motion which proposed the Governor appoint a Commission of Inquiry into certain historic land transactions

Opposition MP Walton Brown brought the Motion which read, “That this Honourable House take note of the historic losses in Bermuda of citizens’ property through theft of property, dis-possession of property and adverse possession claims; and be it resolved that this Honourable House calls on His Excellency the Governor to establish a Commission of Inquiry into all such known claims and to determine, where possible, the viability of any such claims and make recommendations for any victims of wrongful action to receive compensation and justice.”

Yesterday Governor George Fergusson issued a statement saying the debate “raised serious concerns” but “they are not clear enough or urgent enough to justify a Commission of the type proposed.”

The Governor sent a letter [PDF] to the Speaker of the House Randy Horton [read in full here], which Mr. Horton read out this morning to start of the session.

The PLP is expected to speak on this shortly, and we will update as able.

Update 10.38am: Opposition Leader Marc Bean is now speaking outside, he is objecting to the Governor’s rejection of the Commission of Inquiry, and said they plan to march on Government House. “Democracy has been robbed from the people of this country,” said Mr. Bean.


Update 10.41am: The press conference outside continues, MP Walton Brown is now speaking. We will have the full video up later this morning.

Update 10.45am: Opposition Leader Marc Bean said the PLP will “abstain” from participating in Parliament until this is sorted as it is a “sham and a farce.”

photo 1

Update 10.51am: The PLP’s press conference appears to be over, but it looks like [?] someone else may speak, so we are still in position waiting on that.

Update 10.56am: Recent tweets on the matter from MP Walton Brown are below




Update 11.02am: Looks like the other person who was planning to speak will not, and the press conference has concluded. We will now work on uploading the video!

Update 11.15am: Parliament continues, with OBA MPs and Independent MP Terry Lister speaking.

Update 11.54am: The video of the press conference is below. As of this time, the situation remains the same — none of the PLP MPs are in the House.

Video of the press conference [apologies for the dubious quality of the audio!]

Update 12.12pm: Opposition Leader Marc Bean’s statement is below

The actions of the unelected Governor yesterday in usurping the bill of a democratically elected Parliament, which last week which voted unanimously for a Commission of Inquiry, is an insult to every single voter in this country.

Parliament has spoken and the Governor has a responsibility to act. The Progressive Labour Party unequivocally rejects the Governor’s action. He has acted outside of his remit by undermining the people’s will. He has made a mockery of Parliament, and disrespected the Bermudian people.

In his failure to act, democracy has been robbed from the people of this country. This is the latest of many steps by this Governor, who represents the U.K. government, which are questionable and problematic.

The Progressive Labour Party will not participate in a Parliament which, over the last 18 months, has been reduced to a sham and a farce.

We call on the people to peacefully express their grave displeasure with this offensive action by the British government’s representative and encourage the people of this country to join us as we march on Government House this Tuesday, where we will call for the following: 1] the immediate recall of the Governor, and 2] the immediate restoration of our limited democracy.

Our forefathers have fought for our rights, and in 2014, the Progressive Labour Party will not stand by while our rights are trampled upon. We will not allow our people, who are already second-class citizens, to be systematically reduced to third-class citizens in the country of their birth.

Update 12.53pm: We asked Premier Michael Dunkley to comment and he said, “I’ve been in the House all day, I just stepped out to do some interviews, and so I’ve heard comments from my colleagues, but haven’t had a chance to go on Bernews or any other media site to take a look at it, but I understand the Opposition has removed itself from the House and won’t come back until the Governor’s recall.

“Really, I don’t have anything to comment on that. We’re here to do the people’s business. The government is determined to conduct the business as was scheduled on the agenda today, and so we’re up here to work.

“The Independent member is here, we’d love to have the Opposition here because their voice is important as we discuss important legislation, such as the Fairmont concession order today, but any other comment would have to come from the Opposition,” added the Premier.

Update 4.36pm: Governor George Fergusson, who is presently in the UK, said: “I have been following the various comments today arising from my letter yesterday to Mr Speaker.

“In the light of suggestions on the lines that my decision represents an end to democracy in Bermuda, it may be worth recalling the conclusion I set out in that letter.

“I did not rule out a Commission. I recognised that the Motion had highlighted concerns that were widely shared,” continued the Governor.

“I said I would be willing to consider a Commission if the House gave a clear indication of the terms of reference and of the proposed means of funding the Commission.”

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  1. somuchless says:

    Here we go. Another day of drama.

    • Proud says:

      Thank you PLP for having a spine and standing up for us!

      How dare the governor ignore Parliament – this isn’t NORTH KOREA!

      • frank says:

        may be he liked his membership a mid ocean club more than justice for bermudians

        • Onion says:

          He gave up his membership at Mid Ocean.

          • BETTTY TRUMP says:

            “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

            Martin Luther King Jr.,

            WE MUST STAND UP PEOPLE. This is not a good move forward by the GOVERNOR and GOVERNMENT.

            I think @VOTE FOR ME PUTS IT BEST

            “The rejection by the Govenor of the decision shoud be of concern to everyone. If we accept that the motion was poorly worded (and i personally do not), the correct thing would be to work to agree the terms of reference for the Commission.”

            “We should also be mindful of the speed of the response in comparison to setting up the tribunal to hear the claim regarding the waterfront!!”

            “In summary, something seems amiss with the decison by the Governor. The House should respond to the rebuff by the Governor, without it becoming a party partisan issue.”

            WE can not longer sit home in a Passive State, WE must stand up and take part to ensure JUSTICE is done in BERMDUA

            This unfair decision by the Governor and GOVERNMENT is outrageous and Wrong. This suggest it is government working for a certain sector within our Community and not all.

            • lucky 7 says:

              What a disgusting and disrespectful reaction to the Govenor on a non issue. S0 embarrassed to be Bermudian right now. England and the rest of the world must be laughing at us….

              • Hurricane says:

                Maybe it will make you feel better if you move to England. Embarrassed to be Bermudian; get cracking!

                • Hmmm says:

                  At the end of the day, all Bermuda would like any persons not paid a fair value for national projects requiring Compulsory Purchase Orders to be properly compensated.

                  If there is no physical evidence presented to prove this was not the case, then what could any commission find?

                  The PLP once again went in half baked and are surprised at the results.

                  It is the PLP the people should be vexed with. They just blew it.

                  Their panic reaction to curry favour with the public is a publicity stunt…don’t get fooled by their failure.

                  • BETTTY TRUMP says:

                    “I said I would be willing to consider a commission if the House gave a clear indication of the terms of reference and of the proposed means of funding,” said the Governor
                    Well why not set up a commission with the condition attached to it, that the terms of reference be clearly identified.

                    There was NO need to suggest or rule it out all together in the first place. The Governor could have clearly said, a Commission will be held, as soon as the terms of references are clearly identified. This would have made more logical sense moving forward and assured the people he had their best interest at heart.

                    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

                      “Continue to stand strong PLP for the People of Bermuda.” The journey will not be an easy one…but nothing that is worth the fight often is…

                      It is great to see that Opposition have lit a fire under the OBAUbp MPs, Governor and FANs. Today many are taking he opportunity to write comments. It has become a big issue that was once dead to many. Some have even today become a little more educated on Bermuda’s past history of injustice.

                      Regardless if the comments are right or wrong. This matter of Justice has come to the forefront for BERMUDA. It has awaken a sleeping Giant, that many believe would never come to light. The mere fact that it has come to light does not bode well for many. Some are angry that the Opposition has pushed it to the front and opened up a can of interesting facts.

                      “Today the Giant has awaken.” GREAT MOVE PLP!!! The Opposition has brilliantly accomplished something the OBAupb believe would never have taken place. The Opposition has called the Governor out and the Government on such a key facts which impact a group of Bermudians. WELL DONE ! Regardless of the overall outcomes, the victory is there….

                      The sad thing is many do not even know how significant this step by the governor is? They merely write blindly in defense of their beloved party. But the reality is the Governor has stepped over the boundaries of his powers.

                      Sen Rabain highlights the following facts:

                      1. What seems to be missed is that this Motion was passed unanimously with NO ONE dissenting. So to claim the PLP passed a flawed Motion when there was not one OBA member who voted no is indeed hypocritical. The motion was passed with not one MP dissenting or voting no, so the HOUSE passed the motion, not just the PLP.

                      2. The only vote that was called out was the motion to amend the wording. This motion was defeated and then the original motion was voted on and it was passed unanimously.

                      3. The Governor has effectively just said and shown us that regardless of the will of the elected representatives, he will do what he wants to do

                      The other factor is that the Governor has deny folks their right to fight for Justice. No one would ever tell the Jews to forget their history and do not fight for justice for their people. Recently, in UK rights were granted to folks whom suffered injustice years ago in England. How can we as a people be so backward and no stand up on the same grounds as other countries around world do.

                      This is about Justice for people whom had their land stolen from them. I understand those who are against it, as they will stand to protect their “White Privilege” regardless, and the heck with what folks loss years ago.

                      Bermuda we are moving backwards, if we do not get a grip on this matter.

                      While majority of the bloggers on here are OBAubp, I do not expect more in regards to their comments, as many often fail to hold their government accountable anyway. What can one expect…Change…NO WAY.

                      Keep standing strong Opposition… no fight is without a long hard battle…….

                      I stand strong today, knowing that I have an Opposition that working for me. An Opposition who stands on the issues and fights for the people. This makes me feel good today… ooh how sweet it is….no one can steal my joy….

                      (the ticks mean nothing as I know the OBAUbp fans are working on that…….

                      Much message is delivered, thanks for reading…

                    • Ringmaster says:

                      The Governor is not a fool. He is a diplomat. If you can’t read what his response was and what he said that is your problem. Tuckers Town in the 1920′s was a farming and fishing community. Tourism and International Business had not yet been invented. Enjoy going back to the 1920′s because you will be shortly as IB will not stand idly by and not take their own action against this stupidity.

                    • Hmmm says:

                      Go read the full Governors reply he didn’t refuse anything.

                      PLP are LIARS

                    • Loving Togetherness says:

                      Bettty you are 100% correct on this issue. Often issues that present a level of difficulty will be rejected by some. But I believe the silence majority are standing behind this issue. Keep speaking.

                    • Loving Togetherness says:

                      Bettty often when an issue such as this is presented to many, they will find a way to reject the truth. I believe that that the silence Majority who do not read or write on the blogs share your views strongly. This issue is very important and I encourage you and the Opposition to continue to stand strong.

                  • MamaAFRICA says:

                    BUT THEY DO HAVE PROOF!! you must listen to the debate. I wish Bermudians would pay attention that way we can react in a more useful manor that helps us as a country.

                • lucky 7 says:

                  @ Hurricane–no, it would make me feel better if we all got along on our beautiful Island and racial issues did not exist.

                  • Hurricane says:

                    For the most part, we all do get along but please don’t expect us to agree on everything. And no need to be embarrassed when any of us (group or otherwise)voice disagreement. As for racial issues, I’m afraid they will always exist.

                    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

                      The number of comments today, suggest the PLP has “AWAKEN THE SLEEPING GIANT,” that many believed would never come to light.

                      “WELL DONE OPPOSITION.”

                      TODAY THE COMMENTS REFLECT THAT PLP HAS STRUCK THE NERVES OF THE OBAubp Supporters,and MPs. The GOVERNOR is now reflecting on his decision as the people come together on this important and most significant issue.



                      WELL DONE !! KEEP PUSHING ON !!!

                      I am loving it….

              • Truth Teller says:

                Spoken like a true self interested Anglo…or Anglophile….

              • JustAskin2 says:

                Just so you know — the Governor is a public servant, not some lord that the peasants are obliged to obey. If the Governor is not acting in the interest of the people, he has to go.

              • JustAskin2 says:

                The Governor is a public servant, not some lord that the peasants are obliged to obey. If the Governor is not acting in the interest of the people, he has to go.

                • Derek A. G. Jones says:

                  As a Bermudian keen to see fair and equal opportunity for all I happen to think Bermuda should look into certain past actions performed by earlier governments. If not to determine whether someone was wronged but also put people’s minds at ease that things were done on the up and up. No wild goose chases but legitimate investigations. I believe that is what Governor Fergusson is also calling for and as he says it protects our autonomy. It’s up to us to do some legwork first. I see no reason to ask him to step down.

            • Build a Better Bermuda says:

              14 years at the helm, 9 of them during an economic golden age, and now they want to distract from the major current issues at hand of fixing this country. Let’s save this country for our children, and not behave like them when the university professor asks your to rewrite your thesis because it had the composition of a grade 2′ers letter to Santa

              • Hmmm says:

                If only people would actually read the letter the Governor wrote. Perhaps the PLP didn’t read it.

                He has not closed it at all. He clearly stated the reasoning for it.

                Of course WALTON BROWN is championing this action. HE IS DESPERATE FOR INDEPENDENCE. Bermuda does not want independence as there is no benefit.

                Perhaps BERMUDA should realize that if Walton doesn’t want the same things the people wants, then perhaps the people should no longer want Walton to represent us.

                • Build a Better Bermuda says:

                  That kinda puts a hole in their whole ‘representing the will of the people’ speech doesn’t

                  • Hmmm says:

                    Their latest PRC hate campaign only saw 80 people attend. That epic fail has resulted in them throwing everything they have got at this.

                    14 years in power, this wasn’t urgent or important to the PLP.

                    Half baked motion for a commission and then they try to make out that the governor rejected it, which he did not.

                    The PLP are desperate to make people hate in order to try and get votes, as that is ALL they care about. Its not about Bermuda and Bermudians, although they are obviously desperate to make you think that.


                    • James Herald says:

                      The PRC issue is dead – PLP has found something more emotional and more focused on blacks being treated badly.

                      If I was a PRC I’d very happy right now. Now that there is this Tuckers Town was stolen from us fairytale going around, the PRC thing is not only on the back burner, its not even on the stove. PLP knows they lost that one, and they also know they lost those voters forever. Their own fault entirely – so they move on to a bigger issue which will fan the flames of hate and racism just great.

                • Build a Better Bermuda says:

                  That kinda puts a hole in their whole ‘representing the will of the people’ speech doesn’t it

            • LOL (Original TM*) says:

              Just so you know the Govenor has released a statement and it seems that the PLP has mislead Bermuda.


          • BETTTY TRUMP says:

            “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

            Martin Luther King Jr.,

            WE MUST STAND UP PEOPLE. This is not a good move forward by the GOVERNOR and GOVERNMENT.

            I think @VOTE FOR ME PUTS IT BEST

            “The rejection by the Govenor of the decision shoud be of concern to everyone. If we accept that the motion was poorly worded (and i personally do not), the correct thing would be to work to agree the terms of reference for the Commission.”

            “We should also be mindful of the speed of the response in comparison to setting up the tribunal to hear the claim regarding the waterfront!!”

            “In summary, something seems amiss with the decison by the Governor. The House should respond to the rebuff by the Governor, without it becoming a party partisan issue.”

            WE can no longer sit home in a Passive State, WE must stand up and take part to ensure JUSTICE is done in BERMDUA

            This unfair decision by the Governor and GOVERNMENT is outrageous and Wrong. This suggest it is government working for a certain sector within our Community and not all.

        • lucky 7 says:

          This is such a disgusting reaction from the PLP on a non-issue….SO embarrassed to be Bermudian right now, England and the whole world must be laughing at us.

      • frank says:

        may be he liked his membership a mid ocean club more

      • Smiths says:

        If ANY member of parliament refuses to go to work, can we at least NOT pay them for their NON-CONTRIBUTION.

        • Kunta says:

          They can take it as a Furlough !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            And if they do take this a furlough, that means they are only interested in their pay check from the people, rather than putting their butts to work in the house for the people

        • Two mt pockets says:

          That’s one way of saving a few Bucks!

      • BETTTY TRUMP says:

        “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

        Martin Luther King Jr., Letter from Birmingham Jail, April 16, 1963




        “That this Honourable House take note of the historic losses in Bermuda of citizens’ property through theft of property, dis-possession of property and adverse possession claims; and be it resolved that this Honourable House calls on His Excellency the Governor to establish a Commission of Inquiry into all such known claims and to determine, where possible, the viability of any such claims and make recommendations for any victims of wrongful action to receive compensation and justice.”

        How can a GOVERNOR Tell a PEOPLE forget their History. How can a GOVERNOR and GOVERNMENT tell a people you have NO Right to JUSTICE !!

        • campervan says:

          PLP and their stormtroopers stomping down hard on human rights, gay rights, PRC rights.
          We are calling them out on their bully boy tactics.

          OBA and the silent majority standing strong against the bullies.


          • Soooooo says:


            If this was / is such an important issue and the PLP MP’s feel so strongly about it, then why? WHY? In the 14 years that the PLP were the government was this NOT brought to the forefront?

            This is nothing more than another of Walton Brown’s attempts to keep himself in the limelight with pointless rants and questionable attempts at “legislation”. If he and his party truly had Bermuda at heart they would be working with the Government and for the people who pay their wage…. If he wanted to do some good for the island, submit legislation to cut MP’s wages by 75%…

            I have friends and family that were subject to compulsory purchases, was it fair no, was it necessacery, absolutely!! The PLP seem to spend too much time living in the past and by doing so jeopardize all our futures!

        • hmmm says:

          Governer didn’t say that Burty Trump. Stop making things up.

        • iabingi says:

          So what is the intended result ??

      • Luis Suarez says:

        The Governor was on the BA flight last night.

        Do you honestly think he is going to come back from his vacation because of these PLP drama queens?

        If you think that this PLP opposition are acting in the best interests of Bermuda, and not themselves, you are a stupid fool.

        • BETTTY TRUMP says:

          Our forefathers have fought for our rights, and in 2014, the Progressive Labour Party will not stand by while our rights are trampled upon. We will not allow our people, who are already second-class citizens, to be systematically reduced to third-class citizens in the country of their birth.

          • Uno says:

            You really need a reality check. Second class citizens? Are you crazy? Ask the fillipinos how. they feel about this?

          • andrew says:

            Betty Trump. Give it up along with your Party. It is way past time to focus on REAL ISSUES than these petty issues right now. But that won’t happen will it. You and the rest of your Party will keep TOOTING your horns until Bermuda is in shambles. It is as if you and the PLP really do not want Bermuda to move forward. I too am ashamed of being Bermudian with you and the PLP trying to stop any sort of progression, with pitiful time consuming crap.

            • Loving Togetherness says:

              I hope that Bettty continues to stand on this issue,it has impacted many families. The historical facts speaks to it. I am apart of that history, and as result it is important that we fight the good fight. Progress has never been achieved without a struggle. Most important social progress required us to stand strong and together. Bettty is correct, and that is why there is such a strong push back by you and other OBA supporters.

              • LOL (Original TM*) says:

                So let your story be heard you say you family was in this so did they get a sum that was at least equal to what the land was worth or less?

                LOL get it out in the open

                • LOL (Original TM*) says:

                  Hmmmm no answer…….telling


          • Cow Polly says:

            We are still a Colony, we voted to remain one, get over it

            • Uno says:

              Correct. God save the queen and hail to Bermuda.

              And I’d rather not get a visa every time I go to the USA Marc Bean/Betty Trump.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        U’lot are an embarrassment to everyone in their right mind! Totally ludicrous.There has to be a full moon near by because only lunatics will behave like u’lot…Sad yes, but true :-(

        • Marge says:

          Mark Bean needs to be recalled as soon as possible .

          • There's a room ... says:

            There’s an available room at MAWI?

            • PLPSUPPORTER says:

              sorry we are at full capacity right now

              • Put pupils first says:

                MAWI can’t be that bad. They let Betty online at all hours!

                • BETTTY TRUMP says:

                  @Put pupils first

                  Where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced, where ignorance prevails, and where any one class is made to feel that society is an organized conspiracy to oppress, rob and degrade them, neither persons nor property will be safe.”

                  -Frederick Douglass

                  Seems like your level of ignorance seems to prevail.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Gotta remember though, the motion passed with a vote of less than half of the sitting MP’s. It is a stretch to say they were representing the will of the people, when the vote tally doesn’t represent 50% of the sitting MP’s. And the Governor has said, provide him with more details, and a commission could be called. The onus is on the PLP now to provide more details, not throw a hissy fit and cry indignant injustice because they didn’t get their way. I put my children in time out for that sort of behaviour.

        • Loving Togetherness says:

          @ Build a Better Bermuda. Not true, but seems like you want to overlook the real facts. The reality is that in the house here was a vote to amend the motion that was defeated 15 to 13. Once that happened the motion in its original form was voted on and was passed unanimously with no MPs dissenting. I hope you would do a better job at presenting the Facts in regards to this matter, rather than a falsehood.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Interesting sentiment given how many time the PLP told the public that they didn’t care what they think, now they ‘speak for the people’. If they did that, they’d get their butts back into the house and get on with some real work. I find it hilarious that this new strategy to distract the house from fixing this country is to not show up in the house… there is just no making this up. Let’s fix current injustices for our children to prosper, before we take on past ones.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Your right, this is Bermuda, where the PLP ignored us for 14 years, and now want us to pay attention to them

      • ERJ says:

        The Opposition have really shocked and disappointed me here. WTH?!? Unbelievable.

      • ole Onion says:

        What have they to hide ? Why does the O.B.A . CONTINUE to not support positive goals for uniting the country . Are we little South Afrika in the 21st century. Just plain old stupidity.

        • Hmmm says:

          There is nothing to hide. It’s hype from the PLP. I bet the PLP don’t really want one to take place as they could have resubmitted terms and funded it themselves. It just provided a wonderful opportunity for their hate mongering. They never expected the motion to get passed or they would have put more effort into it to ensure a commission did get started.

    • Um Um Like says:

      Hopefully the OBA will use this to their advantage. PLP, just stay out!

      • Allspice says:

        They should they should vote to reduce MP salaries to zero. That would get up the PLP’s nose in a big way.
        Come on guys do it. Do it TODAY!

    • Kunta says:

      @ somuchless its been drama since these Dreamers became Govt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • aceboy says:

        Yea, because of the dreamers they replaced with exactly this sort of silliness.

        Why did the PLP not do anything about this age old issue? Ask yourself that.

        • Creamy says:

          When they were in power they were too busy lining their own pockets. Giving each other special planning deals, 21 year leases, $160,000 consulting contracts for 12-page reports.

      • Creamy says:

        You spelled your name wrong. No a is needed at the end.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      @ somuchless 10:29am Indeed here we go again :-(
      Please tell me someone…anyone, “why hadn’t the Progressive Labour Party pursue these same claims etc. while governing the Islands of Bermuda for 14 years?” Furthermore, how was it they were willing to offer that Tuckers Point up until being opposed by all the citizens of Bermuda…black, white, and mixed breeds. Please stop, “de igrance u’lot”
      The P.L.P. hate to see the O.B.A. as the Govnt. of Bermuda plain and simple :-( What is it that will be gained if they (P.L.P.) get their way? Not a damn cent so what’s all the crap for?

      • lucky 7 says:

        @ Raymond Ray–because without the race card, they got nothing.

      • Marge says:

        Raymond, not one of the PLP Ministers have a real job !!!! so all they can do is get the few remaining PLP supporters to go out and march….at twelve noon on Tuesday……

      • James Rego says:

        Raymond, I wonder how Susan Holshouser must be feeling right now? After doing the honorable bidding of her parishioners, who could have envision the lengths the radicals would twist this issue for their own benefit?

    • Cleancut says:

      The PLP are playing games with the Governor, and Walton Brown is the instigator.

      • Concerned says:

        not Walton it’s Ewart who doesn’t know who his haters are look in the mirror Ewart it’s yourself

  2. Sandgrownan says:

    Whiny, petulant children.

    • Proud says:

      More like standing up for Democracy!

      They will teach our children a lesson in Democracy.

      • serengeti says:

        Bollocks. They’re a load of baby whiners.

        • Your probably a foreigner says:

          You are probably foreigner, with that Bollocks comment. You don’t care about the affairs of our Bermudians. Stop your nonsense.

          Even the First Nations in Canada were given reparations for the wrongs done to them by the white Canadians. Sequentially the Canadian Government paid them; this need to be at least discussed in Bermuda, with out being dismissed so swiftly.

          • Dylan says:

            And you’re probably a bigot.

            I hate to tell you, but ‘bollocks’ is British. And as a ‘British Overseas Territory’ – I find it quite appropriate.

            And quite literally, and quite historically – there are no true ‘Bermudian’ people. There was nobody here when it was discovered. As my grandfather used to say, the only true Bermudians are the cedars and the treefrogs.

            • Onion says:

              I hate to tell you that the tree frogs aren’t indigenous. They were introduced in the 1800s.

            • Jus' Sayin' says:

              No the treefrogs were introduced in the 1800s

            • Kunta says:

              With Great Britain being an Island the only true British are antelopes, brown bears and wild horses.

              • Build a Better Bermuda says:

                So by extension you agree that there are no true Bermudians. By the way, the British isles has been inhabited by humans for anywhere around 500,000 to 800,000 years, Bermuda, 400.

                • Kunta says:

                  Oh I forgot, that’s round de time they were finding their way from de Caucus Mountains while de rest of de Civilized world were Flourishing Kingdoms !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  • Build a Better Bermuda says:

                    I had to think for awhile about whether to respond to this. It was very hard to figure out with your statement is you trying to recite fact or sarcasm. Still not sure, so if it is sarcasm, it’s very poorly composed or articulated. If you were trying to state a fact, well, fact – 500,000 to 800,000 years ago there were no kingdoms, all of our ancestors were still chipping out stone tools and living nomadic lives with a vocabulary that did not extend much past ‘ugh’. There were a few good budding artists during that time though. ‘Flourishing Kingdoms’… if you were trying to make a fact, that tells me a lot about how you choose to use that resource between your ears, lay off the tea, it’s not helping with your mental health.

                    • LOLOLOLOLOL says:

                      You could not be so wrong there my friend!!! I think you need to have another look at history.

                    • Toodle-oo says:


                      I think you need to speak to a few anthropologists . You know , people who ”really” know about this stuff.
                      Stop listening to fairy tale spinners with stars in their eyes.

          • Celery™ says:

            Mr Fergusson added: “I would be open to consider this again, however, if the House gave me clearer references to the kinds of alleged abuses concerned and a clearer mandate for me to incur expenses from the Consolidated Fund.”

            He didn’t outright reject it, he’s saying AS IT IS he can’t approve of this motion.

            • Cardine Alice says:

              A sensible request by the Governor. Followed by a hot headed hissy fit.

              If you want to “recall” the Guv’s. and go independent just do it. Don’t whine. Return the passports and other benefits. And while you are at it, banish everyone foreign, including foreign money and business.

              Having said that, Tuckers/Midocean does seem to be Bermuda’s District 6. Only it’s now still in the hands of the very wealthy.

              • Loving Togetherness says:

                Cardine it is far from a sensible request. The Governor has stepped outside of his boundaries, and gone against a vote in the House of Assembly by the MPs. He was wrong in doing this, if one truly understands how our Parliamentary system works. Your comments and ones similar suggest you do not.

          • serengeti says:

            I’m Bermudian, but I’m white which of course in your books means I’m inferior to you. Racist.

            By the way, foreigners are entitled to state their opinions as well. Bermuda isn’t quite Nazi Germany, yet, despite Bean’s attempts.

            • Uno says:

              Serengeti. You nailed it.

            • Kunta says:

              Typical statement from someone who has benefited from undeserved white privilege !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Creamy says:

                You are spelling your name wrong. You keep adding an a at the end.

                • Kunta says:

                  Yup and your name is what COMES out !!!!!!

                  • hmmm says:

                    What are you 15 ????

                    • Uno says:

                      Kunta, as a Bermudian you deserve nothing, you have to earn it. I don’t care what color you are, despite the fact you clearly do, you just need to take that big chip off your shoulder and get working.

              • Ringmaster says:

                For the benefit of all, PLP, OBA or other, please define “undeserved white privilege”. Is this different to whites and non whites who have made multi millions in Bermuda by hard work? How do you explain the likes of Freddy Yarwood making his millions despite all the obstacles?

                • Kunta says:

                  That’s so shallow, that’s like saying every African American should be like Oprah or every white American should be like Bill Gates !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  • Creamy says:

                    You’re calling someone else “shallow”?

                    You’re still spelling your name with one unnecessary letter at the end.

                    • SMH says:

                      Creamy….too funny about the extra “a” at the end of You know who’s name!!! Well done

                    • Kunta says:

                      Yup and your name is de stuff that COMES out, so we complement each other.

                • JustAskin2 says:

                  Is it because the one who made the millions were given better opportunities to do so?

                  A rather rough and probably outdated example and food for thought:

                  Two young men apply to the same company after graduating from the same university with an MBA. Both achieve high honors.

                  The white man is given a job as manager in training with room and opportunities for advancement. He is given leadership training, invited to the country club where he networks with corporate movers and shakers. After a few years, he is CEO of the company.

                  The black man is sent to the mail room. If he is lucky he might become the mail room supervisor some day.

                  • Kunta says:

                    It’s like de construction industry, de white boys and de Portuguese squeezed de Black contractors out .
                    Something nobody wants to talk about !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  • LOL (Original TM*) says:

                    OK please send the names of the company and the names of the men involved and post it. Or was that just a theoretical off the top of your head hyperbol cause I’m white and have more qualifications than others (black) and I did not get the job instead it was given to a person that just had a GED. I guess to you that is leveling the playing field for past injustice uh. Just means my family might starve for something I had nothing to do with at all. Yup fair is fari.


          • Ya boy says:

            These individuals were paid at the time of the establishment of tuckers town… How can it be that a governing party in this country would boycott our parliament in response to this idiotic attempt to raise an issue of something long since settled? I hope the OBA continues with parliament as normal and just ignores the PLP, and that way we actually have a chance to get some good legislation passed.

            • Onion says:

              I think we should welcome an inquiry to settle it once and for all. There has been so much misinformation put out that it would do Bermuda a service to independently verify that people were paid then-fair prices for their land.

              • Build a Better Bermuda says:

                But how do we pay for it? I’d rather the money stay with our children’s education.

            • Lizbeth says:

              Clearly it was not settled.

              • Huh says:

                PLP really think Bermudians are stupid. Where was the PLP concern for Bermudians when the PLP GOVT. gave TUCKERS POINT developers A SPECIAL DEVELOPMENT ORDER (despite protests from Bermudians) on the land at Tuckers Town?
                Somebody should tell Jimmy Kimmel about the PLP

                • SMH says:

                  Kimmel tends more towards mature humour. I think the better term for tne PLP is p-a-t-h-e-t-i-c

          • daughter of the water says:

            exactly. no-one was here when the sea venture wrecked – it is not even remotely like the first nations in north america. nice try though.

            • Kunta says:

              Yes no one was here but when Africans and their descendants came here they have been treated like S— and are still feeling de remnants from it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • WillSee says:

            Reparations for what?

            • Rad Mama says:


              • Uno says:

                Honestly, I can’t stop laughing. Land reparations, now I’ve heard it all.

                Life does not owe you a living pal. Go and work for some land.

                • PBanks says:

                  To be fair, reparations isn’t a new concept.

                  • Creamy says:

                    No, but it’s a stupid one.

                    • Loving Togetherness says:

                      Land Reparations is not a new concept. It has been done in almost every country where folks were displaced or treated unfairly. Recently, in England and in the Islands this was done. So why not here in Bermuda. Many have fought for Justice due to the past injustices that were forced upon them. I hope that this push continues on.

                    • Huh says:

                      I guess the French owe a pack to England from back when Norman the Conqueror came across de Channel back in 1066…

              • hmmm says:

                Repairations if they were not given fair price for the day seems reasonable. Remember land was probably quite cheap back in the 1920′s as there was much of it available.

                You can’t look at todays values. That is irrelevant. any money folks got back then would be used to buy new properties at those same rates.

            • Kunta says:

              @WillSee Reparations for Generations working FREE for Centuries while de EVIL perpetrators benefited and still benefiting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • LOL (Original TM*) says:

                So what should africans pay to europeans for the 100 virgin scrifices or egyption slavery that happend before African slavery?

                LOL “Generations working FREE for Centuries while de EVIL perpetrators benefited” just saying

            • Kunta says:

              Germany paid Israel 3 Billion DM in Holocaust Reparations and paid 450 Million DM to the World Jewish Congress to compensate survivors in other countries.
              Africans and their descendants worked FREE in the America’s and the Caribbean Island’s (including Bermuda)for centuries and then fought for a fair wages and Equal Rights and Justice and still fighting, while descendants of Slave Masters benefited and still benefiting economically and socially!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • Derek A. G. Jones says:

                As there were white families also removed from Tucker’s Town and the airport lands I assume you will have no problem with reparations given to them as well? Or are you talking about a completely different subject with regards to slavery? If so should the former black owners pay up? And what about the white slaves, the Chinese slaves, indentured servants etc.?

                At the end of the day what happened in Tucker’s Town was a political business decision looking to create a sustainable opportunity for Bermuda. People were forced to give up lands, some who may not have even purchased the property in the first place. Everyone was paid and possibly some were paid who should have not been. Insider deals happened back then as they do today I’m afraid.

                The issue shouldn’t be about going on a witch hunt because a group of people want to fulfill some sort of race based political agenda but rather we should take a look at how these historical events impacted Bermuda as a whole and learn from them.

                For instance this call for a commission should have come before the former PLP led government rushed through the SDO’s for Tucker’s Point. As far as I’m concerned we just made the exact same decision as we did 100 years ago by locking out large parcels of land from local ownership under the assumption that it will rebuild our tourism industry.

                Reparations are not the answer, becoming stakeholders in Bermuda’s future is what is needed. Real ownership where everyone has a singular reason to make sure the island is sustainable and successful; healthy personal growth in mind, body and spirit. With that we can all have healthy bank accounts and stay out of debt, however this can only happen if we all work together. There is no other way.

              • SMH says:

                Holocaust= paying people above the then market value to vacate their land…….you are officially one of the biggest idiots in Bermuda…and trust me given what been happening for the last 6 months in Bermuda that’s saying a lot…idjit

      • Dylan says:

        And such a great lesson it is!

        “When you don’t get your way, wait for the cameras and go make a scene!”

      • tired says:

        “Standing up Democracy”?? A few years ago the PLP had an opportunity to pursue this when their own supporters asked them to and the declined that opportunity.

        Maybe they can explain why back then they did not view it as a priority and today it suddenly is.

        • Tired of it all says:

          PArty was under different leadership with a different direction at the time. IN other words, this is not the PLP of a few years ago, which means that the issues the previous PLP avoided will now be of main focus.

          Same ca n be said about the OBA. We all know the OBA is the UBP reincarnate, however, this new party or OBA, has new direction nad is completely refurbished.

        • Bermy says:

          Amazing how quickly people forget when it suits them

          • LOL (Original TM*) says:

            Politicians live for the now.

        • Allspice says:

          “A few years ago the PLP had an opportunity to pursue this when their own supporters asked them to and the declined that opportunity.

          Maybe they can explain why back then they did not view it as a priority and today it suddenly is.”

          Because they didn’t want to have to pay for it from “their” public purse. Now that they no longer have the public purse they are happy to see money paid out of it.

      • Heavens says:

        Democracy doesn’t work if you’re standing OUTSIDE! you need to participate and debate.

      • Allspice says:

        Standing up for democracy would involve actually participating in it, not throwing all the toys.

        Think about it. The subtext of the Governor’s statement is that Bermuda is self-governing and if we want this commission then we should do it (and pay for it) by ourselves.

        Not an irrational point of view, actually.

        If the PLP wants to walk out of the house then we know that they at least are not making efforts to form a commission. No, they are outside shouting themselves hoarse while inside other people are passing legislation without the benefit of an opposition to debate them.

        What tactical genius dreamed that up?

  3. Sandgrownan says:

    Or phrased another way… PLP MP’s in the House, and nothing of value was lost…..

    • Proud says:

      Except for I know what Party stands up for Democracy.

      This is the first time the Governor has ignored a vote of Parliament.

      This should not be acceptable to anyone!

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        It was not thought out at all and will hurt this issue beyond repair. This is a gamble if they lose this issue will be closed forever.


      • frank says:

        the queen should just give him his few pennies now and call him back to england

        • Uno says:

          The Governor was on the BA flight last night.

          I saw him at the airport.

          Have a nice vacation Mr Ferguson, don’t worry about these idiots.

      • BlueFamiliar says:

        Get your facts.

        The Governor did not ignore a vote of Parliament.

        He assessed the request and said there wasn’t enough evidence presented at this time. But that there was clearly a concern therefore the opportunity remains for it to be revisited….with something more than was just presented.

        I would like to see the matter looked in to, but I understand the need for something more than generic complaints to get the wheels turning.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        What democracy, they didn’t even muster the support of half the sitting MP’s

      • Redman says:

        @ Proud,

        No, more like this is the first time a political party so desperate to be relevant that they purposely throw something out so poorly though out (like most of their previous legislation) that the Governor as politely as possible points out what he would like to see happen if there is to become an inquiry. So what do we get?.

        More feigned outrage and rhetoric! The PLP’s and their paid political advisors are playing a dangerous game with the lives of Bermudians. When things go pear shaped those ‘hatchet men’ will head back overseas and go to work on the electorate of whatever country they call home. We’ll be left to clean up their mess, sounds familiar.

        What we are seeing is a political party and supporters so blinded by anger that they would rather destroy Bermuda then see someone else at the helm. Pathetic. The PLP are unknowingly doing their level best to become politically irrelevant and extinct to all but their most ardent supporters and those that follow the crowd. The sooner the extinct part comes to pass the better off Bermuda will be. Sad.

    • lucky 7 says:

      @sandgrownan–exactely. And this is all Bermuda needs right now…I guess San Diego will be hosting the America’s cup….

  4. Cmbbda says:


    • Proud says:

      Why go to Parliament if the Governor will not respect Parliament’s will.

      So quick to forget the Parliament voted for something and the Governor said no!

      It doesn’t what Party you support – we should support democracy.

      • Cmbbda says:

        It was an insubstansial motion lacking depth and details and specific case evidence and a Commission of Inquiry would have been a complete waste of money. Th Governor made the right call!

        • Tired of it all says:

          Did you hear that or are you simply reading what is being told to you?

          • LOL (Original TM*) says:

            Can you produce the doc then. Please do so we can all read it our selfs and not take anyones including your on the topic. You down for that?


            • LOL (Original TM*) says:

              selves sorry

            • LOL (Original TM*) says:

              Hmm no answer either PLP where are your answers


      • lucky 7 says:

        It’s so funny how the PLP claim to be ‘standing strong’ for Bermuda, when in actual fact, they are poison for Bermuda.

  5. A Dingo says:

    Anyone called a waaaaambulance yet?

  6. serengeti says:

    Fantastic. Today things can get done without a load of whining.

  7. Put pupils first says:

    Why not discuss and address the issues that the Governor laid out? Then tighten up the motion and get him to reevaluate. Is it because disruption, discontent and incitement are the primary objectives and not justice?

    • Proud says:

      Since when should unelected people tell elected people what to do. The people commenting on Bernews right now can’t be serious.

      Parliament voted one way – someone who got not votes said – “piss off”

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        WE are not an independent country but I’m sure you know that. How long have you lived here?

        • Portia says:

          True – but that does not mean that the UK or her representatives legislate for us, or can attempt to direct the course of legislation from Parliament.

          • LOL (Original TM*) says:

            Actually yes it does. No legislation can be added to the books without the Governor’s rubber stamp. Infact this is the first this the Governor has not rubber stamped in sometime. The Death penalty is one of those thing, might be a poor example abolision of slavery might be a better one.


            • Portia says:

              Rubber stamping legislation is not the same as drafting it or creating it. The rubber stamp is merely an acknowledgement of what Parliament has done, but the Bill or Act is not handed down to us by the UK, nor are we required to seek the UK’s input when preparing legislation. This is what I mean by “directing the course of legislation.”

              • LOL (Original TM*) says:

                Yes but you must agree its not a law until the Govenor says so is it. So all that drafting and crafting of legislation is for not if the Governor does like he did here. Correct yes or no?


          • Build a Better Bermuda says:

            First, it wasn’t a piece of legislation it was a motion requesting him to convene a commission, second, he is not directing the course of the legislation in the country, he’s asking the authors to provide greater justification and definition to the motion.
            Kinda glad we have this thorough an oversight, maybe if we had a governor this thorough earlier, we might have had a drunk driving law that actually penalized drunk drivers. The PLP thoroughness for motions and legislation is appalling and we will probably be feeling the repercussions of their work for years to come.

      • tired says:

        “Since when should unelected people tell elected people what to do.”

        In a “Democracy”? That’s the whole point. Unelected people tell the people they elected what they want done.

        I can kind of understand what your getting at, but what you actually said doesn’t makes sense!

        • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

          tell me where in this world the people tell elected officials what to do and they do it …give as many examples as you can …thanks.

          • Redman says:

            @ Keepin’ it Real!….

            Just look at the many demonstrations these last few years, unelected people telling their elected officials what they want them to do.

            Better wages and jobs, Uighers, Lamb Foggo, Banks…
            Numerous letters to the editors, blogs and many sent directly to MP’s. Don’t forget the talk shows, all by unelected people voicing their opinions and telling their elected officials what to do.

            There wasn’t that easy, please keep up. :-)

    • Bermy Boy says:

      That would require them(PLP) to sit and discuss a way forward with the motion – and we know that would be a disaster – as it has been years before!!!

  8. Build a Better Bermuda says:

    Hey, now government can get on with business, if the PLP don’t want to show up, let’s finally get some work done.

  9. in the know says:

    They acting like the 7yr old child that doesn’t get puck to play football in the neighborhood, taking their ball n running home!!!

    Grow up and work to move Bermuda forward cause trust and believe the youngerror generation sees your childish behavior and has lost respect for you.

  10. Stop ya noise says:

    There are serious issues affecting our country and the PLP MP’s have walked out over this? This is beyond childish and petty. There are surely better way to voice dissent to the Governor’s decision. The doors to the House of Assembly should be locked and you should be denied any future access! Talk about throwing your toys out of the pram! Great time for the OBA to push bills through The House, there will be no opposition by the Opposition.

  11. BermyGirl says:

    If they refuse to work, can we refuse to pay them?

  12. Navin Johnson says:

    Awesome …no something can get done without the whiners ….

  13. SeeBee says:

    The Governor should get a Commission of Inquiry together and find why and where Bean bought the marijuana that he supplied to a minor.

    • Rayki Emery says:

      That has got to be the stupidest comment on this thread by far…

      • Dylan says:

        I found it quite funny.

      • Build a Better Bermuda says:

        Pretty damn good, leader of the opposition backs providing illegal drugs to minors without the present parent’s consent.

      • Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

        can u please elaborated on why you say that Ki..?

    • Gotham says:

      Personally, I think Bean needs to smoke more herb, so much in fact that he stops bashing Gays and embraces the GL BT community instead – especially those in his own caucus.

  14. Onion says:

    No responsibility.

    The Governor said that the motion was too vague to be actionable. So go write a better motion.

    Bunch of showboating clowns.

    • Allspice says:

      “Bermuda is proud of its high degree of autonomy as a British Overseas Territory. It is a long time since Bermuda’s commercial and private land law has been supervised from the United Kingdom and this does not seem to me a compelling issue on which to reverse that.”

      In other words, “If you want a commission then form a commission.”

  15. Dylan says:

    This is what happens every time the PLP don’t get their way. Like a spoiled child, they throw a tantrum and make a scene.

    But as per usual, they must first wait for the press. Lest their show go un-noticed.

    Bottom line – The Governor has the say, and it’s not because he dresses nicely. It’s because he’s spent years serving our crown – and he knows what he’s doing.

    Get off your horse and do your job. It’s what we are paying you for.

    • Rayki Emery says:

      Years serving the crown…. Not the people.

      I’m not saying that what they are doing is right, but at some point one must review the governing policies of this government and “the crown”, and in this review one will notice the vast inequalities between the wealthy minorty and the poor majority. At some point someone has to stand up for the majority, somone has to represent the people, and it seems the PLP are attempting to do so with their recent actions.

      Personally I feel writing a new motion may be easier, but there isn’t anyone who knows the true motives of the PLP until they let us know themselves.

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        I think the motive is clear. Comfortable people don’t change the government, hungry people do.Soon we will see the PLP reach back to the dusty race card they have been trying to hide for the last few months.


      • Anbu says:

        We all know what this is about its sad but it all still boils down to black and white plain and simple. Anyone who disagrees is a blind idiot. What? U think his replacement will make a different decision? Jokers.

      • Sand says:

        “At some point someone has to stand up for the majority, somone has to represent the people, and it seems the PLP are attempting to do so with their recent actions.”

        Possibly, but if that is what they are doing then these ineffectual tactics will not achieve their goal. They make pretty inept defenders of the common man.

      • hmmm says:

        PLP don’t care about the people, or they would have asked for this when they first got into power.

  16. Joonya says:

    These are the people who are holding Bermuda back. We will never move forward because their persistence in wanting Bermuda to fail.
    Children, all things will happen in time. Absolute babies.

  17. Just Wondering says:

    Um if they are not going to sit I say the OBA should start pushing through all the stuff they need voted on now. Give them something to really b**ch about then.

  18. why now? says:

    the PLP had 14 years to do something about this ancient alleged wrong.
    why they didn’t bother to look into it then is beyond me.
    but further, the fact that they now bring this up now suggests they don’t really care about the history, but about the political advantage they can gain from it.

    futhermore, it is troubling the example they are setting by going on strike just because they don’t get their way. grow the $%*# up people

    • Portia says:

      I believe the UBP set the example in the first place, when they boycotted the Throne Speech back in 2000 –

      October 2000 – “The 14 United Bermuda Party (UBP) parliament members remained in the House of Assembly while Governor Thorold Masefield read out a Throne Speech on the Cabinet lawn in which the ruling Progressive Labour Party outlined its legislative plans for the year.”

      The UBP had, what 30 years, to do something about these matters as well. Why didn’t they??

      • Double D says:

        Boycotting the throne speech is mucgh different then refusing to participate in House sessions. Very different indeed as legislation is debated and passed in the House and not at a throne speech.

        • Portia says:

          It wasn’t just the speech they boycotted – they walked out and did not participate in the whole first sitting too.

      • serengeti says:

        The UBP at the time was protesting the constitutional changes being proposed in the Throne speech. The speech was boycotted and that was the end of it, the point having been made.

        No marches, no strikes, no one-sided meetings to whip up violent opinion, no threats, no calls for resignations and recalls.

        How different it is now.

  19. Unbelievable says:

    Let’s quit with the name calling, folks. As much as I am not a PLP supporter, we shouldn’t be calling people silly names or saying silly things.

    The problem the PLP have here is that this issue came up during the Tucker’s Point SDO matter a few years back and the PLP ignored it. On top of that, the PLP had 14 years to deal with it when they were Government and they didn’t. So why now? Is it because they are in Opposition and they want control of the Govt back? IS it because the OBA continue to look weak and so they take the opening when they can?

    I don’t know the real answers but to me it appears they are just playing politics for the sake of it.

  20. Heavens says:

    Does anybody else think it’s strange that they a) happen to do this on a Friday? b) the w/end of the World Cup Final? me thinks they’re all rushing to the airport …… but really, why wasn’t this all sorted out when, under a PLP administration, this issue was raised during the Tucker’s Point SDO and these lot did NOTHING? WTF?

  21. Skeptic says:

    Good grief Walton – your motion was not competently prepared, the governor left the door open for you to provide more substance or consider another avenue, but you take the unprofessional and childish response to denigrate the governor and propose marches. I have lost what respect I had for you. Grow up and conduct yourself professionally.

    • Unbelievable says:

      And that’s the other thing, the Governor has left the door open to resubmit.

      Now we don’t have an Opposition until the Governor is recalled? Doesn’t make any sense.

      • Onion says:

        Don’t worry, the PLP aren’t a real Opposition.

        They are always just showboating instead of dealing with actual legislation or management of the country.

  22. LOL (Original TM*) says:

    The PLP are despirt at best to be seen as actually doing something and for them to take up a cause like this is crazy. First off how can compensation be given to this/ What value do you put on the land the value of the day or the value of today? This is to vague, too many question about who pays, how much to whom does the money go if any? What was the point of this just to stir the race pot. Was it to respur so talks of independance as they must have know this would be rejected? Really the country is in debt this in no way would help that. This can be looked at at a later point when we actually have money and time to deal with it. When that time comes the same question will pop up.


    • hmmm says:

      Would have to be the the variance to the value of the day + inflation, not todays value.

      The cost of any Commission would likely exceed any repairations determined.

      It’s showboating by the PLP, as if it was that important and substantive, then they would have persued this when they had the reigns.

      Nothing is stopping the PLP doing this out of their own pockets if it is that important to them.

  23. A Dingo says:

    While you continue to throw your toys out of the pram and ‘abstain’ from Parliament, I trust you’ll be doing the honourable thing and refusing to collect your Parliamentary salary, right? No? No, didn’t think so…………

  24. Joe says:

    March on Government House? Walton Brown will never make it up the hill.

    • Thelma Foster says:

      what are you afraid off when Walton Brown makes to the top if you would have know his Granfather he could tell you somethings that was done so don’t sit on your high horse and think you are safe in thoughs

  25. Alvin Williams says:

    Good move PLP take the day off why give legitimacy to their sham democracy steep as it is in British colonialism. You can still represent the people of Bermuda outside of parliament.

    • Unbelievable says:

      Let’s see how far that get’s you.


    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      Your not seeing the whole picture here are you. The PLP are in danger of crushing the issue they say they are champions of this will destory any chance of helping the people who where involved in this.


    • Yahoo says:

      Hope they enjoy their unpaid day off with the rest of the children on the island.

      And let’s be clear – they don’t represent anyone or anything other than their own self-interests. But keep beating that drum Alvin…

    • Anbu says:

      Alvin alvin. If u dont like colonialism then i suggest u leave bermuda mate. We are a british overseas territory and its never gonna change. The fact that u agree with what these children are doing just goes to show how clueless you really are. But then again i suppose thats what is expected from the blind faithful lol.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Surprised you were able to type that with the bile flowing…I can image you banging away at that poor keyboard.

      Look, you bitter, twisted ignorant halfwit, the PLP’s motion was, predictably poorly prepared. The Governor has allowed room for it to be re-written and re-submitted. Now, the PLP has a choice do that or bitch and whine, go on a march, call for a recall.. What do you think they do? Bermuda really deserves a better opposition than this.

    • Onion says:

      You sound like a Republican who is still in denial that Obama won the Presidency. Twice.

      • Redman says:

        @ Onion,

        You sound like a PLP supporter who is in denial that the PLP LOST the last election. Thank God for that too.

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      Govenor released a statement and it appears the PLP has been misleading


    • campervan says:

      ^^^^^ PLP Storm trooper, already openly admitted that he will not abide recs from the HRC.

  26. Mike says:

    Ever since I have been able to vote I have vote labour out of loyalty and the history in my family. The last election I help my nose as I “x-ed” the ballot for the PLP candidate at my polling place.

    I am not happy with the current leadership of the Progressive Labour Party. I have been dissatisfied with the labour party is it’s current form. Do I not believe they offer any ideas that that show that they can lead Bermuda into the future.

    I dislike politicians in general. I would rather vote for neither party than vote for the PLP out of blind loyalty. It’s not fair to me to “have to” vote for the labour party “just because”.

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      agreed I too am not a fan of politicians and wish there was another way as this conflicted system only tears this country apart. All these people want “One Country” so they say but rarly practice that and do their best to keep our people hating on each other.


    • Onion says:

      The PLP aren’t labour except in name anymore so that should make things easier.

    • George says:

      Is this a written confession Mike? You sound like you have finally overcome the psychosis of a ‘Party Addict’ who wasn’t able to ‘stop voting PLP just because’? What kind of skewed logic is that?! Blind loyalty is the root cause of many of the continued conflicts in this world i.e Sunni on Shia, Catholic on Protestant, Jews on Muslims etc. etc. Glad you are ‘starting to see the light’. May I encourage you to take your story to other members of both parties who need the same sort of intervention as you have experienced!

    • campervan says:

      me too, I’m a labor supporter at heart, but will not condone extremism.

  27. Mark Hinton says:

    Let em stay out don’t pay em either

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      the 2 dislikes must be PLP MPs


  28. Bermuda Young Voting Block says:

    This is very disappointing given the massive challenges confronting this country and the legagcy that Bermuda’s politicians are going to saddle us with.

    How dare you all for using this issue to draw attention from the critical issues of this country–billions of dollars in debt, a shrinking work force, international business questioning the stabiliyt of our country.

    Have you guys lost your minds–I appreciate this is an important isssue but to neglect the other business of the country in this petulent fashion.

    If took place in a company–there would be disciplinary action.

    Guys, we the younger voting generation do not see this as a congealin, motivating issue–you are really beginning to look way oout of touch as a political party.

    This lack of attention to the immediate problems of this country will most likely loose you the vots of the Bermuda Young voting block.

    We have a wider world view and expect our politican and leaders to have as well,

    Have a Blessed day and weekend.

  29. Jus' Sayin' says:

    The Governor did not say no. He actually wanted more substance to any allegations and would then consider proceeding. He also stated that the Bermuda Government should pay for it, which is not unreasonable. However, as the Government voted against it, they are unlikely to put up the money (which we don’t have anyway) to chase something that on the face of it looks to be almost 100 years old. That is not an excuse, but the people who did it and their children are probably dead and buried by now. The Opposition’s stance is a bit childish. They are necessary to bring balance to the House (vis-a-vis this bill), but they also need to understand that (at present) they are no longer the Government. When they become the Government again, they can take up the matter. As this is a matter which is so old, one also may wonder why they did not take it up when in office.

  30. Tough Love says:

    I can’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PLP what are you doing?!? Yes, we want the inquiry, but the governor also stated that the request is vague. Do your due diligence and get more EVIDENCE to show the seriousness of why this is urgent, and I’m confident that the governor would reconsider.

    This is a grown-up tantrum and I’m not impressed. I won’t support this PLP. I can’t. You wouldn’t even wait until we got our economy stable before you pull this stunt. I’m done. DONE!

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      Now you see why people complained about the PLP they just don’t seem to think things through. They are smart enough to do so but they don’t, not sure why. Make me wounder why they did this and why now? Push for independance, trying to put in a Governer that they can control? Is this the new TTown gate or something? where are they ideas on how this should play out and what would be gained by it. Votes from those that it happened to. Does that include the whites that where moved or do we have facts that show they got more than the blacks that where moved. This is an unwinnable battle maybe they want people to think they are batting for them in a marter type of way?

      LOL IDK

  31. Vote for Me says:

    This is an issue of more significance then the OBA or PLP. It speaks to the constituional role of the Governor as a representative of the Queen.

    The House of Assembly is comprised of elected members of parliament, pursuant to a general elction using the democratic principles that govern elections in Bermuda. Whether we individually agree or not, the decison of the ‘House’ represents the will of the people.

    The rejection by the Govenor of the decision shoud be of concern to everyone. If we accept that the motion was poorly worded (and i personally do not), the correct thing would be to work to agree the terms of reference for the Commission.

    We should also be mindful of the speed of the response in comparison to setting up the tribunal to hear the claim regarding the waterfront!!

    In summary, something seems amiss with the decison by the Governor. The House should respond to the rebuff by the Governor, without it becoming a party partisan issue.

    Can anyone imagine the anarchy if the Governor starts refusing to act on decisions made by parliament?? Just imagine if this was reported in other jurisdictions.

    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      Not getting you this is the Governor job to protect Bermuda. To Sus out poorly writen legislation and in this case saving alot of money. Also he did not say no he wanted clarifications of key points. Are you saying the PLP put something together and did not provide enought to go on and now they will not clarify. That is not how to get things done at all. The PLP have turned this into a mockery all the people who where involved in this on the victum side should be upset with the PLP at this point as this might crush any chance to get justice forever.


      • Portia says:

        No, it is not his job to “sus out poorly written legislation”. The Governor is a diplomat, not a practising lawyer. His job is to report back to the UK and the FCO Office on the state of affairs in Bermuda, as well as act as Commander in Chief of the Regiment. The UK does not vet or create legislation for Bermuda.

        • Sandgrownan says:

          It’s not legislation

        • Build a Better Bermuda says:

          Actually his job is to ‘sus out poorly written legislation’. As the final word about what gets past, if something comes to him that lacks the definition needed to do its job, then it is his responsibility to send it back to be fixed. Additional, this wasn’t legislation, it was a motion for the Governor to ‘consider’ a commission. He considered the motion, found it lacking several requirements and sent it back for further work.
          It is the PLP who have thrown a hissy fit, stormed out and closed the door behind them. Revels the shame that they are, when it them that has closed the door on the issue they supposedly are passionate about… all of a sudden, after doing nothing with it for over a decade. Whole thing smell of them playing politricks

    • Sandgrownan says: was carefully considered and didn’t meet the standards required for a Commission. If we had a Commission everytime the House voted, we’d be inundated with frivolous requests.

      So, go away, think it through and come back with a better request. Bunch of bloody amateurs.

    • Onion says:

      The Governor rejected a poorly worded unclear unactionable motion and left the door open for it to be tidied up and resubmitted. He recognised that concerns are legitimate but wanted clarity and a workable plan.

      Rather than resubmit a more clear motion and work with the OBA to make sure it would be funded and actioned the PLP threw a tantrum.

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      Well said Vote for ME !! WELL SAID

    • Tough Love says:

      Yes, I understand the concern. But if we can’t give in proper evidence to support our case, I agree with the governor in not opening pandoras box. This is a very sensitive issue and it cannot be taken lightly.

      In school when writing essays/thesis papers I had to support my claims with enough evidence, even if my claim was common knowledge, my teachers/professors would not accept assumptions, I had to show proof.

      If it had been presented with undisputable proof of even one wrong doing, I think that the governor would change his position. I remember the DPP position and then we found out the reason to that the deputy wasn’t appointed and it was valid. I don’t believe that the governor takes sides, there is got to be more to it.

    • Onion says:

      Except that the Governor instead more or less asked for better wording.

      So the right thing to do is come back with a stronger proposal instead a paragraph and a bunch of showboating.

      The PLP look like a bunch of clowns.

    • cromwell says:

      Actually the Speaker of the House should have put it in a review committee of some sort or got the two leaders to make an acceptable worded document to present to the Governor!those ancestors

      The whole things smells of political deception and is disrespectfully done over the graves of those ancestors who obviously are not resting in peace!

      It should not be the Governor who corrects errors in documents sent to him, that is the responsibility of our fellow Bermudians who sit as our Parliamentarians, who by the way consist of quite a few lawyers!!

      • SMH says:

        And. If the PLP really cared about this issue they had 14 years to do something about it. also they wouldn’t have supported the SDO for Tuckers Point. What about reparations for what they did to the economy

  32. js says:

    looks like the lunatics are running the asylum

  33. lx says:

    who needs young and the restless when you have the plp and government

  34. Heavens says:

    To the PLP: As someone who contributes to paying your salary thru taxes, who do I speak to have your pay docked?

  35. Mike says:

    Best decision the PLP have made in 15 years.

    Let’s now get on with the people’s business.

  36. rivaldo10 says:

    Well with the plp out of the house today….the legislation on the regiment was tabled and looks like it will completely be off our books by 2019 ..the last recruiting camp to be 2016…thanks plp for skipping today. ..stuff got done

  37. navin johnson says:

    just use the $800 million as reparations and call it a day

  38. Mussel Pie says:

    I suspect this is also about the fact that Walton is pissed with the Governor because he wouldn’t agree to deny BOTC Naturalization to those PRC’s who meet the criteria. This criteria is set out by the British Government under the British Nationality Act and has little to do with Bermuda. The nerve to make such a request in the first place, asking the Governor go against an Act that is applied internationally to all the colonies is astounding.

    Walton is right about the sham democracy but he’s pointing his finger in the wrong direction!

  39. WOLF says:

    We should march against PLP marching.

  40. BlueFamiliar says:

    ~sighs deeply~


    The PLP really think this is necessary, likely to be effective, will accomplish anything other than yet another blemish on the party, it’s members, and Bermuda in general?

    Did they read what the statement said?

    Come up with a more comprehensive submission and do it again.

    It’s not that complicated.

    The Governor is restricted by standards, to get what you want you have to meet those standards. It’s like going to the cops with a complaint, you have to have evidence to back up the claim for them to take it seriously.

  41. James Herald says:

    What I object to is how much this walkout is gong to cost us. Tens of thousands of dollars I’d suspect.

    Not that PLP was ever bothered about money. $800 million comes to mind.

    PLP are clearly a bunch of simpletons. Spoiled children.

  42. Ya boy says:

    Also, how long until this motion becomes an independence movement? I’m guessing ‘tyrannical white englishman’ will be a phrase used.

  43. TSOL says:

    What the Governor did was LEGAL. If you don’t like it maybe you should emigrate somewhere that isn’t under British law. Same goes for all the types who don’t like living in a place where the entire population doesn’t “look like them”. Leave if your so unhappy with the civilation and culture that exists here go somewhere else, maybe you will be happier there.

  44. Toodle-oo says:

    Maybe Walton and the rest of the PLP can once and for all clarify exactly what they’re referring to .

    **Opposition MP Walton Brown brought the Motion which read, “That this Honourable House take note of the historic losses in Bermuda of citizens’ property through theft of property, dis-possession of property and adverse possession claims **

    It can’t be the Tucker’s Town issue ’cause that’s been dusted off and put to bed . It was a CPO and everyone was paid for their property . Nothing was stolen from anyone . In fact 2 different posters in the last 24 hours have said that their affected ancestors got more than what their properties were worth at the time.
    And in my opinion nothing in Walton’s motion (above) can possibly make any reference to T/T
    So is this really all about T/T ? If it is , why ?

    Oh , that’s right , the PLP love to re-write history and then try to whip ‘the masses’ into a lather.

  45. #bermylivin says:

    Those that march on Tuesday should take along their British passports and hand them in upon arrival.

    “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it” – Aristotle

    • Concerned says:

      all those that don’t agree with the PLP’s stance should march on the House requesting they not be paid for the days they decide to remain out of the House Would never vote for them NEVER

  46. campervan says:

    spent all the countries money
    Bullying gay people
    Bullying PRC
    Stomping down hard on human rights.
    Now bulling the governor.

    Its appalling.

  47. clearasmud says:

    This seems a very juvenile response and if they are truly upset about the governor’s disrespect of the house then they should be in the house asking the speaker to address the issue not marching in the streets. By not attending they are disrespecting the people who expect them to do their job!

  48. Sen. Diallo V. Rabain says:

    Interesting comments here.

    What seems to be missed is that this Motion was passed unanimously with NO ONE dissenting. So to claim the PLP passed a flawed Motion when there was not one OBA member who voted no is indeed hypocritical. The motion was passed with not one MP dissenting or voting no, so the HOUSE passed the motion, not just the PLP.

    The only vote that was called out was the motion to amend the wording. This motion was defeated and then the original motion was voted on and it was passed unanimously.

    The Governor has effectively just said and shown us that regardless of the will of the elected representatives, he will do what he wants to do. That is dangerous and should be of a concern to all of us regardless of political affiliations.

    • Sad says:

      Write a more articulate terms of engagement for the commission and resubmit.

      That’s all the Governor said to do. Are you and your colleagues not able to do so?

      • Yahoo says:

        I think we all know they are way too incompetent to draft any kind of legislation. That, and they aren’t going to re-write anything just because a white colonial told them too.

        • Ringmaster says:

          As a Senator you are unelected. So based on your own argument you should be ignored.

    • Onion says:

      Yet it’s the PLP who are acting like clowns…

    • Sandgrownan says:

      You’re being disingenuous. That’s demonstrably untrue, all you have to do is read The Governors statement.

      The standards for a “Commission” are very high for good reason, and this motion didn’t cut it. So, you can bitch and complain, go on futile grandstanding marches, or you and Walton can sit down and re-write it and re-submit it. He left that door open for you.

      So, what is it?

    • BlueFamiliar says:

      Sen Rabain, it’s regretful to read your words here as it clearly shows your misunderstanding of the Governor’s response.

      The Governor has no dog in this fight, as they say. There’s no reason why he would deny the inquiry without reason, and the reason is lack of substantive evidence.

      Just because because the house asks for something to be done, doesn’t mean that they aren’t going to be held to the expected standards.

      Please. PLEASE. Put in the effort to see that enough evidence is found so this issue can be properly revisited.

      Striking and marching on Government house will change nothing but waste time and effort that could be better spent trying to address the issue.

    • Skeptic says:

      Sorry, your last point is spinning the Governor’s thoughtful response into something different altogether. He expresses concern and leaves the door open on the issue. The Governor is bound to work within certain principles, and as a consequence he is perhaps NOT doing what he he might want to do. If the members proposing the bill did their homework, and even possibly consulted with the Governor in advance of tabling the motion, the outcome might have been different, but really what you are doing is blaming the poor workmanship of the members putting the bill forward on the Governor – that is a very poor response indeed and lowers the professional standards of those involved substantially.

    • JD says:

      Nice try Senator, you must think we’re really simple.

      What exactly would have been the consequences of any member of parliament voting against this motion?

      Tough to imagine that the PLP wouldn’t have seized a great opportunity to label someone a rascist, its what you guys do best.

      Also there is really no downside in voting for it is there, so I think the OBA decided to sidestep your clever little beartrap.

      The Governor thankfully doesn’t have to worry that much about our ridiculous political situation, so he looked at the submission and seems to have come to the conclusion that this requires some further evidence before proceeding with a Commission.

      A good place to start would be who is going to pay for it. I would propose that you start an island wide collection. If people feel strongly enough you should have no problem raising the required funds.

    • Chips Ahoy says:

      Please Senator try to get your fact right you are supposed to be representing us not just resenting us.

      There was no unamnimous vote that was untrue when your distinguished colleague said it earlier and is untrue now.

      I believe, but stand to be corrected, that the vote was 15 / 13 if I recall correctly from the vote – NOT UNANIMOUS – so please stop trying to rabble rouse and divide with your untruths.

      And if the Govenor had no right to ask for more detail why did you ask him in the first place. He has not damaged democracy in Bermuda more over he has upheld it. It is necessary to have some valid information before an enquiry is held otherwise it is wasting parlimentary time and against democracy.

      Please try harder, at least act like the representative of all your constituents that you are.

      • Sen. Diallo V. Rabain says:

        Chips Ahoy, there was a vote to amend the motion that was defeated 15 to 13. Once that happened the motion in its original form was voted on and was passed unanimously with no MPs dissenting.

        Please understand what you are referring to before commenting. I am only stating what actually happened, not what was read in the Royal Gazette.

        I am against an unelected person deciding against what an elected body unanimously voted to do. If you are fine with that, you are allowed you view.

        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          Wait I’m not elected I’m a voter did you ask if this is a matter to go to parliment on. I’m just saying voters aren’t elected and in threoy we lobby MPs whom we elected to do what we want them to do is that not correct?


        • Sandgrownan says:

          Again, you are guilty of misrepresentation. The Governor has not “gone against” the wishes of The House, what he said was, that the motion didn’t meet the high standards of detail for a Commission.

          You have two choices, go back an re-write it like an adult (perhaps even discuss in advance with him) or you can behave like children and stamp your feet and turn this into a political circus. No surprises what the PLP decided to d. It’s pathetic, will achieve nothing and makes you look stupid.

        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          Um the Govenor has released a statement and it seems as if the PLP have mislead Bermuda again.


        • Sad says:

          You’re an unelected senator.

          So why should anyone listen to you or care what you think?

  49. Double D says:

    So I am assuming that the PLP cannot formulate a rebuttal to the Governor’s comprehensive explanation..

    The next step is hyperbole overdrive and emotion tampering.

    Same PLP as always. At least you are consistent.

  50. Makai Dickerson says:

    A lot of you guy’s post on here everyday, on every political issue, under your fake names and your post are always full of hate and disdain for the PLP regardless of the topic. You call PLP members all sorts of names and disrespect their families and the people affiliated with them. In fact any black Bermudian not connected to the OBA is often met with ridicule by you all if they are to make one statement that goes against the OBA.

    This issue is about an injustice that took place. One that won the majority support in the HOA to be looked into and finally addressed, yet has been vetoed by an unelected representive of the crown whom offers very little to Bermuda and has very little to do with our day to day business. This is a slap in the face of democracy and a slap in the face of the people of Bermuda. Why go to Parliament if the decision made there is not upheld? HE should not have that power and he should know that just because he doesit doesn’t mean that he can use it to cheat us out of our rights. It will not be tolerated.

    Many black families took a huge lost due to the land deal’s that took place in this issue legal or otherwise. There should at least be an inquiry into the illegal practices that took place to bring some form of closure to the families affected. Many have suffered and been hurt by this and families destroyed. It is a sad and hurtful part of our history that has yet to be addressed.

    Most of you are always fast to tell blacks to forget about the past, move on, you say that times are different now, that race is no longer an issue, you say we can’t blame whites of today for the actions of whites of the past. Yet you sit behind your screens and ridicule us for takeing a stance and taking steps to correct past injustices, instead of showing us that times have changed and race is no longer an issue and that you are like whites of the past by standing with us regardless of political sides and fighting with us to address the wrong doings that have taken place. You should be standing up with us for democracy not sitting against us.The fact that you can’t find it in your hearts to even understand this fight against injustices shows that you are as bad and as racist as the whites of the past who commited the acts.

    • Sad says:

      Even Famous has acknowledged that white Bermudians were affected. So keep on trying.

      Tell your Party to write a more articulate scope for the Commission and go from there.

      Also, you better read your fellow PLPers post on here and elsewhere as well as the nasty things that your mates spew on Bermudas own Rush Limbaugh talk show before complaining about disrespect.

      The fact that you codons this by not condemning makes you the same type of racist that you just accused others as being.

    • WillSee says:

      Be specific,what injustice?

    • BlueFamiliar says:

      Respectfully, Mr. Dickerson, but I think you missed exactly what the Governor said. Please go back and read the release.

      He said it is a very concerning issue, just that the request wasn’t weighted by enough evidence in order to call that sort of commission, and he said he was leaving the door open for another request to be made.

      This isn’t a veto, this isn’t a slap at democracy, or at the people and families that may have been cheated back in the day.

      What he’s saying is that he’s concerned but he hasn’t been given enough to be able to call a commission. Give him something to work with.

      As a mixed race Bermudian who has experienced family property loss at the hands of a large business, I can appreciate the anger that must be felt by those who feel they have been put in the same place.

      But please, don’t make this matter something it’s not.

      The right thing to do now would be for the PLP to set up town hall meetings to bring together anyone who feels, and most specifically, has anything that could be deemed as evidence, papers or specific personal accounts, so that they can be documented and presented with another motion.

      Sadly it’s one thing to put together a non-substantiated motion and then carry on when you’re told it’s not good enough, than it is to put together a valid, supported request that could be considered and a proper inquiry held.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      You’re lying. It has not been vetoed.

      • LOL (Original TM*) says:

        Oh the Govenor has released a stateemnt just now and looks like the PLP once again are trying to mislead people of Bermuda.


    • LOL (Original TM*) says:

      Oh Makai calm down and think if you can do so but I don’t think that is the real point of this at all infact I’ll wager the only reason the PLP are on about this in the first place is because they think they can get political milage out of this. My friend I have to tell you the PLP will hurt those individuals more by these actions and this will seal the door on this forever. Just get you buddies to rewrite and submit what’s the problem? It is apparent that most people agree that this is an issue that might be worth looking at but before we spend x number of $s on this there needs to be more presented. Now as far as the issue itself is concerned are the posters that say they had family dirrectly affected by this say they were given payment at fair land prices (for back then) of paid more than the value. Are you saying they are not telling the truth? Where are the posters who’s family was “” cheated. Why do they feel cheated? Is it due to the land value today if so what should be done about that. If I sell you something and is doubles in value do I go to you to recupe the addtional value? Would the land even have the new value if they people had kept it? All the Govenor did was say he need more to go on give it to him that it.

      As far as your black and white run over is concerened I knew it was only a matter of time before one of you brought it to the debate unfortunatly most people expected that and the point was dead before you brought it up. Surely you missed the fact that whites were effected too in this land deal. The PLP again missed an opertunity to be inclusive or should I say it members missed the opertunity.

      LOL but you know I know it for a fact.

    • Anbu says:

      And what the hell fo u lot expect to gain from this. U think those tuckers town people gonna just open their pocket books and write a check? Not even close. You will get yor compensation but it will have to come from the gov kitty. So in all honesty we the regular joe who are in the same financial predicament as many will have to foot the bill for compensation. So if you all can put your head on your pillow at night and sleep comfortable knowing that we the regular people compensated you, go u. Makes me sick. And for the record makai it wasnt all blacks that had things taken from them. But we know how u are. I went school with u and i guess the old saying rings true here. Some things just never change. Keep beating that drum mate.

    • JustAskin2 says:

      Totally agree. I am of the fervent opinion that if the Civil Rights Act were repealed tomorrow, many of these ‘I’m not a racist’ racists would revert to the old Jim Crow ways instantly and with a great deal of pleasure.

      • JustAskin2 says:

        And from these comments it appears that most of these are in the OBA.

  51. fred says:

    GOOD… let’s hope they boycott Parliament indefinitely. That way the island can move on without them

  52. Curtis Richardson says:

    We need to stop marching on the grounds of the house of assembly and march on the grounds of Government House!

  53. Terry says:

    Operation Pressure.

    Wait until the BIU starts the next phase.

  54. Terry says:

    Operation Pressure Cooker.

    Wait until the BIU starts the next phase.

  55. Watcher says:

    The PLP are now so desperate for power they are willing to destabillize the country. I believe the quote goes “they would watch the country burn in order to be King of the ashes”

    Utterly disgucting behaviour and stirring up yet another constitutional crisis for their own ends.

    Mr. Bean be a leader not a petulant child, said it before will say it again he couldn’t run a bar, how in gods name is he supposed to run a country.

  56. fred says:

    WHahhh… I want it my way. Look the initial statement was that they ‘asked’ the governor to consider this motion. He did that and decided to deny it. So now what? we’re going to stomp our feet, hold out our bottom lips and won’t play any more.. ?

    • Sandgrownan says:

      That’s exactly what they are doing. Meanwhile, in The House, adults are getting business done.

  57. MisterMan311 says:

    The Governor wants Parliament to clarify what they say should be inquired into! Is that so unreasonable? Instead of boycotting, get back in there and table a properly drafted motion and follow the process! Don’t throw your toys out of the pram at the first hurdle. JEEZ! If the Speaker had any respect for the process as well he would hold them all in contempt. This is not a legitimate reason to “abstain” from the people’s business.

  58. Poor guy says:

    The PLP’s thirst for power will be their undoing.

  59. Wise says:

    I swear to God that you could not TRY to look and sound as STUPID as the PLP have over the last 16 years.


    It HAS to be a joke! Surely the PLP is some reality show meant to look like a bunch of festering racist morons!

  60. Steve Davis says:

    Dr. Brown is a member of Mid Ocean Club. Ohh the irony!

    Somebody drug test Bean! His crusades are about the sink this nation. As a Bermudian, I love my nation but part of me wants to pack up and leave, take my money and my business elsewhere.

    Maybe if the PLP succeed in chasing every OBA voter, PRC holder and expat out of f this Island they can sit and be happy in their Utopia. Which will undoubtedly involve an independent, communist Bermuda where only black people are welcome.

    • el says:

      Dr. Brown is no longer in the house, does not matter— @Steve Davies, and we are not a nation. The only love we need is right knowledge…

    • george richardson says:

      Leave then. Do your own self a fantastic favour.

  61. nuffin but the truth says:

    Hopefully the British will order the Governor to take over and DISBAND this group of fools and have everyone of them Investigated!

    The plp are nothing but a group of people hell bent on causing havoc to Bermuda.

  62. Bermuda Young Voting Block says:

    looking very out of touch with the difficult IMMEDIATE issues confronting to country.

    Young voters have to look to the future as we will be inheriting what the past and current leaders leave us.

    Will you all please begin to focus on the issues that can potentially cripple this country and place us in a position that we won’t be able to recover from? Debt, jobs, human rights.

    These are the issues that we are interetsed in hearing about at this point.

    Are you not dealing with these because you don’t have a plan of idea of how to address them???

    Yound voters have a wider world view and we demand the same from Bermuda’s politicaisn and leaders.

    Have a blessed day.

  63. John E. Thorne says:

    I am embarrassed to admit that I voted for the PLP in 1998 and was one of the happiest people in Bermuda the night that they won. Today I am appalled that they will do whatever that they can to bring Bermuda to its knees not for the good of Bermuda or its people but for the sole purpose of getting their party reelected. The PLP has lost its way in the last six years or more and they do not care about anything other than their party. If they were truly concerned about this issue why didn’t they bring it up during the 14 years they were in power? Can any of their loyal supporters answer that question? I think the House of Assembly should ask the Governor to hold a Commission of Inquiry into the so called Loyal Opposition which does not have Bermuda’s best interests at heart and by not being present in the House of Assembly are not representing their constituents which they promised to do and are being paid to do. The children where my granddaughter goes to nursery are better behaved than the PLP MP’s who have picked up their marbles and gone home to sulk! Shame on all of you! What a great example you are setting for the rest of us!

    • Luke says:

      The potential investers who were thinking of coming to Bermuda must be having a rethink…..thanks Mark Bean, Walton Brown,and all of you loosers in the PLP. Bermudians do not let these no income fools dictate to you.

    • Loving Togetherness says:

      John Thorne, you are not embarrassed as you never voted PLP in your life, So stop with the false tales. The reality is you should be embarrassed because of the wrong actions of this Governor and Government, But seems like you never understand anyway.

  64. aceboy says:

    The motion was badly worded and vague….just like all of the PLP legislation has been.

  65. Chips Ahoy says:

    Not a unanimous vote.
    Not a veto of an enquiry just a lack of information from the opposition.
    Not an issue.
    Let’s hope it is not another embarassing march.

  66. Poor guy says:

    Young voters,the PLP want to keep you out of work.

  67. Jay Maloy says:

    Who cares if the PLP boycott parliament. By creating drama over a non-issue again, they are just reminding everyone why they voted for the OBA.

    No one cares about the petty drama from the party who screwed Bermuda over with corruption over 20 years.

    “The actions of the unelected governor” – He’s not supposed to be elected. He represents what is in the best interest of The Crown. The Crown doesn’t care if a bunch of losers who lost their election due to bad governance want a new governor.

    The PLP ministers are only upset because they got used to lining their pockets over the years and now they are no longer in a position to do so. So they try to rile people up with every non-issue they can find.


  68. Sara says:

    Wow, why didn’t they do this when they were the leading party? It is obvious to me with all the bickering over literally everything that our politicians aren’t in the business of helping Bermuda and Bermudians. So much wasted time its pathetic.

  69. James Herald says:

    So are they still moaning about PRC’s or has the focus completely shifted to imaginary thefts now?

    Either way it is embarrassing to hear the actual leader of a political party to say these words in a public news conference:

    “My Momma told me…….”

    People outside of Bermuda might hear this.

    • hmmm says:

      Only 80 people showed up to the last meeting…usual suspects making up a number of the attendees.

      They lost momentum on that. It turned into a hate fueling session.


  70. ghettoliving says:

    All you people sound retarded none of us saw the document we don’t know if it was properly written or not, however the fact that it was dismissed. Then told to be brought with more clarification sounds like just an excuse not to push it further. The fact that everyone buys this excuse is absurd! It took quite along time for them to address the issue you say? Why didn’t they bring it up when they was in power? Maybe because they was working to get all the information the Governor now has dismissed!

    Id be curious to read this document to find out why exactly the Governor felt it wasn’t presented properly because I know for a fact a few families where interviewed and had given supported documentation.

    Maybe their decision to boycott is childish but give them the credit that in doing so they feel it is right and justified.

    Have several seat!!! >>>> Blacks against blacks always quick to tear each other down. All you people are the reason we still are being put in the categories of racial divide sip some tea!!!

    • Chaos Theory says:

      I would hazzard a guess that the only thing that was presented to the Governor was the motion of the House of Assembly, with no supporting documentation.

      All that sort of documentation would be submitted to the COI, not to the Governor.

      But I guess we are all somehow “retarded” – nice !

      • hmmm says:

        Release the motion, I want to see the quality of the PLP’s work.

    • BlueFamiliar says:

      I think people are just really tired of striking being the first go to response when something doesn’t go their way.

      Plus, boycotting the House because of the Governor’s response makes no sense. Why not put the protest in the House and go about the rest of the day’s work. Nothing would stop them from calling for a recall of the Governor, nor setting up a march on Government house.

      This is, sadly, another knee jerk reaction instead of a well thought out response, which has become a trademark of the PLP. People want better from them.

      Plus, how hard would it be to ask the Governor for clarification?

      Overreaction is as bad as, if not worse than, inaction.

      • PBanks says:

        Everybody wants to wildcat strike, it seems

  71. Starting point says:

    Irony is that if (it won’t) was decided to make financial reparations to the displaced families the following would occur:

    Bermudians would be furious that some Bermudians are receiving financial benefit when they are not and would turn on those who are
    Bermudians would be even more furious that some white Bermudians are getting financial benefit for what is (incorrectly) considered to be a racial issue.
    We all will be furious when we realize that we are paying the payouts through taxes, the money can not come from any other source than taxes.
    EB’s head might explode when Jim Butterfield is given financial restitution for his business being stolen
    Due to a statue of limitations there can be no criminal accounts for the tuckers town, airport land but Jim B would have a case against the former PLP government.

    That last point alone is enough for me to vote for an inquiry lol

    • Toodle-oo says:

      While I appreciate the references to the Bda Cement Co because that was unquestionably a politically motivated hostile , and probably unlawful , takeover I’m not sure who you’re referring to as ‘displaced families’ in the following …

      *Irony is that if (it won’t) was decided to make financial reparations to the displaced families *

      What ‘displaced families ?’ The Tucker’s Town issue is put to bed . The families were PAID for their property , and as has already been mentioned , more than the then going rate .

      But I would like to see the people who actually had their property stolen from them made whole again .

  72. Trevor E. Woolridge says:

    July 11, 2014
    On Independence Day, July 4th, 2014, here in the United States of America I celebrated the 238th anniversary of America’s determining their destiny without Great Britain. On this same day I was celebrating a major victory in Bermuda as Progressive Labour Party Member of Parliament Walton Brown masterfully led the PLP to a stunning political victory over the OBA Government. Finally Parliament authorized that the Governor of Bermuda be ask to set up a Commission of Inquiry into yesteryears practices of “stealing” land from Bermudians. Surely, no one was surprised by the Governor’s response.
    What the PLP had successfully done was cause the Governor to be exposed and no longer hide behind the Hibiscus hedge. Just because he is no longer a member of the Mid Ocean Club does not change his thinking. The PLP had the OBA and the Governor on the “back foot.” The PLP was bowling line and length and there was no way for the Governor or the OBA to win this “Political Cup Match.” So what did the PLP do today? Changed bowling. Are you kidding me? Now you want to boycott Parliament until the Governor is recalled? Respectfully, that is the wrong strategy. That is the same as asking St. George’s or Somerset to win Cup Match by not playing the game. You have to be in the game to win. Even if Somerset plays, St. George’s will win.
    I reference “Political Cup Match” because we are on the eve of the annual celebration of the emancipation of all who had been enslaved in our island home. All who had had their rights and freedoms denied by the local masters, land-owners and Colonial Masters and powers.
    Fast forward to today and I must observe that once again it would appear that the more things change the more they remain the same. The current Premier is representative of the old landed gentry and the Governor represents the Colonial powers that sit in White Hall – and control our destiny and limited democracy.
    I note limited democracy because no man or people can be free if the will of their duly elected Parliament can be frustrated and denied by another Parliament that resides and deliberates thousands of miles away. There is no such thing as being ‘half free’
    So what should the PLP do next?
    A better strategy I respectfully submit is: every piece of legislation debated in Parliament from this day forth, you make it or relate it to the Commission of Inquiry, property rights, home and land ownership, Bermudian Status, or citizenship. Keep the matter before the Bermudian people, reminding them of their colonial status and how White Hall makes the decisions, not the House of Assembly.
    Should the powers that be make it difficult for you to continue the fight for the people within parliament; then, take a page out of history and hold the parliamentary business of the people outside of parliament!
    I urge Mr. Walton Brown, MP to revisit the debate of Parliament led by Dr. E.F. Gordon, MCP, which led to his changing his name. Finally, honorable members of Parliament who sit under the banner of the PLP, go to Alaska Hall, sit quietly in the room where the portraits of our Founders hang and let them speak to you.
    We must remain current, yet there is wisdom from yesteryear that we must adhere too for the benefit of Bermuda and the success of the PLP.

    On a Parliamentary occasion and moment not unlike this – many, many years ago … the respect of an elected honourable member and gentleman was ignored by the powers that existed at the time. The member who felt that the existing oligarchy had intentionally both ignored and dishonoured him acted, in a manner reminiscent as how the Honourable Mr. Walton Brown, MP has skilfully used ‘House rules today’ to forge a legitimate parliamentary conclusion which the Governor has chosen to frustrate – if not outright ignore.
    On 22 June 1947,[13] in protest at the fact that his fellow parliamentarians persistently refused to address him by his correct title, and that a Bermuda newspaper prefixed “Mr.” to the names of white members of Bermuda’s Parliament (second oldest in the world), but called him simply Gordon,[13] he announced that henceforth he was to be known by the African name of Mazumbo, with no prefix.[3] His notice to this effect in The Royal Gazette read:
    “I, Edgar Fitzgerald Gordon, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery of Edinburgh University, President General of the Bermuda Industrial Union, President of the Progressive Bermuda League and Member of Parliament for St. George’s, hereby declare that from henceforth I shall be known as Mazumbo.”
    He gave as explanation: “The name Gordon, which I inherited, reminds me very painfully that some Scotsman in some other age compelled a grandmother of mine to submit to his desires. In Bermuda I am black and treated as Bermuda treats the black people.[14] So I want to be called by a name that belongs to my race and requires no prefix.” He was further quoted as saying that he had taken his new name from “a famous West African chieftain, who had once been received by Queen Victoria”.[15]
    As a Member of the Colonial Parliament (MCP), Gordon was a fiery and sometimes controversial orator.
    [3] According to Hodgson, Gordon’s “dramatic personality, his drive, and his unabashed theatricals had done what no one else either could do, or chose to do. He had alerted the Negro masses, he had given expression to their unvoiced despair and anger, often his words had given shape and form to emotions which they themselves could hardly define.”[17]

    The opportunity for the PLP to demonstrate to Bermuda they are worthy of being the servant leaders of the country again is NOW. Don’t blow it because of egos or short sighted political goals. Remember in the last election, 3000 people stayed home and you lost by 15 votes. The Government is there for the taking, now go and take it. Show Bermuda what the PLP is made of. Competent, determined and able persons who know how to lead and do what is right and best for Bermuda.
    Rev. Trevor E. Woolridge

    • James Herald says:

      All this from the person who saw two planes in the sky at once and said that Bermuda’s airways were overcrowded.

      All this from the person whose off the job down at the beach activities provided a great deal of entertainment for all of us here in Bermuda – right before he was masterfully whisked away in an instant.

      Thank you sir for providing me with my Friday laugh.

      • Ringmaster says:

        Dr. E F Gordon. Was he a true born Bermudian? Or was he, dare I say it, a PRC who gained status?
        Not disparaging what he achieved and the contribution to the betterment of Bermuda, but let’s keep true to the PLP’s current arguments.

    • el says:

      why isn’t the hospital ward called “Mazumbo” as he requested? we should not have an E.F Gordon ward. also America does not determine their destiny without Great Britian, believe it or not! throwing some tea overboard disguised as indians and making a declaration does not change the Constitution, and especially article 6 of the Constitution written by the “Moors” forefathers, for the Moors is still relevant today, and they are still trying to usurp the Constitution for that reason particulary, acting as though they do not have to act constitutionally because people are not aware of the article and what it means,.The edomites are at the usual worst behavour.Lots of celebrations in america have to do with defeating “blacks” , nothing for us to celebrate yet!

  73. Nonsense says:

    Thanks mark and crew for getting negative attention on us yet again. I’m sure the Americas Cup people are watching our island closely. If we don’t get it, and the huge income it brings we should all march on your house.

    • outkasted says:

      You all really don’t think the Americas Cup is coming here…

      • Gotham says:

        Sadly not, because of these jerks who only care about getting their sinecures back.

  74. cj says:

    Betty, the PLP are standing up for “our” people and not the people of Bermuda. There is a huge difference.

  75. James Herald says:

    I wish someone would come and cheat my out of my property by giving me two to three times what its really worth.

  76. Ghetto living says:

    We’ll if it was provided to the COI what does the governor need? See I call bullshixt he has all the supporting documents!!

  77. Poor guy says:

    The PLP are attempting to embarrass the Governor.
    We Bermudians are not stupid enough to fall for the Opposition’s antics as they try anything to get in power so they can rip us off again.

  78. LOL (Original TM*) says:

    The Govenor relased a statement just now and all the PLP people have been once again misleading Bermuda.


  79. JC says:

    The Progressive Labour Party is a total embarrassment. They are totally unable to talk things through and have to have these silly marches. So what if a thousand people march? That’s a small percentage of our population. They expect the rest of us to show them respect, yet they don’t respect us, the silent majority.

    • March says:

      Time for the silent majority to be vocal now! enough is enough!!!

  80. March says:

    we all that re fed yup with all this drama should march the same time as them to show PLP that they are not fooling anyone. Enough is enough, time to get this island back on track!

    Who want to help me organize this?

    • Justice! says:


      I encourage you to come on out with your group and march beside the PLP and see how far you get.

  81. Ringmaster says:

    Was today the first day of random drug testing in The House?

  82. PLP and PLP mp’s You are a joke. You will stand at nothing to finnish he island off completely and forever. Do you lot even think for a minute your charades go un noticed in the world view. Do you lot look to see how childish your politicking looks> YOU DO NOT REPRESENT me and you don’t know what party I vote for or my race or religion.

  83. Mark says:

    Guess that ganga life is showing it’s true effects now. Bean couldn’t lead his way out of a one way exit.

  84. Infidelguy says:

    The Governor stated that ‘although the debate had raised “serious concerns”, they were not clear enough or urgent enough to warrant a Commission of Inquiry.’

    Not clear enough??? Not urgent enough???

    This is exactly the kind of demeaning response that blacks in this country have been receiving from imperialists like yourself for far too long.

    When will it become “urgent enough” Mr. Ferguson? When we have people taking to the streets in violent protest?

    I think the concerns of the people in this country have been made crystal clear over and over again…for decades!

    You ignore the concerns of the majority at the peril of everyone in this country Mr. Ferguson. If there is further social backlash I will consider you personally responsible because of the irresponsible decision that you have made.

    • Peace says:

      This is the type of comment I dread to see. Please don’t put a label like this on someone so hastily.

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      Well said @ Infidelguy, I must say I agree with you on the key points you made.

  85. Alvin Williams says:

    Although they are loath to state this out right but there has always been an under ground feeling that Bermuda is British because a British captain wreck his boat on the rocks at the East End. But I say Bermuda is not the Falkland islands. Those who consider that Bermuda will remain British for ever have their Ancestors to blame. for in their greed and their inhumanity they brought my African forbearer here as slaves. further to that they took native American warriors off the battlefields of what later would become the original thirteen colonies on the East coast of America and intern them here as prisoners of war and later slaves. When they did that they changed the destiny of Bermuda; for in the end we will become an independent Bermudian nation in our own right; of that I am sure.

  86. wondering says:

    History repeats itself…..

    UBP boycott in 2000

  87. James Herald says:

    So if all this stuff about Bermuda Government stealing Tuckers Town from blacks in the 1920′s is true, and people have been angry about it ever since, then how come the PLP did absolutely zero about it between 1998 and 2012?

    I am still angry about who ever stole my cassette recorder on the beach around 1971. If I knew who it was you can bet I’d be after him. But PLP seemingly did nothing while they were in power for 14 years – even though the old white establishment was completely under their thumb.

    Now it is just another embarrassment. PLP, a once great party – now in the throws of death.

    They are alienating any future voter, as well as those who were uneducated and uninformed enough to vote for them in the first place.

    • Dirt Bowl says:

      because they don’t care about the missing millions that got us into debt. they care for NO ONE but themselves

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Your cassette recorder was indeed stolen from you . It was taken by persons unknown and you got nothing for it .

      The people of T/T (whites as well as blacks) were paid for their property so let there be no confusion . Nothing was ‘stolen’ in that instance.

      It never ceases to amaze me how many people don’t understand that.
      All this is , and continues to be , is an exercise in emotional wind up with a certain hoped for end result.

      • Loving Togetherness says:

        Maybe Mr. James Herald. If you would take some time and do research on this History of Tucker’s Town and other places in Bermuda were injustice was done, you might learn the real history for a change. based upon your comments, it is clear you do not have any real knowledge of the FACTS. My family history was taught to me over the years from one generation to another. So I know that the history of Tucker’s Town is REAL and TRUE. But I understand you and others needs to deny it, as it your way of protecting what your ancestors gained from the land stolen years ago.

  88. Alvin Williams says:

    The current governor is now seen to be back tracking on his original statement; claiming he did not mean that there will be no enquiry on land seizures and force annexations? But I know exactly what happen; the minute he step off that British Airways flight; White Hall jump right on his back; they wanted to know why the natives are so restless in what remains of the British empire; the so-called jewel of the crown Bermuda and why the Bermudian natives are threatening to march on government house pitch-forks in hand. On that day we should call the world’s news media and than what the British and their loyalists in Bermuda will do? especially as the British are already nervous at the prospect that Scotland may vote for independence come the September referendum. It was once said that the sun never sets on the British Empire something they never cease telling us while we where in school; but today the sun has not only set; it no longer rises.

    • Pi** Ant says:

      Please learn to type proper English ( isn’t that a bad word). Do you know how to, or what proof reading is?

    • Ringmaster says:

      The Governor’s response today was for the benefit of those who didn’t read, or failed to understand, or didn’t want to understand what he said in his statement. His statement very clear and evident. The Motion as presented was so vague to be useless, but the Governor as a Diplomat, worded his response in diplomatic terms. The PLP of course didn’t want to know because it doesn’t fit in with their master plan.

    • truth be told says:

      stop telling lies

    • Build a Better Bermuda says:

      Apparently you were among those who didn’t bother reading his letter fully, he always left the door open for a commission, he just requested that a better motion be put together. One with more specifics on the cases for the commission to explore, one with specifics as to how it can be acceptably funded. Instead, the PLP has taken this as another attempt to further divide and conquer our country to further their own benefit.

      Right now, the people seek a better future, it would be an injustice to that future to utilize what few resources we currently have on the past. When these dark times pass, we can have a commission, but right now we need to provide for our children’s future.

      The trouble the PLP has always had is that they are stuck looking at the past, that is why we are in the such the state we are in today and why they are still unfit to lead us to the future.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Alvin, you are a liar.

    • thank you for your opinion says:

      This sentiment is sad–not progessive and very retro thinking.

      The statement was clear and supportive—why the oppostion wished to leverage this is beyond lucid belief when they had 14 years to advance this cause.

      We need a new opposition one that can deal with the issues of the country–not one that looks in the rear view mirror and stokes the embers when they realize their grip on solutions for the present and future is rapidly slipping.

    • Pastor Syl says:

      Alvin, the governor didn’t back track, he restated and clarified. Clearly, you either didn’t read his original statement, or you didn’t understand it. He said several times that he would be willing to reconsider if evidence was forthcoming.

      Personally, I blame the RG headline. If that was all people read (always an error) they would have been quite misled. They needed at the very least, to have included the words “as it stands.”

    • Simba says:


  89. Alvin Williams says:

    The last time there was a march on government house it was a white protest aim at getting the British to stop the PLP from passing the law which provided for single-seat constituencies. I was up there that day; I took pictures. They were in the government house main hall chanting- referendum’ referendum’. They wanted a referendum not to reinforce a true democratic system in Bermuda; but so that they can vote against it. Let’s see if the police will be up there to block this march on government house; an action they did not take when white Bermuda march on government house.

    • Creamy says:

      Lies Alvin. There was no march on government house. Total complete utter lies.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Alvin, you are lying again

      • Loving Togetherness says:

        Mr. Williams is telling the truth here boys. Sorry, but history is recorded on this one. No need for him to make up a story or tell false story. Bermuda history is recorded, despite it not being taught as it should to our children. There are pictures and records of this march. I think if your memory is short, I too and many others can recall such an event. Mr. Williams is one for keep history records, and seldom does he share something without an ability to back it up. I think you boys need to do some work and study Bermuda history in full contexts.

  90. Fixin to leave says:

    What saddens me the most about the politics of a country of 24 square miles is the lack of vision, integrity and wisdom of our current members of parliament. I have yet to hear , and I am listening, a solid solution to our current economic and social ills. Colourful speeches and name calling can get pretty old pretty fast when you watch aspects of Bermuda life fall apart and splinter because of the inflammatory words and actions of a handful of people. It’s really sad. I really don’t understand how or why certain practices were / are acceptable under the PLP and are not acceptable under OBA? For instance, I really don’t understand why under the PLP, it’s was acceptable to buy PRC’s and today it’s not. And that’s just one example. I don’t understand and surely I am not alone. I ‘m tired of the idiotic rhetoric from both sides. I feel that the people of Bermuda should rise up and have them ALL removed / recalled from Parliament. Enough is enough…… Start fresh with elections in each constituent. Rule number 1: you must live in the constituency you represent. Tired of the Mickey Mouse politics ending in Sesame Street results.

    • Loving Togetherness says:

      Yes your correct the OBA have FAILED to provide us with a strong and solid solutions to our current Economic and Social ills. I think they have failed Bermuda in this regards. Still today there is no plan coming from the OBA.

  91. Say it aint so says:

    Eminent Domain happens every day, all over the world. Why are these fools calling a race card? Why are they so stupid???

  92. Mark says:

    Alvin, I’d rather be linked to Britain then become some third world backwater country under the likes of Bean and his puppet-masters!

  93. Coffee says:

    After reading many of the nonsensical and foolish post by the OBA mud slingers , the governor is correct in believing that in the land of the blind , the one eyed man is king !

  94. Peace says:

    Most of Bermuda would like the government to be focused on the main issues, like creating jobs. There are far more pressing matters, and for the PLP to try and force the governor to resign and DESTABILIZE things even more is just not right.

    Democracy is great because it reduces power concentration. Anywhere in the world where there is high power concentration, there is corruption. The governor‘s job is to be a POWER CHECK, so to say it is anti-democratic is naïve. Look at what happened in Turks and Caicos, where the corruption became rampant and the governor put his foot down.

    We need two parties right now to be sitting down and thinking of what we can do for this great community. The PLP lost, and they should have been trying to figure out why, instead of trying to win points by attacking their opposition. Debates only determine who is best at arguing their point, dialog is what is needed right now.

  95. Bda diva says:

    Was there a referendum I missed. The will of “the people”??? Pretty presumptuous if you ask me.

  96. trulytruly says:

    Walton is pissed, because if they were to go back with a re-drafted Motion it will not pass, as the OBA will have all their MP’s in the House and the Motion will fail. This theatrics is all the PLP has now. Walton thinks he is so clever, but he is relatively new to the House and he has much to learn.

  97. TSOL says:

    This is all just posturing by the PLP, they’ve been doing it since December 18th 2012. They basically act as if they still have political power, because they can’t afford to look weak to their base who see the OBA, the Governor, Britain, etc as evil YT. Its all hot air, alot of the recent posts by PLP supporters seem to be bringing independence into conversation. The PLP couldn’t get the votes for independence at the height of their power, or they would have called a referendum.

    Oh and Alvin, lets not forget the black Africans who captured their fellow Africans, torn them away from their families and sold them to Europeans for a tidy profit. In fact today 1 in every 140 people in Sub Saharan Africa is a slave. But you don’t care because you can get no political leverage from it against white Bermudians.

  98. James Herald says:

    What next? Is PLP going to march because the tide comes in, or because there isn’t enough air? Or that PRC’s are breathing? Or that expats should obtain permission to breathe?

    Walton, Bean and the rest: Stop embarrassing yourselves. You are beyond pathetic. I’m embarrassed to even know you. Have you no shame?

    Only the most uninformed, ignorant, sheltered of people could ever possibly still believe in your view for Bermuda.

    PLP – Pot Loving Party (its the only possible explanation).

    • Loving Togetherness says:

      @James, Please stop with spreading lies and mis-truths. The real history is there for you to research and read. Many families were displaced and lost land in Tuckers Town and other parts of Bermuda. This history was not limited only to Tuckers Town. I only ask that you be honest. There are many history facts for you to read as well as talk to folks who have recorded their family history. Lets me honest and fair to those families who have lost so much. Today they only seeking justice. There is no limitations on when one should receive Justice.

      You seem to be embarrassing yourself by denying a people fair Justice, and making it appear as if these past historical events never did take place. It is shameful when folks like you act in such a bad manner.

      I hope that the PLP continue to stand strong on this issue, it will hopefully address the past injustice that was done to many people.

      Either you believe in justice or you do not. But if not I can see your will to protect your own interest only.

  99. truth be told says:

    as I write this there are nearly 300 comments,most of them laughing at the stupid antics of the plp today.
    These are the people that want to be a Government of Bermuda.

    • Bullseye says:

      That’s the truth. Everyone is laughing at the PLP right now. The select few that shout the loudest in their defense are just so few. Everything is theatrical and without substance. They fight for reasonable doubt instead of burden of truth. It is hurting them and the country. What is the point?

  100. Need Peace says:

    What bothers me is what the Governor did not say! We all know it to be true. Been there done that! I truly wonder if all the ancestors of land owners from Tucker’s Town were to return and reclaim their land when the man of the new claimed land is not at home and forcible removes all of the occupants. When he returns after a long hard day at work and finds his family, and all of the contents of his house gone. He then is forced off off his land which he has deeds for. Today that would be total injustice. All you bloggers would lose your minds! Guess what? It did happen. If you wish to continue to believe that the land was sold, then you will also believe that the Governor even if he’s provided with “additional information” will address this issue. How many times can you try to fool? We don’t trust that it would be different. We don’t have anything to compare it to.

    You all mock and ridicule us blacks but you couldn’t walk a mile in our shoes. It was years ago you say. It was a small issue. Tell me this, how would you fair if you witnessed the genocide of your race? People just want to believe it was just the Jews. It was Negroes as well. Who was not killed was enslaved for years. Beaten, hanged, raped,and impregnated. You make it through. Purchased land to raise your family only to come home to find it gone!

    We don’t want or need your pity! After all of that, we can still have you as friends but you continue to hate us. Forever trying to destroy us. We still rise and I believe that is what you fear.

    We will march until the cows come home. We will fight now cause we have a stronger people. People that finally believe in themselves and fight for what they deserve. We are not cowards. We don’t need to be the government of the day to let our voices be heard. During the PLP reign of terror ( most of you claim) where were all of these same blogs? Home in your kitchens whispering about it? Smh! Where was your useless OBA government?

    You be the crash dummies for your Party! We will stand up to any government that doesn’t treat us right, started from the PLP government. This government is not right and is playing the people. Speaking of passing Bills that will take us forward? How about the Bill that passed on vehicle impounding? How pray tell is that moving us forward? How does that help us? Please someone answer that question? I’ll wait! Be mindful of all the Bills getting passed and see if they are our way forward. None so far.

    This government lacks vision for its people to its detriment and doesn’t have a clue about moving forward. Personal gain is the way forward for them. Pay attention!

    • James Herald says:

      Need Peace: Several Tuckers Town descendants have actually come forward to confirm that they were paid well for their land. Now ask yourself why would they ever lie about this?

      Can you please explain?

      Seriously though, the fairy tail that many of you try your best to keep alive – is slowly dying.

      The land was NOT stolen. The sooner you stop lying about this, the sooner we can get back to Bermuda’s business.

      Time to make up a new fairytale. Perhaps that our roofs are painted white as a sign of racism – yeah thats a good one!

      • BETTTY TRUMP says:

        That is a lie @James Herald …if it was true, list those families names. Many have been frighten to even speak of the injustice for years, because of the way in which their ancestors were treated.

        The other challenge is when presented with facts, folks like you and others even reject it. So lets not spread mis-truths if you do not have the full historical facts. Recall, this did not only take place in Tucker’s Town but in other parts of Bermuda as well. So others also have much to tell and seek Justice for.

        If a family is FORCED to GIVE UP their land…it can be told said that it was indeed STOLEN. THIS is something that you and others of White Privilege would love to dismiss as to protect your own interest.

        Go do some research on Tucker’s Town, and maybe you will learnt more. Or maybe for you and folks like you, it scares the heck out of you to be faced with the crimes of yesterday.

        • Toodle-oo says:

          *If a family is FORCED to GIVE UP their land…it can be told said that it was indeed STOLEN.*

          Betty , please get it right once and for all . (and the others too)

          These people may have (no doubt did) begrudgingly gave up their property but it was NOT stolen from them.

          If it had been stolen they would not have gotten any $$ for it at all . Capice ??

          And please give it up with the inciteful ‘white privilege’ cr@p . Didn’t you once profess to be a white person yourself ? Why don’t you volunteer to be the first person to come out of your own guilty conscience pocket and make the first ‘reparation’ ?

          And please don’t tell me (or anyone else) in your own phony way that you love us .

          • BETTTY TRUMP says:


            The stolen land was forced upon a disfranchised people by means of ….what some say bribery and other illegal or at least immoral tactics were used to take persons land from them. Some were offered small monies in exchange, but never the full worth of their land value.

            What part are you having difficulty with? Do you not follow recent events in other countries were similar events took place and today many sort back restitutions? I know your smarter than a kindergarten student to understand that, or is that your willing to deny it happen, rather than face the facts? It seems your wishing this part of our sad history would remain buried and that the Opposition would have never awaken this “Sleeping Giant of History”.

            This has been recorded over and over in Bermuda’s history. There are records in the Government Archives. Go take some time and do some research as I have done. It is REAL, as REAL as can be. Seems like your suffering from “OBAubp DENIAL SYNDROME”, guess it helps you not to accept the truth.

            YES, I am of Mixed Race, and if you know how that happen..but look more white than ever, and I am proud….I am sure you would than know our History. Land was stolen from people, it impacted the Black families to a much higher degree than the white families. Stop attempting to bury the truth as it hurting you to admit the truth. Bermuda must face this HUGE Issue and address it sooner, rather than later….

            “No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” ~ Nelson Mandela from Long Walk to Freedom, 1994….. That is why I love you !! IT is real…may not agree with you, but still love you….

        • Creamy says:

          Landowners the world over have had to give up property due to compulsory purchases by governments. It’s almost always involuntary. It’s commonplace. It happens all the time.
          You need to get over your stupidity Betty.

          • BETTTY TRUMP says:

            “The wise are instructed by reason, average minds by experience, the stupid by necessity and the brute by instinct.”
            Marcus Tullius Cicero

            I will therefore stand on the grounds of Justice any day over ignorance of fear.

    • Peace says:

      What an extreme viewpoint. Don’t you think you are jumping to conclusions? The aim of the PLP seems to be to cause a divide, it has been that way for some time now.

    • DAMN SHAME says:

      I couldn’t walk a mile in your shoes because I wear shoes that are much more comfortable.

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      Thanks for that brilliant comment @Need Peace. Keep pushing your perspective out there. You have hit a real nerve with many. Well Said !!

  101. Great says:

    Not like they were doing anything constructive anyway. Oh well.

  102. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    @Sen. Diallo V Rabain…

    I met an entrepreneur yesterday who told me a very interesting story. Ten years ago he applied for a student visa to study in the UK as he had been accepted at three UK universities, Nottingham, Exeter and Essex, but was turned down by British immigration with three reasons: 1) he did not qualify for the programme although he was accepted into the master’s programme as a full-time student by each university (and granted a part scholarship by each university), and in addition a Caribbean grant; 2) the part scholarship by the university and the Caribbean grant were deemed insufficient funds; and 3) British immigration then reasoned based upon the first two reasons, that he may have to rely upon British student funding and that would be unacceptable; student visa denied.

    This gentlemen turned disappointment into opportunity and applied to a university in Japan, he was accepted and graduated with an MBA and he is fluent in Japanese. Whilst there he won young entrepreneur of the year and opened his own business in Japan.

    But he did not stop there, he applied to a German university, was accepted and graduated with a master’s in informatics (the study of information systems and their applications) and he is fluent in German.

    He speaks fluent english, german and japanese and he reads and can follow conversations in spanish. Not bad for individual who was outright denied a British student visa to study for his master’s degree.

    What does this have to do with the above article? The reasons by the Governor may need to be reviewed by a higher authority. Just because the Governor stated his reasons does not mean that his decision is correct and/or final.

    Remember, the OBA challenged his decision and came to London seeking to have him change it regarding the appointment of a female DPP. Ex-premier Cannonier and former AG, Mark Pettigill, came to London seeking an audience with the British Foreign Office on that issue. his appointments may not be interferred with, but his decision on a motion cannot be seen as arbitary.

    In my humble opinion, the Governor’s decision is subject to an overview and comparison in its legal, diplomatic and international affairs context by the British Foreign Office. Moreover, the ultimate swiftness of his decision vis a vis his recusal of his ‘honourary membership’ at Mid-Ocean Club on a motion from the House of Parliament is quite troubling. His reasons that he leaves the door open as he swiftly closes it? In other words, he reasons that there is little to no substance to the claim of the motion (my paraphase), yet he is prepared to revisit it? Would that be with equal swiftness and dismissiveness? There can be steps taken by the Governor to explore and/or remedy the issue of evidence needed. Why has he not made a concerted effort to extend and employ a more dedicated will on this motion?

    London, England

  103. X man says:

    As I predicted just after the OBA won the election but it’s s going to be a Political Firestorm and Two Party War
    rught up to the next election.
    Both Partys desperately want the power so I expect to see more and more Political wrangling.
    It appears that such words as ECONOMY, TOURISM, NATIONAL DEBT, UNEMPLOYMENT don’t seem to be on
    the Political radar no more.– it’s gone to the far from the most important issues.- and Trust me the PLP truly feel there right
    and the OBA think there right.——– the common Man in the center of the mess

  104. MB says:

    WHY did PLP never bring this motion when they were in government … they had years to do it?
    All the Guv said was bring me more information and I will reconsider.
    WHY did PL-hy-P-ocritical never bring an independence vote if they don’t want a governor?

    Am I missing something here – Betty – telling people to hold government accountable? When did you ever do that?

    What we had with OBA’s election is mature democracy – where people held PLP accountable – rather than being a mature opposition we now have a party intent on destabilizing an entire country and if the PLP want to now fight for independence they are going to be in opposition a long time. Amazing how now they are for independence but never stood up for it while government. Ewart Brown was the only one who pushed it.

    The real estate market has already refrozen – and if Dunkerly doesn’t get a grip soon and calm the hate speech flying around, forget about any foreign investment or Newport – this is the last thing they want to read about- planning a sailing race in a country where politicians are at war with each other??So sad.I read a prolific blogger call herself a “struggling black woman” – LMAO – nobody in this privileged country understands struggling – what an insult to those who really struggle – we are not even third world – YET. Sad state of affairs and Bean’s stand is not reality in Bermuda. We are one island, one community and all get a pay check from IB. Bean and company’s sour grapes will drag us back into depression.

    • Loving Togetherness says:

      Bettty is 100% correct. Fighting for Justice is never easy. Many will fight against it, while others will stand with it. I hope many do stand with the Opposition to fight this grace injustice.

      Never is never an expiry date on injustice!!

  105. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:


  106. Poor guy says:

    Hopefully the PLP will not show up at The House and the govt will pass legislation to get us Bermudians back to work.

    • Tolerate says:

      Hopefully???? Don’t count on it. The blind and sheep will be there in full force. I heard a guy last night trying to get people to show up Tuesday. So I asked if he actually read the Governors response and how did he interpret it?
      He said he did not, thus was unable to have a conversation with me on the utter irresponsible decision by the PLP to again bring the Island to a halt.
      Guess what I’m trying to say is, how can you march on something you don’t even know about and can not even debate? This is the people we have in our society. Blind followers of a Party that continues to lead them in the wrong direction.
      Don’t get me wrong, the PLP is not ALWAYS wrong, I have even voted for them in the past as I have NO political ties but only want what is best for Bermuda…..

      Was there not a “Peoples Party” Group? Apologies if I got the name wrong; but do they support this? They can’t possibly be in support?

      Walton Brown reminds me of when I handed a term paper in and my teacher marked it in red noting the incorrect spellings, misuse of words and incomplete sentences. I took it back and cleaned it up and resubmitted. What he is doing is not taking the afford? To think, on such a noble topic; he decides to throw a hissy fit.
      The sad thing is his Party are backing him?

      I am so disappointed in what the PLP has become, and in this utter ridiculous decision they have made. I read on this site of the people who claim the PLP is anti-Bermudian and only thinking of themselves.

      I now believe that they are; and are only concerned with bring this Island down so in the next election they can boast of all the OBA failed to do (thanks to their continued interfering).
      They think ALL Bermudians are dumb and forgetful? I for one will NOT back a Party who is behind all the actions in the last year and a bit that has resulted in hurting (and continues to hurt) my Islands reputation.

      SHAME ON YOU PLP!!!!!!!!

  107. Recall the PLP says:

    In the spirit of recalling things, people and parties–perhaps the PLP should be recalled, recalibrated, refocussed and relaunched with a mandate to focus on the immediate issues that confront this country, issues incidentially which the Progressive Labour Party had a direct involvement in creating. This would be the RESPONSIBLE thing to do!

    I believe that all the theatrics around issues that could have been solved while the opposition was in power at this time clearly show that the current cadre have no idea of how to table suggestions and solutions for the major issues that we are experiencing and they are using obfuscation tactis to emphasize issues which they are more comfortable talking about.

    This issue will not put Bermudians back to work or improve our quality of life or human rights causes.

    Please PLP supporters recall this cadre and replace with those that will will do ALL the people of Bermuda’s business.

    have a blessed day.

  108. Poor guy says:

    The PLP gave Tucker’s Point a Special Development Order to sell land to foreigners.They did not even consider the graves of many blacks there.What a bunch of hypocrisy .

  109. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    If the PLP’s antics are so stupid and laughable, it takes over 300 comments to point that out? Honestly, the PLP appear to hit a nerve, they appear to be at the nerve centre on the issues in the Motion.

    And whereas I do not agree with their stance on PRC holders, nor the OBA’s position for that matter; for the record they (PRC holders) should be granted status unreservedly, they made their contribution. Let’s focus on amending the legislation by reviewing, updating and tweaking it in the context of Bermuda’s needs right now.

    But this is a time when I do not agree with the Governor’s decision on this Motion. And whereas the Governor has the powers to convene a commission and appoint the commissioners unreservedly, his decision and reasons not to convene can and indeed should be overviewed by the British Foreign Office in London.

    It is strangely odd that the Governor would come to that decision so swiftly after recusing himself as an honorary member of Mid-Ocean Club. But he has left the door open for the decision to be revisited? Really, would the next decision be equally swift and dismissive?

    What is needed is a review of his decision on the Motion, and that review can only take place here in London by the British Foreign Office.

    The Governor is the Queen’s appointed representative, but the recommendation to appoint him is made by the Conservative Government in Great Britain. In other words, the British Foreign Office makes the recommendation to appoint and/or recall the Governor based upon directions from Whitehall.

    Whereas I am not calling for the Governor to be recalled, I would certainly like to see he decision reviewed by the British Foreign Office as it appears to be a very arbitrarily made decision based upon reasons that themselves raise more questions.

    London, England

    • John E. Thorne says:

      The Governor’s letter states at the end:

      I would be open to consider this again, however, if the House gave me clearer references to the kinds of alleged abuses concerned and a clearer mandate for me to incur expenses from the Consolidated Fund.

      Why doesn’t the PLP just give him what he asks for?

      While he is in London why don’t you have him over for a cup of tea and a chat?

      • Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

        @ John E. Thorne

        I would humbly like to…

        But why would the Governor or even the Government or Opposition extend an invitation to me?

        I will accept your smirk devoid of ill will.

        London, England

    • Dockyard Lackey says:

      He has not made a final decision. The “proposal” was made and he has agreed that there are “concerns.” The matter is still on the table and the opposition have been asked to clarify the proposal. This is an absolute PR disaster for our country as prospective investors and businesses in our economy will be having second thoughts on advancing their interests in our country. The antics of the opposition amount to “throwing toys out of the pram” syndrome. If they think this will attract votes, they are truly in La La Land. Personally I thought the move to elect the PLP as government was a refreshing move. Sadly the integrity of the likes of Freddy, Dame Lois and Alex has long gone and we now have a racist/divisive group who are intent in sending Bermuda to the bottom of the ocean before climate change does.

      • BETTTY TRUMP says:

        @Dockyard Lackey…. The problem with your comments is that it is NOT TRUE… You seem to lack knowledge on how the Parliamentary system works in Bermuda. The Government in this case has overstepped his boundaries. Once a bill is approved in the house of Assembly the Governor can not reject it on the hill. He did just that. Many of the OBAubp supporters seem to lack such great knowledge.

        “Mrs. Askinstall” is correct in saying the following:

        But this is a time when I do not agree with the Governor’s decision on this Motion. And whereas the Governor has the powers to convene a commission and appoint the commissioners unreservedly, his decision and reasons not to convene can and indeed should be overviewed by the British Foreign Office in London.

        It is strangely odd that the Governor would come to that decision so swiftly after recusing himself as an honorary member of Mid-Ocean Club. But he has left the door open for the decision to be revisited? Really, would the next decision be equally swift and dismissive?

        What is needed is a review of his decision on the Motion, and that review can only take place here in London by the British Foreign Office.

        The Governor is the Queen’s appointed representative, but the recommendation to appoint him is made by the Conservative Government in Great Britain. In other words, the British Foreign Office makes the recommendation to appoint and/or recall the Governor based upon directions from Whitehall.

        • Loving Togetherness says:

          Bettty you are correct, there were grave injustices that happen in Tucker’s Town. My family history speaks to this, there is a record of the history on this matter, despite many having being deny their history. This Governor was wrong in this regards, and we as a people must stand up and fight it and more so fight for Justice.

        • hmmmph says:

          @Bettty Trump – slow down and proof read what you are writing. I don’t think the Government overstepped their boundaries at all. The Governor requested additional information so that he can make an informed decision. This is how we have the issue with the PRC’s and Status – someone didn’t complete their due diligence

      • Raymond Ray says:

        @ Dockyard Lackey 5:22pm. What you’ve written couldn’t have been more clear…and truthful.

        • Ringmaster says:

          There is so much ignorance masquerading as truth it is pointless to debate, but the PLP made a request to the Governor for a Commission. Commissions appointed by the Governor are usually only used in extreme cases of alleged corruption involving the Government. Otherwise The House can set up its own enquiry, as it could in this instance.
          In this case a request was made to the Governor and he has responded appropriately. There was no legislation passed, or Bill, because if there was it would have gone to the Senate. The request by passed the Senate so it is not a Bill. As an aside, did the PLP have the courtesy to visit the Governor and discuss their request, or was it e mailed?

          • More to the point says:

            The Governor did not refuse to set up a Commission. He said he would consider it if/when he was presented with a proper petition. The one that he declined didn’t begin to outline the remit of the Commission and didn’t include any information regarding funding.

            • BETTTY TRUMP says:

              It is clear that you and the others do not understand how the Parilamentary system works. The real issue here is that the Governor has acted outside of his remit by undermining the people’s will. He has made a mockery of Parliament, and disrespected the Bermudian people.

              The Governor is not supposed to reject a decision which was voted upon in the house of Assembly. He did just that, and thus he must be called out for it.

              Justice does not come without a fight. We as a people must stop being passive and stand strong.

            • Loving Togetherness says:

              What you and the others that share your position are not getting is that the Governor was wrong even to not allow the Commission in the first place. The Governor stepped outside of his boundaries and role. Once a vote at the House of Assembly is approved by the MPs, the Governor can or should not stop it. This is the key factor that you seem to be not grasping. He was therefore wrong even to not allow the Commission to take place. He should have approved it, with a condition set up for how and what.

              • Ringmaster says:

                So you are suggesting that the Governor does not understand his remit? Wrong, he is a career diplomat, with training and experience unlike the many MPs who couldn’t get a real job. Bring in the Foreign Office? Maybe the Foreign Office is too busy trying to sort out the last mess the PLP handed them – human trafficking. How can a Commission be approved without knowing what it’s for, what it will investigate, and who will pay? If it was that simple there would have been a Commission every day, each week for the last 14 years. There wasn’t for the simple reason there needs to be evidence and reason to form a Commission. Simple.

                • BETTTY TRUMP says:

                  I believe he overlooked his remit. First as Mrs. Akinstall has pointed out clearly and Sen. Rabain. The Governor had a big conflict of interest to begin with, first his membership at Tucker’s Point. Strange enough, his decision to swiftly a recusing himself as an honorary member of Mid-Ocean Club. He should at that point, removed himself from making any decision in regards to this matter, and past it on to a non-bias Office in London.

                  There is more than enough evidence. History is recorded in our Library Archives as well. Folks have records on Tucker’s Town and other places in Bermuda. But go ahead and overlook FACTS if that is who you like to win your argument. He was also provided with additional facts by the Opposition, but overlook that too ….REALLY..

                  You and the other OBA supporters are failing to look carefully at the facts, all to fight against Justice.

                  But keep writing, as this only helps to highlight how significant this issue it and the Governor and England can see the challenges it presents for Bermuda.

                  Well done Opposition.

    • Terry says:

      Get a life yah ole hag.
      Your Bermudian right?

    • Ringmaster says:

      Based on what has been made public, the Governor could not agree to set up a Commission as requested, and it was probably set up that way by the PLP. The request was way too vague and wide. It had no stipulations as to time period, whether it was only involving what Bermuda’s Legislature had done or any private transaction. This coming from PLP legislation that has proven to be incorrect – land leases, PRC/Status; drink driving. It goes on. However the PLP seems in its own anti Bermudian mode. What benefit is there to boycott The House. None, and they have drawn a line in the sand which they will have to break. The Governor will not be recalled and the PLP will have to go back to The House.
      It is all so unnecessary, if they wanted to act for Bermudians. It is however clear this is all petty politicking and wanting to pick a fight with The Governor. Yesterday it was PRC – who is next? IB? The America’s Cup decision will be later this year. When is the next election due. Both to be held in 2017. God Bless Bermuda.

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      Hi @ Valirie Marcia Akinstall, I must say that often we do not agree on everything, but I do appreciate your critical analyses of this situation. You present a very interesting summary. I love reading comments that seem to reflect on the issue free of political bias and emotion. That I notice you tend to do sometimes.

      You are correct in saying that the PLP “Honestly, the PLP appear to hit a nerve, they appear to be at the nerve centre on the issues in the Motion.” This is the same point I have attempted to make as well.

      Thanks for your good comment and insight into this matter.

    • Tolerate says:

      In adding to what you are saying; I listened numerous time to Walton Brown make a complete fool of himself by claiming the Governor was biased in his response due to the influence of the “boggy-man”. No names; just you know who they are?
      This Governor has NO ties previously to Bermuda and was given membership based on his position in Bermuda by MOC. Mr. Brown was out of order to assume he has been tampered with; just as you are out of order to quote “It is strangely odd that the Governor would come to that decision so swiftly after recusing himself as an honorary member of Mid-Ocean Club. But he has left the door open for the decision to be revisited? Really, would the next decision be equally swift and dismissive?
      The do cumentation put to him was vague and amateurish. He has simply asked for a poorly presented document to be rewritten.
      How in HELL did it come to you and Walton Brown making your statements challenging his character?
      Oh, I know because you did not immediately get your poorly scripted request.

      • Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

        There is nothing “out of order” to express an opinion of the Governor’s decision.

        I cannot comment on Mr Brown’s comments as I have not heard them unfiltered, without interpretation and/or paraphrased.

        The Governor’s decision is subject to review just like a court judgement is subject to appeal.

        It’s odd that the Supreme Court judgement of PRC holders right to status is being appealed by the OBA in the Court of Appeal, yet a call for a review of the Governor’s decision on a Motion of Parliament is “out of order?”

        I can certainly surmise where your ‘power’ lines are drawn.

        London, England

        • BETTTY TRUMP says:

          Thanks again @ Mrs. Valirie Marcia Akinstall, you are spot on.

          “There is nothing “out of order” to express an opinion of the Governor’s decision.”

          It’s odd that the Supreme Court judgment of PRC holders right to status is being appealed by the OBA in the Court of Appeal, yet a call for a review of the Governor’s decision on a Motion of Parliament is “out of order?”

          The People of Bermuda have the right to Question the GOVERNOR decision. The Governor has in fact outstepped his The Governor has effectively just said and shown us that regardless of the will of the elected representatives, he will do what he wants to do

          The other factor is that the Governor has deny folks their right to fight for Justice.

        • Tolerate says:

          Really???? “unfiltered, without interpretation and/or paraphrased”.
          The man said it at 4min 40sec into the above Press conference? Did you at least read and listen to the above media release? He even lowered himself to claim the OBA was involved?
          I expect BT to make such a statement.
          And by the way “you can surmise” all you wish. Again like BT if a persons comments with their true feelings and don’t take the sheep mentality, they must be OBA.
          PLP logic, if your not commenting with us you’re OBA and against us.
          This is why I will not go back to voting for the PLP until this level of mind set changes. AND YES I HAVE VOTED FOR THEM, and I don’t care if you believe me or NOT>>>>>

          • Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

            No, I have not heard and/or read the press releases by Walton Brown.

            As incredulous as it may sound to you, I do [did] not pen my opinions based upon Walton Brown comments. I have opinions of my own, independent of any political party.

            Whereas you are looking at the man in an attempt to attack him personally, I am reading and critiquing the reasons as state by the Governor.

            But what do you mean he lowered himself? You have the nerve to write about some-one lowering himself as you wear an alias as a mask, so as not to be known? And quite bluntly, the rest of your comments appear to be incomprehensible to me.

            Tolerate, when you can distinguish between character attacks and a critique of the Governor’s reasons, then we can debate. And let me draw upon your previous statement where you accused me of challenging the Governor’s character:

            “How in HELL did it come to you and Walton Brown making your statements challenging his character?”

            Where did I challenge the Governor’s character? Let me be blunt, I believe that I am debating some-one (you) who lacks basis understanding of issues, yet you will make emotive, non-sensical remarks to spin the debate to a personal level.

            It is very important that you are able to grasp, to understand and distinguish the difference between character attacks and the critique of the reasons of a decision.

            You may be prepared to step off the cliff and take others with you as long as you remain anonymous, but please reserve your debate for some-one who relishes emotional, personal attacks as the cornerstone of debating – because I do not.

            And for the record, making the comment that Mr Brown lowered himself is a personal attack on his character as the innuendo is clear. Amazingly, I do not know the man.

            Raise your level of debate or sit on the sidelines of the debate.

            London, England

  110. brigadooner says:

    I’d rather recall our Parliament and have the governor rule.

  111. Alvin Williams says:

    Lies Hey? I have the pictures White people marching on government House in an effort to squash democracy. The governor at that time saw right through
    it and pooh pooh their effort. It might have has something to do with the fact that both he and his wife were both born in than British ruled Kenya. But he was a progressive Governor quite proud of his African connection. I was invited up there to meet an African/American diplomatic who had served in Africa; had lunch. It was not the first time I have been invited up to government house. There was another progressive governor who used to invite ordinary Bermudians up to government house for lunch. I was on the list because he wanted to meet this Alvin Williams who use to write those critical letters to the editor. I knew this was true because as he greeted his government house guests he asked me where did I get my ideas for letters to the editor? I told him from listening to short wave radio; He replied interesting. Further to that I found myself sitting right across from him and his ADC where he almost
    admitted his role in the British/American over throw the Iranian prime minister Muhammad Mossadeq. I told him no need to cover up I know all about the British role in that Coup where they put the Shah on the throne. It must have been consider that I engaged in some interesting conversation because when the lunch was over the ADC said he had something to show me. He took me down the hall into the governor’s personal living area and there on a hall way wall were two full length portraits side by side of what you could called the fathers of Bermuda’s modern social and political history ; Dr. E. F. Gordon and Sir Henry Tucker. So yes I have been to government house in a social setting; eaten off government house plates and used it’s cutlery; no big thing but like the ancient Israelites; I took the opportunity to spied the land and I can see once that land is return to the people of Bermuda; it could become the site of the creation of a Bermuda university. Lies I do not have to tell lies I write from true experiences.

    • Creamy says:

      There was no march. You’re a liar.

      • Loving Togetherness says:

        Mr. Williams is correct. There are pictures to valid his presentation. Why are you so bitter and refuse to accept FACTS. Like the facts in regards to the grave injustice of Tuckers Town and other places in Bermuda. Justice is key here. Lets be honest and stand to ensure people do get it.

        • LOL (Original TM*) says:

          give me a date so I van look myself. Only march I remember was the Ugiures.


          • LOL (Original TM*) says:

            no date, no answer hmmmmmmm………….

            LOL plp argument is looking thin

    • Simba says:

      Post the photos. Lying to enflame, the biggest type of coward.

      • BETTTY TRUMP says:

        @ SIMBA…..Are you also another sufferer of the “OBAubp Denial Syndrome,” seems to a lot of that going around..lately…even if he gives you all the facts, you would still say NO, NO…go do your own research, go to the library and research online articles. REALLY

        Why such FEAR over having a Royal Commission? Maybe you are fearful of the truth and exposure coming out? Why not let it happen, so that our history can be recorded and the healing to many can begin.

  112. truth be told says:

    We asked 100 people to name a party in Bermuda that nearly everyone laughs at
    Our Survey said..plp.

  113. Herbalist says:

    Goin on the march? I heard “herb tea” is going to be given out.Maybe draw on a “spliff”. We want that schizophrenic ,mind altering drug to be legal so our children will grow up with vision!

    • Attorney says:

      At the rate you’re talking one can guess you don’t have a kid child.

  114. BETTTY TRUMP says:



    • Wrong take on this BT says:

      Hello Betty,

      Thanks for your perspective but i think it is a bit skewed. What has been awakened here in readers and bloggers is a simple fatigue with watching the discussion in respect of the important issues that confront this country being redirected to an issue that if so important for the PLP base should have been dealt with when the party was in power.

      Young people are going to inherit a mess when they take power and constituents of both parties should be striving to set our country up for a better future. That begins with economic and political stability. Shame on all of us, leaders, politicians and parents for not seeing this.

      The current actions being taken–looking at this through a world view lens is not constructive and is destabilizing.

      The Young Bermuda voting block have a wider world view and expect more from Bermuda’s leaders and politicians,

      Have a blessed day.

      • BETTTY TRUMP says:

        “Until the great mass of the people shall be filled with the sense of responsibility for each other’s welfare, social justice can never be attained.”

        Helen Keller

        While some young people may not fully understand the fight today, history will eventually tell them the importances of why we stand strong on this issue. Often our young people lack knowledge of their Bermuda History, and it is this blindness that others want to keep them locked in darkness. A people that know their history are often strength by it, and also have a sense of identity.

        If one runs away from standing on their History, life does not progress. Instead many young people will be faced with having to deal with this as they move forward, as change will never truly come.

        Today many are afraid of the strength of PEOPLE POWER, and the fight for Justice. All things that a society required such a jobs, food, economic stability begin with standing up for JUSTICE. Particular if a government does not act in the best interest of its people. Today the Governor nor the Government is doing either, and that is what makes a country instable.

        All across the world folks are fighting and standing up for Justice. IN England thousands marched for JUSTICE and fairness of living two days ago. It is how people move their government into action. So NO I do not have it wrong, it is you who are not willing to stand up strong and fight for JUSTICE….will it be easy,…NO…But anything worth fighting for….seldom is.

    • Pi** Ant says:

      caps lock stuck or just pissed off and can’t take or comprehend the TRUTH

  115. MAKE MY DAY says:

    The PLP will NEVER change… They have been a “disaster” since day one – and will always be one!!!

    They ARE the reason the Island is in the *mess* it is in and this will NEVER change!! They are NOT working for a better BDA – but their own selfish ends!!!

    I’m so glad I left the Island when I did 21 yrs ago – for the future of my children!!

    Good luck BDA – because you are going to need plenty-of-it!!

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      “There is a higher court than courts of justice and that is the court of conscience. It supercedes all other courts.”

      Mahatma Gandhi

      Today the People Stand on a Court of Justice. Fighting for the Rights of us to stand strong on what is RIGHT. PLP have done just that, standing firm. Fighting for Justice is something everyone should do. Fighting for Justice is the way forward. Stand Firm Everyone, Stand for Justice.

  116. Bullseye says:

    PLP are full steam ahead on destruction of the island. They are riding on people with nothing to lose to put them in power, but what they haven’t told them is that when that happens they will have nothing to gain.

  117. cromwell says:

    Maybe there should be an independent investigation or commission into this entire Parliamentary embarrassment and who actually have told the truth!

    There must be consequences for those who deceive and purposefully use their Parliamentary office to conspire to remove a duly elected democracy.

    Who ever mislead the Bermudian People and fellow Parliamentarians should resign immediately and have a bi-election for that Constituency.

    If you swore an oath to our Parliamentary Democracy and no longer believe in it then have the courage to resign and let some one else in your district represent the people.

    Have the moral and political courage to act in the public interest rather than plot conspiracy to overthrow an elected government voted in by your fellow Bermudians.

    Come out of the shadows into the light.

  118. Gingerd says:

    Surely this would be an ideal time for MD to call a snap election, I would have thought the OBA would almost be guaranteed a landslide victory and take the PLP out of the equation completely.

    • Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:


      That would be very interesting…

      But beware, remarks on a blog might not translate into votes in a general election. One is the virtual world and the other is the real world.

      Are you speaking for and to the converted or are you seriously changing minds? Because the insults posted by some on the blog do not change minds, but rather alienate the undecided.

      London, England

  119. Beware says:

    PLP, you are truly second class and No one to blame but yourself! You are more thin skinned now than ever before. A bunch of crying babies with zero ability to be helpful in fixing what you have destroyed in such a short time. Shut up, move over, and let the real Bermudians fix what you (the plp) so selfishly threw away!!

  120. only see approx 2 repetitive, and guess who, defenders of the plp/biu manifesto on ignorance and lies and can’t see the reality and hide behind miss-truths

  121. Mr Lister. Get off your butt and get some RESPECTED, Level Headed, HONEST candidates lined up. You got a lotta seats you could fill.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      I also believe it’s time for another Party.
      Mr.Lister can be that, “respected, level headed and honest individual” that can round-up a Party…An Opposition that’s constructive and not destructive. Time to get the present day P.L.P. out!!!

  122. Camelot says:

    To all of you who intend marching on parliament, I beg you to reconsider. Companies will NOT invest in Bermuda if they continue to see this type of behavior. I am told that the Company who is considering building an Hotel in St. George’s is concerned about this type of behavior. If you are out of work, as many of you are, please please don’t make things worse. Bermuda needs outside investors and, rest assured, outside investors do not appreciate threatening behavior like this. You are being lead down the path of no return and it is surely a bath to total destruction. Bermuda is starting to get back on its feet and this will put us back so far, we will probably never recover.

    • Loving Togetherness says:

      Stop with the false attempts to frighten folks @Camelot… I hope many come out and stand on Justice. I hope you will also come out Camelot and hold hands with us. Just a few days ago in England marches were held by thousands to stand up on things they believed were unfair. Today folks are standing strong and will continue to do so. This is important and a must. I hope you will also push for the Governor to do the Right Thing, and the time is now. I know now why so many comments, it is to prevent folks from marching.

      Standing for Justice is a Must. WE must march if we beleieve in Change and Justice for all. Come on…

  123. Alvin Williams says:

    Paster SIy you can defend your colonial icon the governor all you like; but we understood very well what he meant with respect to this issue; not withstanding a belated play of words; And that was and is not to convene a commission of enquiry concerning this issue. He know very well that to return this to parliament will be a forlorn effort as your OBA government will not did not support a commission of enquiry except for one Brave heart.
    Terms of reference- The annexation and seizure of land. How we going to pay for such a commission of enquiry? How about taking away some of the funding that we currently pay for the British diplomatic presence in Bermuda; meaning the financing of government house and the governor’s salary.

  124. BETTTY TRUMP says:

    “Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable… Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.”

    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    PLP keep Pushing on. The Comments have awaken folks to the facts, while some want to reject the truth, many are now aware. This suggest the Opposition has effectively moved this issue and highlighted some very key points. Come out and join us on the March on Tuesday evening at 5:30…

  125. Alvin Williams says:

    Good Alternative how well that would suit your interests to create political clones who would call themselves the political opposition; but in reality you and your political associates would pull the strings. and they most certainly would not walk out of your sham parliament. But the people would reject such a political construct as they will reject those who are masquerading as a sort of political opposition; but has chosen to go against the tide of history.

    • Dearest Alvin. You don’t know me or my affiliations at all, I only request a LEGITIMATE and REAL opposition, one that is honest,open and has the PEOPLES interest at heart, and one that can operate without being one directional and confrontational just for the purpose, that can speak properly and effectively. I don’t advocate clowns ( sorry Clones), simply objective realistic and OPEN MINDED people. At least we have a parliament elected by the people this being called DEMOCRACY. I of all people am so low on the totem pole I couldn’t influence nor do I have any political associates. But i am not so stupid as to think the rest of the world looks at us with any amount of respect when we act like this.

    • SMH says:

      I want reparations for the damage the PLP did to the economy

      • BETTTY TRUMP says:

        I want the same, as the PLP took 14 long years to put us in Debit, but did much to repair our infrastructure. The money was well invested, something the UBP failed to do while they were the government. Now the OBAubp have put us in HUGE debt in only 5 months, and increase our debt levels to over 50%…something the PLP never did !! So how you like that….just a little facts for you….

        • Gotham says:

          Betty, I’m obliged to correct your dissimulation –

          The OBA inherited a Government that was spending far more than it was taking in. The only way short of firing a lot of civil servants (most of the funds go on payroll) is to borrow the difference until such time as we get back to a balanced budget. That time was estimated to be around three budgets ahead – so the OBA saved us a lot of money and borrowed the funds all at once rather than for each upcoming budget. Savings include bank and legal fees only once instead of three times, etc. Projected savings are in the expectation that interest rates will soon rise.

          Of course what a PLP Government would have done with all this money coming in at once is anybody’s guess, but I know what mine would be…

    • Gotham says:

      I gather it is a “Sham” Parliament only when you are in opposition… The implication is that either it was a sham election result or the PLP do not believe in respecting democracy.

  126. Navin Johnson says:

    Powerful opposition? You cannot be serious..they are a joke and becoming irrelevant…another failed attempt in a long list of failures..

    • BETTTY TRUMP says:

      @ Navin Johnson and others… with much love…

      “I say to you this morning, that if you have never found something so dear and precious to you that you will die for it, then you aren’t fit to live. You may be 38 years old, as I happen to be, and one day, some great opportunity stands before you and calls upon you to stand up for some great principle, some great issue, some great cause. And if you refuse to do it because you are afraid. You refuse to do it because you want to live longer. You’re afraid that you will lose your job, or you are afraid that you will be criticized or that you will lose your popularity, or you’re afraid that somebody will stab you or shoot you or bomb your house. So you refuse to take the stand. Well you may go on and live until you are ninety, but you are just as dead at 38 as you would be at ninety. And the cessation of breathing in your life is but the belated announcement of an earlier death of the spirit.

      You died when you refused to stand up for right. You died when you refused to stand up for truth. You died when you refused to stand up for justice.”

      Martin Luther King

      This issue is about Justice, I hope you will reflect carefully and join us Tuesday at 5:30 and stand on solid grounds of Justice…

      • Creme Brulee says:

        If the good Dr. King were around to read your sentimentalist, pseudo-intellectual, self-absorbed drivel, he would without any shadow of a doubt be vomiting.

  127. Herbalist says:

    I will not vote PLP again.

  128. BETTTY TRUMP says:


    “Thousands of Jews protesting in New York for Palestines freedom. Massive respect.” #FreePalestine

    Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews flock to lower Manhattan to protest Israel’s proposed draft of religious citizens to its army

    The gathering took up a stretch of 10 blocks, with dark-clothed demonstrators standing behind police barricades amid tight security. Organizers kept to tradition, with men and women in separate groups as they are at religious events.

    Protest is often one form of Action to Awaken a People and more so a Government. Come out folks.

    Bermuda must stand Strong, as others stand for their Rights.

    • Ringmaster says:

      When will the PLP Stand Strong for Justice and march in support of LBGT so they receive their rights?

  129. Cleancut says:

    Would it possible for the OBA to change the locks on the doors so the PLP cannot get back in the house. Just for a year so this government can get their heads down and put Bermuda back in business again.

    • Evie says:

      You people are funny as hell you blame the PLP for what’s going on remember who was in power for far too long UBP some will say they were Gods gift others will say it was their hell some people prospered others suffered depends who’s telling their story that was the problem UBP/OBA didn’t look out for both Bermudas they were the best at friends and family they all got rich on the backs of Bermudians if you wanna have real talk we have all heard the stories not fairy tales that some will try to twist just remember this the same players that turned a blind eye to the wicked evil treatment of a peoples their offspring are benefiting still from those actions today wake up Bermuda stand the truth sometimes hurts but their is healing after we as a country need to be honest take your head out of the sand

      • JD says:

        I’m sorry but if you don’t know how to use a period, I really can’t take you seriously.

  130. aceboy says:

    I smell a rat. A rat is behind all this nonsense.

  131. Valirie Marcia Akinstall says:

    It’s a very interesting comment to say that a new political party is needed here.

    Well, let’s look back at our most recent past, the UBP re-organised into the OBA, complete with new leaders (two in less than two years) whilst mired in internal rift on international political funding.

    But there is no legislation on gaming tabled in the House (opposed to the ditched referendum); no ground breaking on a new tourism development (let me back-up and read this new article on Pink Beach) a 34 room boutique hotel has started construction, in earnest; Government/defendant vs PRC holders/respondents awaiting their fate from a decision of the Court of Appeal; a St David’s clinic that is open, no closed, no open again; educational grants for university students cancelled with funds going to pay off the national debt? And, with the America’s Cup on the horizon, if we are successful, Bermuda will truly know the meaning of DEBT, sponsorship debt. Hopefully, Bermuda will not go back into the financial markets to raise money to cover sponsorship whilst cutting further corners in each ministry nor raise the funding privately without the public knowledge.

    Now back to the subject of the article, this Motion in Parliament was voted for by the Government, unanimous and from its original draft. So, why oppose it when the Opposition wanted to fine tune it for clarity? What was the point of that political manoeuvre? If the entire point of re-wording it was to bring clarity, then why oppose its amendment(s)?

    Navin Johnson, you and others may throw scorn, contempt and/or ridicule at the Opposition, but if another party emerged you would be unlikely to show any respect for them once they disagreed with the OBA.

    Try not to tip the balance into social unrest, you have a responsibility also not to wrench up the volume on scorn, contempt and/or ridicule. There is only so much a very well organised Opposition will take from over-sensitive OBA supporters, then they too will snap back. So, try to temper your words and be more responsible, and if the political temperature is too hot for you, self-impose a restriction, as anger that tips into hysteria is not an attractive feature of political support.

    London, England