BFA Comments Following Recent Shootings

November 13, 2014

The Bermuda Football Association [BFA] Executive Committee held an emergency meeting yesterday evening [Nov 12] in order to discuss the events of November 11th, which saw a shooting outside of Somerset Cricket Club that injured four men, which followed a shooting in Devonshire after the Dudley Eve Final.

A BFA spokesperson said, “In respect of the Dudley Eve Final held at the National Sports Centre, the BFA were pleased to note that almost a thousand people attended the match. Led by the Minister of Sports and other dignataries, we held a Minute’s Silence before the start in honour of Remembrance Day.

Police statement following the two shootings:

“It was an enjoyable and well-fought match with the players on the field entertaining the crowd to some exciting football. The players demonstrated good sportsmanship and were most respectful to each other on the pitch. The Prize Presentation was an honour to Dudley Eve as his family presented medals and the Trophy.

“Therefore, we were most disappointed with the events that took place outside the grounds of the NSC on Parsons Road some time after the game had finished. The BFA encourages anyone who can assist the Bermuda Police to contact them and/or to use the CrimeStoppers hotline.

“In respect of the incident at Somerset Cricket Club, the BFA again encourages anyone with information to contact the Bermuda Police or the CrimeStoppers hotline. Our communities and individuals must do everything we can to stamp out anti-social behavior and unlawful conduct, especially the use of firearms.

“The BFA stands solidly with our Member Club Somerset Cricket Club in the wake of this senseless incident. We extend any assistance that we can to Somerset Cricket Club and Community. Our heartfelt best wishes go out to the individuals who were injured, their families and the SCC Family who were present and/or affected by the incident.

“We are confident that activities such as football and other sports will always triumph over anti-social behavior. Together, with SCC and all our Clubs, we will do our best to stamp out such behaviours and to show our youth that there are many benefits to positive activity whilst violence can only lead to tragic consequences and very long terms of imprisonment to convicted people.

“The BFA extends its sincere thanks to the Commissioner of Police and the Bermuda Police Service members for all its excellent support and assistance in dealing with these matters.

“We urge people to bring an end to gun violence and gang violence. We encourage such people to hand in any firearms, to declare an end to such violence, to come sit at the same table with us to work out a peace plan, to shake hands, to be free to travel up and down the Island and to love and respect each other as brothers and sisters of our beautiful Bermuda.”

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  1. A Photog says:

    What they didn’t comment on was tge safety of players and fans at the games and measures they them selves will be taking to prevent incidents

  2. steve says:

    Just stop the football until someone comes forward with the info.

  3. Watcher says:

    Cancel the games this weekend the police are stretched thin already. They obviously could be doing without having to have officers at the BFA games. Cause they’ll need to be there as the security offered at most games by the association and clubs themselves is laughable

    • Self says:

      @ Steve and Watcher, while we’re at it why don’t we all lock our doors and stay inside for the rest of our lives?
      I am not a football fan and I don’t attend the games, but many people enjoy them. Is it fair to give in to these thugs and continue to cancel events? We cancel football games what will be next? They will find someplace else where people congregate to start trouble.
      I fully understand that the BPS is spread thin and it’s not their responsibility to act as security guards. However, they do provide a service where off duty officers are hired to do security. Perhaps the BFA can do this in conjunction with privaty security firms.

  4. Tree Planter says:

    And you wonder why are sports are not doing well this is just one piece of the puzzle that erodes our development.