Audio: BBC Sport’s “Bermudian Double Act”

November 9, 2014

BBC Sportsworld featured what they termed a “Bermudian Double Act” yesterday [Nov 8], showcasing two of the island’s top athletes, with the 10-minute interview featuring footballer Shaun Goater and track & field athlete Nicky Saunders.

The text that accompanied the interview said, “Nick Saunders, who was Commonwealth Champion in 1990, became the first Bermudian to win a gold medal at a major event, and he was joined by Shaun Goater, the former Bermudian striker who scored 32 goals in 36 appearances for his country and was always a potent threat in the Premier league for Manchester City.”

Listen to the 10 minute interview with the BBC below:

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Comments (4)

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  1. Coffee says:

    Legends !

  2. Ruthless says:

    And then comes from away and treated like crap

    • What have they done for us lately?

      • Longtail says:

        Typical ‘entitlement’ comment…. expecting others to ‘do for us’. Instead we should all aspire to make our own achievements as Shaun and Nick have so clearly done!