Video: ‘I Will Lead By Example In My Community’

November 17, 2014

A YouTuber going by the name ‘Sportin Sam’ has uploaded three videos in the last two days, encouraging young Bermudian men to turn away from the gang lifestyle and adopt a more positive mentality.

The videos — which feature the young man offering words of advice while speaking directly into the camera — have attained over 6,000 views in the only two days.

Posting on YouTube, ‘Sportin Sam’ said, “Today I make a pledge to my community to be accountable for my actions as a man. A black man.

“I pledge to hold my brothers & sisters accountable for their actions. I will help my brothers & sisters where ever I can. I will lead by example in my community. I will no longer perpetuate the vicious cycle…”

Speaking in one of the videos, he said, “Today we’re going to talk about friends. It’s simple. Friends, right?

“We’re just going into a very crucial time right now economically, socially, so I thought it was important to address friends and show young people what a friend is supposed to be and contrast what isn’t a friend, what is more so we like to call an acquaintance.

“Friends don’t let friends go around killing people….,” he added, “A lot of your friends are just acquaintances.

“They just happen to be going the same place you’re going. You may be in school together. You think that they’re your friend. They’re just acquaintances. They haven’t proven themselves as friends yet. Friends won’t battle for you.”

“I say that to say this. All you lot out there banging right now, those ain’t your friends….

“You don’t want a path with destruction. You can’t see that? The only way out of this is death or prison. You keep going, that’s the only way you’re going to get out is death or prison.

“Even when you’re in prison for 30 years, you’re still in it because there’s still beef behind them walls. Check your friends. Your friends ain’t your friends. You think they’re your friends because you don’t know no better.

“Check your friends. You’re not a good friend. If you’re doing a peck like that, you’re not a good friend. Friends hold other friends accountable. If my friend does something that I don’t think is right, I say, “Yo, eh, that weren’t right, man. You was out of line. You was out of line. I’m going to tell you if nobody else is going tell you because I want you to tell me.”

“If you want to attract good friends, try being a good friend. When people see that, it’s addictive. They want to be around you. You know what you end up becoming inadvertently? A leader. Be a leader. Don’t be a follower. We’re following the wrong things. Be a leader… it’s in your blood to lead. You’re a man, a young man, lead.”

All of “Sportin Sam’s” videos can be found here on his YouTube channel.

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  1. m says:


  2. Karma says:

    Saw all three and loved all of was inspiring to see a young man who at his age came be on the same path of destruction but instead chose to be a BETTER man. I hope and pray his messages reaches those who need to hear the RAW TRUTH!!

  3. Clever Neville says:


  4. IJS says:

    Well said Mr. Minors, Please continue talking to our young people. I am quite sure that one or many are listening and to those of you whom want change ask for help. Think about what you’re doing to your life and your children life just ask for help it’s only a phone call away.

  5. Godma Crystal says:

    Amazing!! I’m very proud of you and I love you CJ!!

  6. Cow Polly says:

    Respect to you sir and thanks

  7. Real talk(original) says:

    Much respect to this young man for taking a stand.
    This is a crisis of community… we need our black males to lead the charge.

    • Chumba Womba says:

      Why must black males lead the charge, why not just males, or why not young people in general? Strength is found in numbers, not in colour? I think this young man is on the right path and is on point! However, it would be great if others from the White, Portuguese, West Indian, Asian and others in the community join him and reach out to all troubled youth.

      • young observer says:

        Remember it is not there problem, yet!

        We have to take care of this ourselves, I applaud this guy. He breaking the ice, he has done what so many of us young black men are afraid to do which is speak out.

        Five stars for Sporting Sam.

  8. islandsistah says:

    Well said. I watched all three. Now, lets keep this wise young man away from the politicians – his message is TOO important to mess it up with politics!

  9. YES I says:

    Great effort by someone who has the experience to share with the youth of today. Hopefully we can all hear his cry and look at how we can contribute to cleaning up our streets.

  10. aceboy says:

    Why does he say, in his “Message to the Shooters” video, that right now it is a win/win situation for the government. He states that when a black man is killed there is “one less for them to worry about”.

    Sorry, your message is generally good, but stuff like that is what is wrong with this island.

    • Global says:

      He’s pointing out that ppl do indeed feel this way, namely those who are in a position of power, control/make laws; pass bills etc. let’s be real…

  11. Justice For All says:

    So so proud of my godson for taking a stand and trying to reach out. Well said and continue to lead by example in a positive manner CJ!!! Love you!!!

  12. rantastic says:

    well done bra