Bermuda Programmers Invited To Hackathon

November 27, 2014

Members of the Bermuda programming community are currently working to build a team of coders to represent the island at the upcoming Global Hackathon, with cash prizes and credit at industry providers on the line for the competition’s winners.

The event’s official website says, “Traditional hackathons are all about the location and although we love the good old fashioned way of hacking together an awesome project, our browsers are now strong enough that distance is of no consequence when it comes to creating awesome projects.

“We can and should get together to write code and create awesome projects, regardless of where we are.

“Welcome to the World’s First Global Virtual Hackathon.

“This event is intended to connect developers across the globe and get them to code together irrespective of their locations. You will problem solve and build with old or new team members and try to win.”

Programmers looking to take part in the competition can apply for the team by visiting its Facebook page.

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