Video: Rachael Ray Show To Feature Bermuda

October 30, 2014

[Updated with video] Bermuda will be featured on the Rachael Ray Show in her biggest giveaway show called “Thanks a Million” later this evening [Oct 30], with the entire audience set to receive round-trip airfare to Bermuda and a three- night stay at the Fairmont Southampton.

The episode features host Rachael Ray giving away a total of $1 million of gifts to real-life heroes in the hospitality industry — everyone from a chef dedicated to getting at-risk kids back on their feet, to a waiter who saved a baby’s life.


For the final prize of the show, the entire audience was surprised with round-trip airfare to Bermuda and a three- night stay at The Fairmont Southampton, sponsored by the resort and Bermuda Tourism Authority. The show featured video and images of the hotel and the island.

Regional Director of Sales & Marketing at The Fairmont Southampton, Shelley Meszoly, explains that the opportunity came at the perfect time, “Following the two storms that Bermuda experienced, we found ourselves looking for an innovative way to tell our key markets that Bermuda is open for business.

“We have a significant number of room nights to make up for, and The Rachael Ray Show contacted us with this unique idea. We are thrilled to honour the hard-working hospitality industry members with these prizes, and the exposure that we have received on the program is fantastic for the resort and the destination.”

“The Bermuda Tourism Authority is proud to work with The Fairmont Southampton and The Rachael Ray Show to honour the incredible work of front-line hospitality workers, said Victoria Isley, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer for the Bermuda Tourism Authority.

“Bermuda embraces the spirit of hospitality so we believe this was a perfect opportunity to reward great individuals and showcase the island experience.”

This episode of the Rachael Ray Show is due to air on Thursday, October 30.

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  1. Runner says:

    If only I had my Cable Vision working again, I could actually watch it. Can someone please tape it or DVR it for me?

    • mike says:

      I’ll send you the transcripts. That way you won’t need cable to know what happened.

  2. Marge says:

    What time does the show come on tonight ?

  3. Island Spice says:

    According to this report….Its “sponsored by the resort and Bermuda Tourism Authority”….Sooo this is where Tax payers money is getting spent. Things that make you say WTF.

    As a middle class citizen I’m simply begging for a break…In all reality this is what Bermudian TAX PAYERS are flipping paying for???

    OBA Please sort it out NOW….Enought of this BS.

    • Mike says:

      Instead of looking at the negative every time…please look at the positive!! This one show opens up the door to many more tourist wanting to visit the island and yes…spend money…which in turn helps the working people of Bermuda. Especially those in the hospitality industry. Please lets open our minds just a bit and stop complaining all of the time!! Its not healthy!

    • hmmm says:

      How much money does it cost to advertise on US TV with a well known celebrity ????

      This costs very little in comparison. To work a story to get a slot on a TV show is fantastic advertising and exposure for Bermuda.

      Remind me of what the PLP Global Hue contract achieved.

  4. haha says:

    What channel n what time?

  5. MA$E says:

    Confused …. why are we going after stay at home house wives with Reality Shows and mid day talk shows ??
    Shouldn’t we be courting the Manhattan crowd that frequents the Hamptons ,the growing Toronto down town core or the posh London crowds of Mayfair, Soho and The City ?

    Most will call this post negative.

    Im simply tired of the constant misreading of the marketplace from local Tourism professionals. Every current metric and number points to a shift in spending to a younger millennial money crowd yet we continue to try and recreate the 1980′s chasing after baby boomers and the Pensioner.

    any publicity for Bermuda is good at this point but we seem totally out of touch with who is living in the metropolitan hubs that should make up the majority of our visitors.

    i know i know … if you say anything critical your either a OBA loyalist or a PLP loyalists

    how about im a citizen forming my own thoughts and ideas after looking at the numbers and data available.

  6. Wow says:

    Wow thats amazing!

  7. Marge says:

    I think this IS fantastic advertising…. great job Fairmont and the BTA.

  8. On de Hill says:

    Island Spice, what money do you think paid for all the marketing and advertising for tourism over the decades? Tax payers money! The BTA has almost half the budget that was spent (taxpayers money) on tourism in 2008. We should all hope that the BTA is successful cause Bda would be successful but the BTA is being asked to turn around this industry with a fraction of what has been spent historically of, yes, taxpayers money.

  9. dtg says:

    Island Spice
    This is a great way for people to know about Bermuda. If you talk to many tourists… they can not come to Bermuda only once… they have to come back. Its a great way to promote Bermuda…. You have to spend money to make money……..

    Give the Tourism Authority and the OBA a break….

    I feel they are doing a lot to get recognition to the Island like they did with The UK Xfactor…brining a judge here with their singers… Great Promotion…

  10. head scratcher says:

    Seems like not the best use of tourism funds. It’s a nationally oriented show, so most viewers are far from our core east coast markets. And it’s a somewhat downscale show, rather than the top-1% visitors who can actually afford Bermuda. I don’t know how big the audience is, but this seems expensive, poorly targeted, and reactionary (“they contacted us”, not “we had a plan and this was part of it”).

  11. kindley says:

    I only I had known I would have tried to get a ticket to her show. What I wouldn’t give to receive such a gift.

    Will be watching.

    • FYI says:

      By your comment I will take it that you are a bit misinformed. All of the guests at the show are not people who BOUGHT tickets. Every single guest in the audience work within the industry of hospitality and service and were nominated and voted on as ‘Shining Stars’ within their respective communities.

  12. Awake says:

    Island Spice, have you ever heard “you have to spend money to make money”? Are you really that simple (along with those that “liked” your comment)? Do you not understand how many viewers watch Rachel Ray and how this episode will encourage people to travel to Bermuda regardless of where they stay? Do you not understand this helps to pay off the debt the PLP left us with? You clearly don’t understand economics!!!

  13. Just wondering says:

    great job to the Fairmont group and BTA – might i make one suggestion in future? can’t you approach other local business and tour operators so they can offer add ons to this great gift to those coming out here? I would guarantee you some operators would willingly provide a free tour or gift in exchange for some name “mentioning” on her show

    • pay up says:

      Be prepared to pony up. Just donating something isn’t enough. You have to donate and pay a ton to get it promoted too.