Woman Robbed Of Cycle At Gunpoint In Warwick

February 4, 2015

[Updated - Police release details of stolen bike & appeal for witnesses] A robbery has occurred in the South Road, Warwick area earlier today [Feb 4] with the assailant allegedly producing a firearm in the process.

Police have a heavy presence in the area. Details are limited at this time, however we will update with official information as it becomes available.

Update 2.17pm: Police confirm a female guest worker was accosted by three male suspects on two motorcycles while she was riding on South Road near Astwood Park. The woman’s motorcycle was taken from her and during the incident, one of the suspects brandished what appeared to be a firearm.

Update 2.19pm: Audio statement from Police spokesperson Robin Simmons.

Update 3.19pm: A Police spokesperson said, “Around 11:30am on Wednesday, February 4th police officers were dispatched to a reported ‎robbery of a motorcycle.

“It appears that the rider, believed to be a female guest worker in her 30s, was robbed of her motorcycle while riding in the South Road Warwick area near Astwood Park by ‎three male suspects on two motorcycles.

“The three male suspects involved in this incident were described as wearing dark coloured clothing and dark coloured helmets. One of the suspects apparently brandished what appeared to be a firearm during the incident.

“There were no reported injuries and police are appealing for witnesses or anyone who may have been in the ‎Astwood Park area around 11:30am Wednesday to contact the main police telephone number 295-0011 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477.”

Update 10.07pm: A Police spokesperson said, “Investigators continue to appeal for witnesses to a reported robbery of a motorcycle from a 33 year old female guest worker riding along South Road in Warwick near Astwood Park that occurred around 11:30am Wednesday, February 4th.

“The three male suspects on two dark coloured motorcycles, one brandishing what appeared to be a firearm, were described as wearing dark coloured clothing and dark coloured helmets. The female guest worker was not injured during the incident.

“The stolen motorcycle is described as a black Honda Airblade bearing license plate BZ831.

“Detectives are particularly interested in speaking with any persons that saw any suspicious behaviour by three unknown males on dark coloured motorcycles in the area of South Road, Warwick near Astwood Park between 11:15am and 11:30am Wednesday.

“In addition, any member of the public who may have seen two or three dark coloured motorcycles riding together at a high rate of speed in the adjoining areas of Warwick are encouraged to come forward with whatever details they can provide, as that information may be useful.

“Anyone that can assist this ongoing investigation should contact the Criminal Investigation Department on telephone number 247-1744, or alternatively call the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers hotline 800-8477 at the earliest opportunity.”

Update 11.24pm: Shadow Public Safety Minister Walter Roban said, “The armed robbery at Astwood Park is a grim reminder that our community has yet to come to grips with gun violence, anti-social behavior and lawlessness.

“The fact is that no police officer, no politician, and no community group alone can resolve this ongoing cycle of criminality; it required all of us, cooperating and fighting for a Bermuda where each of us can walk the streets in safety.

“We extend our sympathy to the victim and we encourage all Bermudians to stand strong and stay committed to doing their part to restore law and good order to our community.”

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  1. C James says:


    Drain – here comes Bermuda.

    Goodbye America’s Cup
    Hello PLP
    Goodbye all the expats (aka whites)
    Hello to the Bermuda you always wanted

    No foreigners, no money, no hope.

    Just grass roots Bermudians.

    Hope you enjoy it.

    • runner says:

      indeed! be careful what you wish for Bermudap

    • PBanks says:

      This is really the most arrogant, ignorant and insensitive thing posted online today.

      • Eric Shawn says:

        Why? Because it’s true?

        I’m sorry that your precious sensibilities can’t allow you to see any further than what offends you.

        • Philip Barnett says:

          No, because it is idiotic, prejudiced and almost racist drivel.

          This is a terrible crime and 99% of Bermudians will find it abhorrent. They will also demand that the criminals be brought to justice.

          Keep politics out of it.

          • Impressive says:

            Thank you Mr. Barnett. Regardless of what political side of the offense one may sit, I am sure no decent upstanding citizen would condone such an act, and that means OBA, UBP, PLP for those who need things to be written out for them.. Why does everything have to be political in a few seconds.

            There are over 200 countries on this earth, please tell me how many of them who are inhabited by humans don’t have crime??

            Some of us may differ in various ways, but for the most part there are circumstances that we all can relate to or object to together.. Don’t point the picture as if this only happens in Bermuda.. Stop the nonsense..

          • Impressive says:

            And do you know what the sad thing is,, over 86 people have liked the comment,, that means there are at least 86 people with some very twisted mindsets, if not living in Bermuda, in some way associated with Bermuda.. Dear oh Dear.

          • say it aint so says:

            I walk that way everyday! Wow! I never see anything suspicious. So sad!

    • Southampton #29 says:

      What a negative and ignorant comment all wrapped up in one stupid post. Really? you are exactly the type of person who wishes for the worst. You need to pack your bags and leave with the so-called whites you talk about I am baffled as to why you would post such negative comments and bring race into? People like you are people that divide the races.

    • Mr. JiF says:

      This comment is hilarious … And if it means asinine people such as yourself leave .. more power to the movement

    • Jr Smith says:

      now we see what people like C. James and many more like him think of us.

    • Mockingjay says:

      White people get robbed and killed in the Caribbean every year and their tourism numbers are up.

    • steve says:

      Aka whites! Did you bump your head this morning?

    • drunkenUrsula says:

      hopefully goodbye only to the NASTY expats like you and the paid bloggers…

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      And do NOT forget that $$2+ BILLION deficit for a tiny Island of 63,000 people!!

      Game – Set and match!!

  2. San George says:

    Share the gain or share the pain!

    Quo Fata Ferunt!

    • Kim Smith says:

      The gain will not be gotten by way of a silver platter! Individuals who wish to succeed in life must get involved and get invested. Sitting on the sidelines won’t cut it.

  3. Bermudian says:

    Your such *** for that comment expats aka whites shut the heck up expats come from all different races unless you know of a white world I know nothing about ? Loser

    • JLV says:

      I believe it was said in jest :)

    • Terry says:

      And if you deal in facts you will find that most of these types of crimes are upon visitors or people of white color.

      Now Gang violence is another issue but stealing a bike? Firearm?
      I doubt it. probably a Christmas toy.
      They are fools but not that stupid.

      • PBanks says:

        Wait, you’re suggesting that most robbery in Bermuda is of visitors or white people? Now that seems preposterous. Thieves don’t discriminate.

      • Impressive says:

        Terry, I often disagree with your comments, but I at least respected what you typed, but after today, you have hit the idiot level.. Most of these crimes are upon visitors or people of white color??? Really????? I guess you don’t talk to everyday Bermudians very much, I mean white and black people,, I really can’t believe you have the ignorance to post such nonsense.

        • Terry says:

          Your not.
          Reality is a *****.
          Shalom and don’t squeue my words.

    • Eric Shawn says:

      When people complain about ex-pats, they’re usually talking about the European/American ones rather than the West Indians or the Africans. So his comment was technically valid if we are honest with ourselves.

  4. wow says:

    C.James that was one of the most polarizing and ignorant comment I have read in a while. My hope is the woman is ok, and the police captures the crimminal(s). Also immature fools do not use isolated incidents to further divide our community.

    • Kim Smith says:

      (Relatively) isolated it may well be but that’s irrelevant… try telling that to the person who was robbed at gun point!

  5. C James says:

    Say what you want. The rot is setting in. A few people are destroying Bermuda day by day. All the good that has been done can be undone with a few incidences like this. When you get the Bermuda you asked for – don’t say I didn’t warn you.

    We are quite simply on the edge of a cliff. If we are sensible we may recover over a long period, if not – it is down down down to a place youve never seen.

    Like Jamaica the second, but without the export.

    • Impressive says:

      So because someone robs an individual that happens to be an expat, that means that the act was endorsed by the Unions and the PLP and it is an indication that people are getting the Bermuda we always wanted?? Mercy.. Once can’t make this stuff up..

    • MAKE MY DAY says:


  6. It’s time,(though time maybe overdue)for the voting population / all Bermudians to get in touch with their Government / Opposition representative of their area and demand Government call a special meeting to change the Laws pertaining to armed robbers and murders.
    Far too many walk out of our Courts smiling :-( Many time we see the sentence inadequate for the crime/s committed…Change the Laws please One Bermuda Alliance A.S.A.P.

  7. D says:

    Ugh…these losers with these guyz….go get a life

  8. PBanks says:

    Absolutely, positively disgusting. Hope somehow the authorities are able to nail these low-lifes.

    Also hoping that the woman is safe and sound and has the relevant support system to deal with what must be a truly traumatic experience.

  9. Oh no says:

    Oh no I hope the lady is ok. Was this the same spot as the other incident a handbag snatch or something like that int he summer time?? Gosh I pray she is ok. I hope the police catch the idiots that did this.

    • PBanks says:

      This does make one wonder if that particular area is a hotspot/target point for criminals.

  10. Very Sad says:

    This is very sad and awful for the lady that was involved. I hope that she reads the blogs and knows how horrified and embarrassed we right thinking Bermudians are that this happened to her. No one should have to go through such violation and we stand by you.

    Let’s let the police do their jobs and bring these reprobates to justice. I sure bet they wouldn’t like it if someone did something similar to one of their sisters, aunts, cousins or mom.

  11. aceboy says:

    We need to go full House Bolton on these thugs. A little flaying would go a long way to preventing future assaults.

  12. Joonya says:

    Hope she is ok. What is sad is that these cowards have all the opportunity to seek employment. Look at the papper everyday and see jobs seeking Bermudians only. Instead they prefer the easy life, and staying at momma’s house, all the while wearing designer hiphop fashions. Pathetic losers. Hope they are caught and the book is thrown at them!

    • Terry says:

      See C James statement.
      Truth is a beach.
      Reality is what is going to hit you in the * in a few years.
      Thanks PLP/BIU BUT et al.
      And all those CS that did not loose their jobs.
      Mark my words.

  13. Tree Hugger From Future BDA Alliance says:

    The rise in crime is the PLP’s fault, but my party, the OBA, will create jobs and put these unemployable lot back to work doing something for $50,000 a year just like we are doing with the non-furlough lot

    • Coffee says:

      Your party has also put up ten times the amount of CCTV cameras then the former government , let’s see if the investment paid off .

    • Tough Love says:

      Your party wants to privatize/fire those working for $50k and under. Probably will increase the crime rate since they won’t be able to feed themselves.

  14. C James says:

    Three guys and a gun all to get one bike off a woman. These guys should be embarrassed.

    However, they are doing a great job of completely ruining Bermuda. Time to put your heads in the sand and ignore what’s happening – maybe even try and insult me with a comment or two.

    People want to go places where it is safe. Where you don’t get held up in broad daylight. What these guys are doing is like a fast growing cancer. Ignor eit at your will.

  15. Amazed says:

    The description of these dudes appear to be the same all the time. dark clothing, dark helmets etc. surely there must be some other item of clothing that could be mentioned, like was it navy clothing or black or brown, bike description – give us something to look for.

    • Terry says:

      People in dark clothing with dark helmets riding around South Shore Road.|
      Take a photo.
      Oh thats right.
      don’t want to get involved but spend 8 hours on this TV screen.
      I need a double.

      • Terry says:

        They all wear dark clothing and helmets.
        Silly me.

    • Creamy says:

      There is one aspect of their description that is missing though, isn’t there.

  16. Guest27 says:

    I’d like know why the police didn’t release details about the bike. License Plate Number, make, model, colour, etc. It would go a long way in helping to catch these guys if the public knew what to look-out for.

    • PBanks says:

      It’s quite possible they simply don’t have that information, and the only thing they can look for is the woman’s bike itself… unless there were witnesses who can supply other details. Just have to hope they can find out who did this and nail them.

  17. LiarLiar says:

    Sorry C. James but crime is everywhere and is not unique to BDA.

    This will not affect the AC as there is much more crime in San Francisco (their last venue) than Bermuda.

  18. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    we need an “EQUALIZER”…it’s long overdue i’d say…

  19. swing voter says:

    some criminals are not worthy to enjoy westgate…..at $80K per prisoner per year, they should be sent to a less attractive facility off island.

    • never ending says:

      Death penalty! Hang em all!

    • Varied says:

      if by off-island you mean literally in the ocean, I think you’ll get some backing.

  20. nothing up my sleeve says:

    Seem like the next best spot for CCTV?

  21. Mr. JiF says:

    Nobody is asking how does three men rob someone of a moving motorcycle in broad day light on a very public road. And nobody witness a thing.

  22. Anna says:

    Why don’t the police release the make of the stolen bike and it’s license plate to the public – should help in finding the bike and the thieves.

  23. Ricardo Cardoso says:

    Questions I would want to explore:

    1. What are the details pertaining to the stolen motorcycle (make, model, colour, license plate?
    2. Are there a shortage of parts on the island for that make / model?
    3. Have there been any recent reported collisions involving individuals with that make / model?
    4. Does the local supplier have any video footage of recent customers inquiring about parts related to that make / model?
    5. Have any of the transmitter stations reported any hits with respect to that motorcycle passing through?
    6. Can the transmitter information be used to section off a geographical area as to where the motorcycle is likely to be?

    I think you can see where I am going with this train of thought. Must be exhausting chasing after these petty thieves! But in this case, the investment will be well worth it if it means one less firearm off the streets!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Too much trouble to do some detective work & go look for a bike. How many bikes are stolen every day? They figure the bike owner will claim insurance & get another.

      The thieves know that they are safe so they carry on with the thefts. Just another day in another world.

      Anywhere else a full description is made public. Vehicle description. Tag #. In a little place like this recovery should be easy.

  24. Huh ? says:

    All they took was the bike – they had a gun and all they took was the bike. I’m thinking there is more to this than has been released – the fact that they took the bike is bad but you mean to tell me they didn’t take her purse and they had a gun ?

  25. Dylan says:

    Find Them and Lock them up , any robbery but more daringly during daylight on a well travelled public road , they obviously don’t give a damn so put them away for years many years the first time you send this type of thug to jail for 20 years with no parole we might just make them think

  26. Terri says:

    Bring in someone who can control this population, please!! Bust their tails, and let’s get our peaceful, respectful and friendly island back. Sick of these idiots… very sorry to whomever this happened to :-(

  27. never ending says:

    There is a bike by MSA field just before Belco that seems to be discarded.

  28. Remove the Roaches! says:

    Pass a law so that animals like this get their hands chopped off at the flagpole on front street while the public gets to watch. They we can all cheer and spit on these animals!

    We need some Saudia Arabian style laws here! It works well as a deterant, if you have stumps left for hands you can’t steal or assault someone again can you?

  29. Sky Pilot says:

    Bring back the cat…lash them in the square in PUBLIC!
    anyone for soda and popcarn?

  30. Crad Mentality says:

    Sorry Bermuda but we are protecting our own criminals.

  31. Truth and Nothing but the Truth says:

    Well Said Walter Roban. Proof is in the pudding though. Reach out to your people and solve this one. Lets see how committed the community really is.

  32. Rock watcher says:

    Seriously can’t believe how this incident turned into a black/white…..PLP/OBA issue……this poor young lady had to endure this horrible crime who cares if she is white/ black/yellow or green it doesn’t matter……what she went through of being forced off her bike at GUN point that’s all you should be outraged at …..nothing else SMH!!!!!!!!

    • Varied says:

      Yup. Original report didn’t even suggest at the race of any of the parties involved, yet race (and politics) gets dragged into things. Typical.

  33. sorry, what? says:

    love how everyone here is only concerned with someone’s comment, not the fact that someone had their bike stolen. unreal.

    • Varied says:

      I’m pretty sure most people are far more concerned with the fact that the woman was robbed at gunpoint, and want the criminals caught immediately.

      Problem is you have some posters eager to suggest that instead, Bermudians WANT more of these crimes to happen, via statements like “Hello to the Bermuda you always wanted” and “Hope you enjoy it”.

      And somehow that comment got 253 ‘Likes’. Most are probably the same person signing in to re-click via proxy, but it’s still a bit disturbing.

  34. kiskadee says:

    This is so sad. I often take walks around beautiful Astwood Park. I do hope they are able to arrest the perpetrators and I hope the victim of this crime is not too traumatized.
    Please, Bermuda – we all must do a better job of raising our young people correctly from the time they are babies – with family stability, love, and guidance. It is our most important responsibility and the only way to truly maintain a civil society.