RUBiS Moves To Dispel Fuel Shortage Rumour

October 15, 2014

RUBis said they are aware of a rumour circulating that a fuel tanker ship has been diverted away from Bermuda due to Hurricane Gonzalo, and said they don’t have any fuel tankers scheduled to arrive, none have been diverted away, and RUBiS “has sufficient inventory to replenish the needs of our customers.”

Jermaine Simons, Sales Manager of RUBiS Energy Bermuda, said, “RUBis Energy Bermuda is aware of a rumour circulating that a fuel tanker ship has been diverted away from Bermuda due to Hurricane Gonzalo.

“We can confirm that RUBiS Energy Bermuda does not have any fuel tankers scheduled to arrive in Bermuda at this time and certainly none have been diverted away from the Island. RUBiS Energy Bermuda has sufficient inventory to replenish the needs of our valued customers during this period of high demand.

“As expected, when a Hurricane Watch is issued, there is a surge of fuel purchases.  This higher than normal level of increased activity can lead to extended waiting periods at the stations to refuel, and has the potential to be a stressful situations for customers.  We encourage everyone to exercise patience during this time.

“When an approaching storm is identified as a potential threat to Bermuda, RUBiS enacts our hurricane contingency plan to ensure that all RUBiS Service Stations have sufficient supplies for peak demand.

“With our Demand Monitoring System, we encourage customers to fill up early during the Hurricane Watch period which allows us to understand demand and to replenish stations in the short time frame available before any storm hits. In fact, our distribution fleet has been working 15-hour days this week to meet this demand and we would like to publicly thank them for their hard work and dedication.

“It is important to practice safety when handling fuel, especially when using portable containers.  If using a container for gasoline, we advise that customers use only approved containers.

“It is not wise to store gasoline in a glass container, or a plastic container that is not rated for gasoline storage.  Please do not use your car as storage for your container.  Containers should be kept out of direct sunlight, and in a ventilated environment. For more safety tips, please visit our website.

“RUBiS Energy Bermuda will be updating the motoring public as to the closing and opening status of our stations via our Facebook page.”

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