Water Safety Council To Hold Boat Seminar

September 19, 2014

Following last year’s successful water safety fall seminar, the Bermuda Water Safety Council has revealed plans for the second fall boat safety seminar and flare operation cruise to all Bermuda boaters and operators.

A spokesperson said, “On hand for the presentations will be Chairman of the Bermuda Water Safety Council, Ralph Richardson, Denis Rowe of the Bermuda Maritime Operations Center, and Inspector Robert Caldwell of the Bermuda Police Service Marine Unit, who will present to the public their demonstrations at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club on October 5, starting at 5.00pm.

“The seminar will detail important points on operating your boat safely. In addition, a summary of the Bermuda Radio service will be presented, including the use of VHF radios [VHF Radio vs. mobile phones], licensing and allocation of radio call signs, EPIRBs [Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons], VHF DSC [Digital Selective Calling], AIS [Automatic Identification System], and much more.

“Upon completion, an equipment safety cruise will ensue. The cruise will provide valuable information on safe use of flares, rockets, and navigating channels at night. The boat will depart from Albouy’s Point at 7.00pm.

“Meanwhile, boaters are requested to bring outdated flares to Tynes Bay Waste to Energy Facility and public drop-off for collections designed for this event. The deadline to submit your flares is September 30, 2014.

“Note we would like for boaters who did not attend last year to consider the seminar this year and would like to ask those who did participate to be willing to make space if the seminar is over-subscribed.

“There will be a $10.00 donation charge to attend. To pre-register for the seminar, contact Nathan Trott at njtrott@gov.bm.”

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  1. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    Car and bike next for good drivers ,to set an example.