Premier, Public Works Minister Conduct Site Visit

January 23, 2015

Earlier today [Jan 23] the Premier Michael Dunkley and the Minister of Public Works Craig Cannonier visited the Botanical Gardens to assess the progress of two ongoing projects.

The first stop was at Camden to view the upgrades and refurbishments taking place at Camden.

Premier site visits (1)

A Cabinet Office spokesperson said , “Camden is a considerably old and historic building and most recently, it sustained some damage during the back to back hurricanes last October. It is currently undergoing a series of upgrades and refurbishments, including painting, refurbishments of the wood interior as well as other maintenance works.

“The project is being managed, overseen and worked on by the Ministry of Public Works and its employees, and today Premier Dunkley and Minister Cannonier took the opportunity see some of the work being conducted first hand.”

Following the Camden site visit, Premier Dunkley and Minister Cannonier headed to the location of the construction works taking place at the site of the Department of Parks maintenance yard.

Premier site visits (2)

Premier Dunkley said he is “well aware of the concerns raised by area residents”. He noted that this week the Ministry of Public Works had addressed any public concerns regarding the construction site, however Government is very keen to hear from the concerned residents directly and will undertake to meet with them to discuss their issues face to face.

Premier Dunkley and Minister Cannonier were accompanied on today’s site visit by the Cabinet Secretary Dr. Derrick Binns and Ministry of Public Works Permanent Secretary Marva O’Brien.

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  1. SMH says:

    Wasn’t the Parks Maintenance listed as one of the departments to be privatized in the last budget? Why are we spending money building something for a department that might not even be here in a year? Makes absolutely no sense. SMH

  2. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    The need to pass the” WHAT IF” law.

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    That there is some serious rot in that balcony post. It did not happen just in the last few years. It is the result of many years neglect with little or no maintenance.

    It is as bad as the neglect at Gibbs Lighthouse. Who let that happen? Who was Minister of W&E? Who was Director of W&E? Who was in charge of the buildings maintenance at W&E?

    Yet another Government department ripe for privatisation.