Another Pedestrian Injured In Traffic Collision

September 11, 2014

[Updated] In what marks the third time in a week a pedestrian has been injured in a traffic collision, a woman was taken to hospital after being struck while walking in the Pitts Bay Road area at around 2.00pm today [Sept 11].

The police said that appears she was walking across the pedestrian crossing, when a car stopped to allow her passage, and the car was rear-ended by van, resulting in the car striking the pedestrian.

Police Media Manager Dwayne Caines said, “First responders attended a report of an incident that took place at 1:58pm today [Thursday] at the junction of Woodbourne Avenue and Pitts Bay Road.

“It appears that a woman was walking across the pedestrian crossing, when a car stopped to allow her passage. It was at this point and the car was rear-ended by van pushing the car into the pedestrian.

“The woman was taken to the hospital with a possible broken shoulder, an investigation into this incident is underway and police are appealing for any witnesses to this collision to contact police on 295-0011.”

Update: The police confirmed that the 37 year old Devonshire woman was taken to the hospital for treatment of a shoulder injury, and said that any witnesses are encouraged to contact PC Connie Saltus at the Hamilton Police Station on telephone number 247-1704.

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  1. LadyDi says:

    Is everyone asleep?.

    • Terry says:

      Not at all.
      Just in to damn much of a hurry.

    • JohnBoy says:

      It’s all the veed!!!

      • Benjammin says:

        **It’s all da alcohol!!!!

      • Barracuda says:

        We need sidewalks along Pitts bay.

        • True says:

          I agree with you, but this occurred at a pedestrian crossing! The same thing happened to me in Southampton, I watched a car rear-end a motorcycle that had stopped to let me cross. I was able to jump out of the way unharmed, but the cyclist was not so lucky. We should be diligent when approaching these crossings, whether the lights are flashing or not. It is not difficult to scan each side for pedestrians.

        • .am says:

          And how does that help people crossing the street, exactly? On pedestrian crosswalks?

  2. Terry says:

    Not at all LadiDi.
    In to much of a hurry.

  3. Mike says:

    SLOW DOWN!!!!!!!! For a place that is only 21 miles you must have the most accidents per sq. mile than anywhere alse in the world. And when the government wants mandatory breath test everyone complains!

    • Local Yokle says:

      Mike, puleeze…. Just because these ‘accidents’ are reported and seem to make the headlines often… Do not equate that to Bermuda having more accidents than other countries.

  4. RealTalk says:

    Bermuda is full of terrible drivers. No one indicates, everyone speeds, people over take on blind corners and over the crests of hills (cars and bikes). People pull out of parking spots without warning and double park like there’s no tomorrow. All that and not even mentioning the drunk driving.

    This is a cultural problem that needs to be stamped out. Look how effective stopping people driving and texting was. An intense period of policing and fines. The same needs to be done with these, so called minor, driving offenses.

  5. Tom says:

    Seen plenty ppl on there cellphones still even though it’s against the law a well known dangerous distraction !

    • D&D says:

      The problem is that just because a cross walk means that a vehicle has to stop to let a person walk doesn’t mean that the person walking should just step off before looking to see if the vehicle had enough time to stop comfortably. It’s your life you have to watch out for. Too many times people just step off without looking first.

  6. Love is the only way... says:

    How about the people who stop in the middle of a road to talk with no regard to other drivers …they wave their hand to flag you around their car..some don’t flag you..make your own way around…

  7. annoyed says:

    The standard of driving in this island has fallen to a point where the roads are basically a free for all. Everyday on the roads I see things I almost cant believe. Bikes especially, somehow it has become the cultural norm when you get on a bike, somehow you become invincible and drive like a lunatic! The thing that gets me is when I see a young child on the front of a bike with the parent weaving in and out of traffic, not realizing how close to killing their child they are. SLOW DOWN people and think before you make a decision whilst driving.

    • Ringmaster says:

      @annoyed. Agree, and it is also showing the young child it is OK to do what dad/mum/custodian is doing. When that child gets his/her bike they will do the same and it shows on the road. Personal responsibility and obeying the laws seems to be “the old way”. Time to take back Bermuda (and give a good vacation to our visitors).

  8. Carlton Smith says:

    No of you actually get it…. it’s the “slow down” campaign that is causing all the bad driving. Even the higher apeeda that people go court for (70-80 k.p.h) are relatively low speeds.

    Thr national speed limit is 35 k.p.h (20 m.p.h.) the average traffic speed is 50-60 k.p.h.(30 -33 m.p.h.) which is the safety speed limit in school zones etc. elsewhere.

    Out of habit every time there is an incident we start with the slowdown mantra , not realizing that we are already slow and it is not working.


    It’s because our alow speeds result in a very casual and inattentive driving style. Put that on top of a very inadequate driving exam which one can pass with very little knowledge of how the vehicle functions, and you have multiple lacksadasial drivers who can barely control a vehicle safely travelling around in a slow moving haphazard manner.

    The biggest cause of accidents in Bermuda is inattentiveness, followed closely by weak competency to sufficiently and safely control a vehicle.

    • YADON says:

      Thanks Carlton, I agree 100%. If everyone would just drive at 50k there would be no need to overtake. Here is a hint, if there are 100 cars behind you and no one in front of you….. SPEED the F UP!!!!

      • Fowl says:

        I agree. I only over take ppl in my car and bike because someone is driving waaay too slow. If they were going 50 I wouldn’t get fed up and speed past them. Raise the speed limit to 50 or 55 and then have a zero tolerance policy. Sorry seniors but any one over 75 needs their license taken away. Just like you all complain about people speeding everyday, I see seniors with a line of traffic stuck behind them because they are going 35 and then some impatient truck driver overtakes and almost gives them a heart attack and almost hits a car or bike in the process.

    • Strike fund says:

      I agree with. Your comment on the inadequate driving exam but not the speed issue.

      There are sections of road where you could comfortably handle your vehicle at higher speeds but there are unsighted junctions all over the place. The driver entering the main road might have a clear view but if something comes round at 70kph there would be carnage.

      As you mention, inattentiveness is rife so even varying speed limits for some of the safer sections would not work.

    • Where have you been? says:

      The safety speed limit in school zones in Canada is 30 km/hour and the fines are doubled in these areas. The limits vary in the US from 20-30 miles/hour. Also they don’t have to deal with hidden driveways and a lack of sidewalks. The reason for these accidents is not because the speed limit is too low. What is your hurry anyway?

    • Rhonnie aka BlueFamiliar says:

      It’s this sort of attitude that causes the problems we have on the roads today.

      There is absolutely no place, save the emergency department, that anyone needs to go on this island at speeds that far above our speed limit. The island is just not that big.

      In the same way, we don’t need those bloody big vehicles that so many seem to want because of status, and can’t drive for the most part.

      Hint if you’re consistently driving over the centre line, you can’t handle the vehicle. Park it and walk.

      Wise up, people, relax, slow down and pay attention.

  9. Thelma Foster says:

    about three weeks ago I walking in the pedestrian walk at port royal there comes a woman driving her car no stop iam in the middle off the pedestrian walk then she see a truck coming to make a turn she start back up I had yell at her backing the car on me brought day light

    • wag says:


    • D&D says:

      The problem is that just because a cross walk means that a vehicle has to stop to let a person walk doesn’t mean that the person walking should just step off before looking to see if the vehicle had enough time to stop comfortably. It’s your life you have to watch out for. Too many times people just step off without looking first.

    • D&D says:

      Ahhhh huh?

  10. Truth is killin' me... says:

    I always thought that towing a 4 year old on the front of your bike was against the law. Commissioner DeSilva…correct me if I’m wrong?

    • PBanks says:

      They haven’t enforced that law in over a decade and there’s no will to do so anytime soon.

  11. Gabbs says:

    Some of these people that cross the street don’t even look to see what’s coming, they just walk across the street, without even looking,so don’t put all the blame on drivers,the people walking are sometimes at fault as Well.

  12. Triangle Drifter says:

    Pure insanity on the roads & a lack of any police work except for speeding.

    The speeding is not necessarily the problem. It is the dangerous driving, the inattention, the distraction, the lack of care, the complete lack of courtesy, the me first attitude, when driving at that accepted 50-55 national speed that causes the crashes.

    The standard of driving is disgraceful. Imagine what the crash rate would be if we actually DID drive at real speeds!

  13. Family Man says:

    I was going to put a dash cam in my car to record some of the crazy driving I see every day but I was told the cams are illegal in Bermuda.

    Can’t figure out why the police don’t use dash cams though.

    • Creamy says:

      Are dash cams illegal? I think they’re a great idea.

      • Moojun says:

        No they’re not illegal (when the content shared is illegal activity), why else do you think they posted the helmet cam of those pathetic little toe-rags on the scooter stealing the tourist’s bag while riding past them last month? Tape away Bermuda, the more of us that use dash/helmet cams, the more paranoid the thieves will be! Name and shame.

        • Family Man says:

          That video was from a GoPro mounted to a helmet. No problem with Bermuda law. (Although Comrade Starling might object to having people record him on the road).

          Dash cams are illegal in Bermuda because they have a video screen that may be seen by the driver. Its the video screen that makes it illegal. Just another part of that poorly thought out plp law to cover use of hand held devices and TV’s in a car. I image though that once the camera is setup, if you covered the screen you might get away with it.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Now why would dash cams be illegal? Nothing stopping you from taking a picture from your vehicle. A dash cam or Go Pro is not distracting. It is not like fidgeting with a cellphone or the vehicle sound system or smoking. Nothing distracting about it at all. Push record & leave it.

  14. Bermuda Boy says:

    This week I’ve seen 1 woman putting on makeup, lots of people talking on cell phones, people texting and 1guy reading a newspaper all while they were driving. No wonder we are having so many problems.

  15. Bottom-line: “If you ride like lightening chances are much greater you are likely to crash like thunder”. Remember this ole saying, “an oz. of prevention is worth a lb. of cure” Or, how about this one. “The dog the defecates fast don’t defecate for long” :-(
    Now back to the subject. I pray the lady and the others are doing well.

  16. Coffee says:

    That poor woman … I hope she lives pain free for a long time . She has her own 9/11 story to tell about the pedestrian terror !