Beat The Couch Gains Corporate Sponsor

September 19, 2014

Beat the Couch, a running event intended to help people to stay active and get fit, has gained a new corporate sponsor in The Argus Group, with the company set to provide support of the upcoming October programme, which is now open for registration.

A spokesperson said, “Beat the Couch has made a strong name for itself since it began in February 2013, with over 80 individuals taking part in the most recent season. The programme, which is designed to help people to train and ready themselves for a 5K run in 10 weeks, provides professional running expertise, nutritional support, motivation, and success coaching.

“On race day, participants run ahead of a couch-on-wheels pushed by local running celebrities Chris and Ashley Estwanik, symbolizing the need to get off of the couch in the name of health.”

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Catherine Burns, Managing Director of Natural Ltd, said, “Our Beat the Couch programme focuses on an incredibly important demographic in Bermuda – those who are more sedentary. Studies show us that you don’t have to run a marathon for significant disease prevention and health benefits, you just have to get moving regularly.

“Beat the Couch provides a non-intimidating environment in which people are able to form new habits, and a really fun event at which they can celebrate their achievements.”

Ms. Burns explained that participation in the Beat the Couch programme requires taking part in three training sessions per week. This season there are 11 weekly sessions to choose from, including early morning, lunchtime, and evening options.

“We hope that this variety means that everyone who wants to participate can. The sessions are just 45 minutes long, so most people can squeeze them into their busy schedules,” she said. “We also have a podcast back-up so people are able to do some training independently if they travel; this way, you never have to miss a session.”

Runners participate in Beat the Couch on last season’s race day

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Training for Beat the Couch is provided by professionals Sergio White and Chuck Morgan.

When asked why people choose to sign up rather than train by themselves for free, Mr. Morgan explained, “Training with us provides more motivation and accountability. We also make sure you are warmed up properly and watch your technique to ease the pressure on your body and help prevent injuries.”

When asked how it feels to watch their participants cross the finish line, Mr. White added, “There has always been an amazing team spirit within the Beat the Couch groups. This programme brings all sorts of people from all walks of life together in one goal.

“We are really proud of them as individuals of course, but seeing them all together at the end is an awesome feeling.”

Beat the Couch participants gather at the February 2014 season finish line

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“Registration for the new October season of Beat the Couch is currently available on a first come, first served basis. The programme begins on October 1.

“For more information on Beat the Couch, visit the programme’s website, or contact Catherine Burns directly on 505-4725.”

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