Shadow Minister & Minister: Road Safety Issues

February 11, 2015

Shadow Minister of Transport Lawrence Scott said that “while the Minister is focused on political gamesmanship he should be addressing the issues that impact on our roads,” while Transport Minister Shawn Crockwell said that Mr Scott is “very much aware” he is focused on addressing our road safety issues.”

Mr Scott said, “While the Minister is focused on political gamesmanship he should be addressing the issues that impact on our roads especially in light of the fact that in 2014 there were over 950 collisions on our roads resulting in 800 people sustaining injury; 140 of them classified as serious injuries or life threatening and unfortunately 16 of them resulting in a fatality.

“The human cost, 16 paid the ultimate price on our roads; and, the impact on the public purse, for every serious injury sustained on our roads cost the Bermudian tax payer upwards of $1,000,000 – this is not inclusive of the overall increase in health and vehicle insurance as a direct result of this national health crisis.

“While the Minister tries to deflect from the state of PTB, and the direct impact it has on the safety of the motoring public, I remind him that if he is serious about doing something to make our roads a safer place let’s move forward by both coming to the table, as soon as possible, and formulating a bipartisan plan whose aim would be to increase road safety and whose ultimate goal is saving lives,” added Mr Scott.

In response, Transport Minister Shawn Crockwell said, “MP Lawrence Scott is very much aware that I am focused on addressing our road safety issues and that I, along with the Bermuda Police Service and quite a number of other stakeholders, am quite serious about finding a solution for the immediate reduction in road collisions and fatalities.

“He and the Opposition Leader are invited guests to the Road Safety Summit that is being held todaywhich will address road safety challenges on Bermuda’s Roads and the intent is that we will all work to find solutions to this long-standing serious issue.”

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  1. Um Jus Sayin' says:

    Although I agree that something needs to be done about road safety, it is all depending on the mindset of those individuals who use the road. All sorts of measures can be put in place, but if ppl wish to continue to drive recklessly, under the influence, or with excessive speed, it cannot entirely rest on the shoulders of our politicians. People need to make that personal choice to drive safely, obey the laws, and be courteous of others.

    • PBanks says:

      Agreed that it’s personal responsibility, but when we have people who are completely careless and or reckless, and endangering innocents, then we need a crackdown from the powers that be.

  2. Runner says:

    Part of the problem is the deplorable state of some of our roads. Take South Shore Rd in Devonshire as an example – W&E have re-done a large portion basically between Point Finger and just east of Devonshire Bay. They did it quite quickly in the beginning but only because they simply paid new asphalt on top of the existing rather than “priming” the surface with the usual removal of old top layer prior to laying the new. Majority is fine but the most recently laid new asphalt is already falling apart in droves (and part of it already re-laid as the “new” had deteriated in a very short time span). We now have large section where there are very dangerous ruts in the road compounded with loose gravel. There will be a serious accident here before too long given this combination of deep ruts and gravel. Are W&E waiting for someone to be seriously hurt (or even killed) before this is addressed. Perhaps if the time was taken to properly lay the new asphalt rather than simply putting new on old, the problem wouldn’t be so bad, but…..

  3. Micro says:

    Scott to Crockwell – “I counter your political gamesmanship with my own political gamesmanship!”

    They should look at persons at fault in any collision or ticketed for reckless driving being taken off the road until they successfully complete a comprehensive driver training program (which they will have to pay for). This training should also be a compulsory requisite for obtaining a drivers license in the first place.

  4. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    It is all about ” Road Rage” a defined demonstration by a people who are dissatisfied.

    There are those amongst us who do not know where the next meal will come from to feed their children.

    eg : 1 of 57

    1 ) Your boss earns 5 times what you do ,but, he does not do 5 time the work.