131 Soldiers Embodied Due To Hurricane Fiona

September 22, 2022 | 0 Comments

131 Royal Bermuda Regiment Soldiers “will be embodied on the order of the Acting Governor from 4pm Thursday in advance of the arrival of Hurricane Fiona,” the RBR confirmed today.

Major Duncan Simons, the commander of the operation said, “The Regiment is tasked with providing immediate response teams, reassurance patrols, command and control elements, and reconnaissance capability in order to facilitate post storm recovery.

“Our immediate task is to clear main roads to ensure the safe passage of emergency vehicles. Once achieved, secondary roads will be cleared, and focus will shift to requests to support key infrastructure or vulnerable persons at the direction of the EMO.

File photo of the RBR assisting after a past hurricane

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“A total of five Immediate Response Teams are being mobilised including one with maritime capability that will be based at the Southside Police station during the storm. The remaining four units, and support elements will be based in Warwick Camp.

“When safe to do so, the RBR Coast Guard Unit will be on the water to ensure maritime safety working closely with Marine and Ports.

“We ask that the public head warnings from the Bermuda Police Service to stay off of the roads during and in the hours after the storm. This will help the Regiment, Parks Department, and Works and Engineering to safely do our jobs.

File photo of the RBR assisting after a past hurricane

Royal Bermuda Regiment September 2022 (2)

“Finally, the public should note that all requests for support should be directed to the EMO operations centre at 444-1447, and not the Regiment.

“The Regiment plays a central role in ensuring our resilience as a country, whether it be after a natural or manmade disaster, in our security role, or on Bermuda’s waters. We thank the public for their support, and invite anyone resident in Bermuda to consider a career of public service as a reserve RBR soldier by visiting RBR.BM or calling 238-1045.”

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