November TV Promises To Bring New Series

November 5, 2014

[Written by Shavonne Jeffries, Bermuda CableVision]

For those of you who can tear yourself away from British Premier League football, you might want to consider checking out some of the new shows coming out this month on cable. This is only a small slice of what is out there.

“Search For The Lost Giants”

Premieres Tuesday, November 4, at 11pm on History Channel

In the New Testament, the Bible says, “There were giants on the earth in those days.” In this new series, brothers Bill and Jim Viera set off on a nationwide quest to see if there is any evidence to back this up.

The brothers are stonemasons who came across something in the Massachusetts woods several years ago that would change their lives forever: a set of ancient stone structures and tunnels that could hold the keys to information about a lost civilisation.

“Search For The Lost Giants” trailer:

Delving into research, they found dozens of accounts of bones and skeletons of giants all over the U.S. According to articles and various historical documents, many of the remains were those of 9-12-feet tall individuals. But none of the reported skeletons can be found in any museum. If these giants once existed, where is the evidence today?

“The Game”

Series Premiere – Wednesday, November 5 at 11 pm on BBC America

This six-part Cold War spy thriller is the BBC’s answer to The Americans, but going back even further in time, to the 1970s, and set in the UK rather than the USA. Starring Brian Cox, the series revolves around MI5′s attempt to thwart a secret Soviet plot revealed by a KGB defector.

The series is being hailed as an “edge-of-your-seat thrill ride,” and was created by Toby Whithouse, actor, comedian and screenwriter, of “Being Human” and ” Doctor Who” fame.

“Holiday Baking Championship”

Series premiere – Sunday, November 9, at 10pm on Food Network

It’s certainly never too early to start thinking about scrumptious baked goods for the holidays. Since nothing makes family and friends happier, why not start testing and perfecting some new recipes and techniques?

This new reality series features eight bakers with a range of skills, and family recipes, competing for a grand prize of $50,000. The show’s website has recipes, background information about the competitors, and a place for you vote for your favourite baker right there.

Go to:

“Saving Africa’s Giants, with Yao Ming”

Special Documentary Presentation – Tuesday, November 18, at 11pm on Animal Planet

In this feature documentary, WildAid and world-renowned basketball star and wildlife advocate Yao Ming expose the African poaching epidemic, which is threatening to render African elephant populations extinct.
The announcement of the documentary came in conjunction with the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting in New York and the organisation’s Commitment to Action to Save African Elephants. Last year alone, 25,000 African elephants were killed, with a total of 4.5 million having been killed in the last 60 years. Fortunately, these giants have friends in high places, notably Yao Ming.

“Saving Africa’s Giants, with Yao Ming” trailor:

Says Peter Knights, executive director of WildAid, “Yao represents the next generation of conservationists. Having him as an ambassador is probably the best thing that could happen to wildlife.” Yao points out that the real battle is not in Africa but in the marketplace. He meets with world-famous elephant expert Sir Iain Douglas-Hamilton, who echoes WildAid’s dire message, adding that it is a race against time for these elephants, and when the buying stops, so will the killing.

“EAT: The Story of Food”

Special six-part miniseries- debuts Friday, November 21, at 10pm and continues nightly through November 23, on NatGeo

To gain the full understanding of this special miniseries, you need to know about, an online portal created by the National Geographic Society to explore the future of food. There you will find a short motion graphic video called “Food by the Numbers,” which talks about solutions to feeding the world’s growing population. NatGeo has been working with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations on joint events to educate and promote awareness about hunger and nutrition.

“EAT: The Story of Food” trailer

The site also has an interactive world diet calculator revealing 40 years of changes in food consumption across 22 countries. Check out some of the lively discussions with famous chefs. Then tune in on November 21 for the miniseries, which will explore how food has defined human civilization. Overall a fascinating and worthwhile endeavour by NatGeo.

Happy viewing! We will see you here again next month for more picks.

- Shavonne Jeffries

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