CableVision Thurs. Evening Restoration Update

October 23, 2014

CableVision crews continued to work across the island today, and the company said they anticipate Trimingham Hill, Crawl Hill area of North Shore Road, businesses on Front Street, Rose Hill and a section of St. David’s will have service restored this evening [Oct 23].

Bermuda CableVision CEO Terry Roberson said, ““CableVision crews continued to work across the island today. As a result, we anticipate the following areas will have service restored this evening:

  • Trimingham Hill
  • Crawl Hill area of North Shore Road
  • Businesses on Front Street
  • Rose Hill Southampton
  • A large section of St. David’s

“If there are any customers in these areas who do not have service by tomorrow morning, we encourage them to call us on 292-5544.

“Tomorrow, our crews will continue to work in the same areas they’ve worked in over the past few days to bring our subscribers back online and we will also be working in Hamilton Parish and Smith’s.

Mr. Roberson added, “We will continue to update the public on our progress and we thank our customers for their continued patience as we work to restore service.”

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  1. Watcher55 says:

    RIP Cablevision

  2. Smiths says:

    Going to try this method of communication to talk to Cablevision, as when I call the main number, press 2 for customer care. Get told I am getting forwarded to a voice mail system, then I can’t leave a voice mail because the mail box is full.

    After tropical storm Fay my set top box says “Not authorized for use” and yes I have paid my bill, and also my Cablevision modem works as well. I called after tropical storm fay and the lady of at Cablevision, said she could not help me, and she did not know what to suggest I do. With Gonzalo coming down on us, I though no point go through all this pain I will deal with it later as I will probably lose it anyway. I was correct, all of it went, and yesterday my internet came back, great, but my set top box says the same thing.
    Cablevision, is this normal, if not how can I contact you?


    • kelly says:

      I used tinwork for a cable company in tech support, cable vision needs to send a signal to the box, try calling after hours you will get the american call center they are way more helpful the local one-

      • S says:

        Actually I have found that the foreign customer support team has no access to your account and can’t really do anything to help you. They are more polite though.

  3. Missing channels says:

    so what’s happened to Boomerang and Nickalodeon????

  4. Stevie G says:

    I was told by lady at cablevision this morning that Devonshire was being worked on today because of the accident on Dock hill. I do not see that listed. My guess is that people are going to be waiting nearly a month before cable comes back

    • Steve says:

      They’re lies, they tell you they’re working wherever you live, apparently they’re working on every road in Bermuda. Try it, call and say you’re from anywhere and they’ll tell you the same story.

  5. SomersetEveryDay! says:

    Still no cable up Boaz Island. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. The Kid says:

    Hey Cablevisioon how about a credit for the downtime

    • Mare says:

      Have been told that Cablevision will credit, but only if you ask for it. I strongly believe we should all be credited for the down time. They bill us for a full month of service and if they are not providing a full month…well I call that robbery. Unless Cablevision publicly announce they will give out credit for non-service, then it is up to each user to call and ask for it. Good luck!

    • This is why some departments overspend... says:

      This would be greatly appreciated! Credit the days there was no service available for use please.

  7. WDT says:


    • Jeremiah says:

      And you’re going to have to pay for it too. Cablevision need to get their finger out and announce that they will not be charging for time off line. Customers are planning to leave them in droves and a simple announcement will go a long way to appeasing existing customers who are out and those like myself who will cancel if there is no pro rata refund.

  8. Reality says:

    Things more likely to happen before CableVision ever (a) gives out credits (b) increases their internet speeds and (c) makes HD channels free like every other country in the world.

    *Ebola’s arrival
    *1st US female president
    *Jesus Returning
    *Columbus Short back on Scandal
    * Magic Johnson’s son marrying a woman

  9. flikel says:

    I live in Ord Road, Paget and have no cable…has this area been worked on? I am not sure if the general area is out, or if I have a specific problem.

    I have electricity and phone, but no cable.

  10. Former Union Member says:

    Still no service at Mizzentop in Warwick since BEFORE TS Fay. I went online yesterday (at work) to research alternatives. Meh. I think all the internet/tv subscribers make things intentionally confusing so there is no clear winner. Other than a general disgust with how Cablevision has handled this for the past two weeks does anyone know of a clear ‘good’ internet/tv provider?

    • Come Correct says:

      Vdsl+G-box=your problem solved x F U TV providers.

  11. FRUSTRATED says:


  12. Belmont says:

    Still no cable or internet service in Belmont Hills – last posting from Cablevision said they were working on it 3 days ago – still nothing! It has been 2 weeks! Again, call and get a voice mailbox that is full. Poor customer service!!

  13. Mainstream says:

    Nowhere have I read anything to the effect of restoration in Sandy’s. Been two weeks no internet/cable in the whole neighborhood. Do they even care about the west?

  14. Kiskadee says:

    Cablevision has been out since Oct. 11 at Belmont. Logic TV has been on. I would think this could mean a loss of customers for Cablevision in the future.

  15. Sure you are! says:

    Kings Gate Lane STILL out since Fay. Box shows 90. No Cable No internet, no refund from Logic will be given because “it’s not our problem”!!! Logic can’t provide us with cable for “2-3 weeks, possbily a month”, WOW…same answer. The moment we are able to ditch Cablevision service it will be done! POOR Customer Service!! Get organized Cablevision and start giving your customers a better and true estimate of restoration.

  16. Warwick Resident says:

    I agree absolutely that Cablevision has not kept customers up to date and it is extremely difficult to get any answers but in general the broadband connection via Cablevision is more robust than BTC. What is disgraceful is Northrock since it was taken over by Logic – the service drops out every weekend.

  17. Steve says:

    Yea, I’ve been out since Fay, when I contact them (several times) I just get the run around. Now I don’t trust what they say because all I get is they’re working on Spice Hill Road now, well that’s not what their phone message says, that’s not what they’re posting to the news companies.

    They won’t confirm if I’m on a list of outages, they lie about what’s happening, they brush you off.

    I’m moving to a land line now, I’ve had enough. Most people I know who have a land line didn’t lose Internet.

    They say they’re going to pro-rate our bills, they can pro-rate it and pay my Logic bill as well.

    Who wants to pay $100 for cable when you can get netflix for $8, who wants to pay for an internet service where the staff mislead you?

  18. This is why some departments overspend... says:

    Could you also advise on Westmount Lane (just past Warwickshire Road) as well please?

  19. Come Correct says:

    Get a G-box and get everything free. I mean everything. Live TV, all the latest movies and TV shows. I in no way am connected with selling these, I have the software on my laptop connected to my TV. The day I get G-boxes for all my TVs is the day I cut my service provider. Put them out of business if they can’t deliver what you pay for.