BuzzFeed Features Island’s Unfinished Church

March 9, 2015

Popular social trend website BuzzFeed has featured St. George’s historic Unfinished Church in a post titled “The 28 Most Beautiful Abandoned Churches Around The World,” calling the properties “hauntingly gorgeous.”

Other churches featured on the list include structures in Russia, Maui, Ireland, Italy, the United States, Macedonia, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Spain.


Construction of the Unfinished Church got underway in 1874, but a variety of unforeseen circumstances left the structure to never be completed, leaving it in its current unfinished state.

More than 50 years after work on the church began, a strong hurricane destroyed much of what had been completed during the initial construction phase, leaving behind a treasure that no one could have predicted.

The Unfinished Church is now a protected historic monument as part of the St. George’s UNESCO site.

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  1. Dessie says:

    Another W&E project? (That was a joke, people!)