Four Men Appear In Court On Sex Charges

February 2, 2015

Appearing in the Supreme Court Monthly Arraignments Session today [Feb 2] four men — none of whom were connected to each other — faced a number of charges involving sexual allegations.

A 36 year old man pleaded not guilty to multiple charges involving intruding on the privacy of a girl, sexual exploitation, and acts of indecency involving children.  Three girls, all under 16, were alleged to be the victims. The man will remain free on bail until his trial starts in June.

A 22 year old man pleaded not guilty to multiple counts involving unlawful carnal knowledge, sexual exploitation, and luring. One young girl, who was under the age of 14, was alleged to be the victim. The man’s bail was extended and he goes to trial in April.

A  20 year old man pleaded not guilty to unlawful carnal knowledge and luring. The man will remain in custody and he will reappear at the next Arraignment.

Finally, a 50 year old man pleaded not guilty to the serious sexual assault of a woman and to depriving the woman of her liberty. The charge alleged that this happened in November 2014.  The man was remanded into custody pending a bail hearing.

None of the four defendants can legally be named at this stage of the proceedings.

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