Sir Ben Ainslie Pays Premier A Courtesy Call

January 19, 2015

Captain of Britain’s team challenge for the America’s Cup, Sir Ben Ainslie, stopped in at the Cabinet Office for a courtesy call on Premier Michael Dunkley this afternoon [Jan 19]

Sailing’s most decorated Olympic sailor, Sir Ben was called up midway through the 2013 America’s Cup series to help complete the dramatic come-from-behind victory for Oracle Team USA over Team New Zealand.

Minister of Tourism and Transport Shawn Crockwell, Premier Dunkley, Sir Ben, Minister for Community, Culture and Sports Patricia Gordon-Pamplin and Minister for Economic Development Dr. Grant Gibbons.

Premier with Sir Ben and Cabinet members

And now as the skipper for the British challenge for 2017, he sat down and visited with the Premier and Cabinet colleagues.

The Premier welcomed Sir Ben by presenting him with a copy of Generations Apart, N.E. Lusher Revisited, a book by government photographer Ashley Lusher.

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  1. BDACSI says:

    An investigating report needs to ask:

    “Sir Ben welcome back to Bermuda, can you please share with us exactly how much it cost the Bermudian taxpayers to bring AC to Bermuda?”

    next question

    “Sir Ben, did the Bermudian taxpayers have to pink up to you or any of your companies any promises or monies or in kind services to you or anyone you are aware of?” oh “And if so, to whom and how much?”

    • BTCHECKER says:

      Or – read the report by Dr Gibbons and the Act which has all this information in it….?

      Course not – you would rather imply things and taint the entire cup. Basically because you have a chip on your shoulder the size of Deliverance

  2. BDACSI says:

    Another investigating reporter ask:

    “Sir Ben, the majority of Black Bermudians are concerned about benefiting financially from AC2017 and as Bermuda is racially economically segregated, how do you see AC2017 benefiting the 70% of Bermuda’s Black population, who are generally shut out of business financial decisions & gains?”

    • Cardine Alice says:

      That’s a Bermudian problem, not his problem. If you’d prefer, hand the Cup to San Diego or someplace willing and able.

  3. Couch Sailor says:

    I want to sit on my behind warming my couch. How can I make a million dollars off the AC2017 while warming my couch? I hear that as you sail these boats the hundred dollar bills come out of the bilges. Can you please arrange direct transfers to my bank account instead, oh, and make it snappy, mr whoever you are.

    Ps I have never sailed or supported any sailing anywhere in bermuda or the world before, but I Ask not what I can do to help this event be a success, but what can you and this sail boat thing do for ME !!!!

    • aceboy says:

      Give the guy a chance….so what do YOU plan to do to make money from the AC BDACSI? How will being black stop your plan from happening?

      • BDACSI says:

        Reporter response:

        “Sir Ben, most of the wealthy people in Bermuda are white, most of the poor are black, hence the history of race division. Don’t believe what is fed in the media that blacks will ‘Sit on the couch” expecting any handouts.” History will show that they are not privy to the business decisions as you can see the taxpayers are not privy to how much was given to successfully get the AC2017. How will AC2017 benefit all in the community?”

        • aceboy says:

          My 11 year old daughter and 14 year old son are asking their mother and I if they can do a food stall during the AC. If not food, what about T-shirts/clothes…they ask.

          I also have a 15 year old who wants to do some performing during the event and has asked us to look into the necessary license/permit.

          3 little kids, all eager to try and benefit and all asking the RIGHT questions.

  4. So to speak…

  5. Cookie Monster says:

    The online blogs are doing there part to welcome Sir Ben. This is exactly the type of rhetoric that is leading to our demise !

  6. Tony says:

    I have a number of ideas as to how to make money out of the America’s Cup. It isn’t rocket science. It just requires a bit of effort and a willingness to work instead of waiting for it to be handed to you on a plate.

  7. Dread says:

    I hope I can find a way to get some AC dollars into my pocket.

  8. Couch Sailor says:

    You mean I have to think and work? Hopefully not at the sane time. Can’t I get paid to sit around and complain