Photos & Video: Dr. E.F. Gordon Remembered

March 21, 2015

Imagine Bermuda, in collaboration with the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs and the Chewstick Foundation, hosted a celebration of the 120th anniversary of the birth of national hero Dr. E.F Gordon on Friday [Mar 20] in front of City Hall in Hamilton.

The program at City Hall included presentations, music, and spoken word by students from Berkeley, Bermuda High School for Girls [BHS], CedarBridge, Mount Saint Agnes, and Saltus.


A spokesperson previously said, “This celebration is in appreciation of the person, as well those many residents who played a part in the movement that he inspired. Dr Gordon’s courage and selflessness galvanized that movement which paved the way for a democratic Bermuda.

“Never considered a saint, this complex physician demonstrated his commitment to ordinary people. Born in Trinidad, his passion and personal sacrifice for our island played a key part in providing the foundation upon which we all stand today.”

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  1. Raymond Ray says:

    It was a pleasure seeing the younger generation out to learn more about Dr.E.F. Gordon but I was somewhat taken-a-back in not seeing any of Dr. Gordons immediate family members present :-(

    • Kunta says:

      It will be a pleasure seeing the younger generation taking interest in the organization that Dr. Gordon helped to establish, the same organization that you and your circle despise.

      • Strike fund says:

        Imagine if we could get Dr. Gordon’s thoughts on an organization that hasn’t published accounts in years, doesn’t disclose the leaders salary, increases dues by 17% and doesn’t actually vote on issues by anonymous ballot or even put things to a vote at all.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        “Kunta” it’s not that I nor others despise the “Organization” / Party that Dr. E. F. Gordon established; you are so wrong. It’s the many that are like you who pretend to be true followers of the National Hero that have veered off course that I despise…
        Dr. E. F. Gordon never “preached” racism but for some reason “u’lot” have convinced yourselves he was a racist. Not true. As a matter of fact look at his siblings and what they’ve attained in their lives. So please, get your head from out of the sand and become a part of the solution/s and cease being “a stick in the spokes.”

        • Kunta says:

          No he wasn’t a Racist, he just dealt with Racist people in a Racist society, just like today when Leaders deal with a subliminal Racist society.
          Its FUNNY how people validate progress when Surrogates support the entity that was his enemy.
          What I call progress is when the descendants of the oppressors support the cause of the descendants of the oppressed.

          • Raymond Ray says:

            I guess one can view “it” as being “the shoe is now on the other foot”? That which certain people oppose/d at one time is being today carrying on by some who maybe direct relatives and others who aren’t descendants.
            We live in a society of mixed bloods so how are they suppose to feel when hearing other discriminate?

            • Raymond Ray says:

              It was brought to my attention that Minister Pam Gordon had been in attendance…My error :-( Following is a letter that is pertinent / relevant to how those from elsewhere have been / are a plus to our society.
              I quote:
              “While we celebrate Dr.E.F. Gordon as a national hero, let’s not forget that despite his achievements made in Bermuda he was born in Trinidad & Tobago and emigrated to our island. We must keep these details in mind as we move forward and always remember that Bermuda has grown into the country it is today through immigration and inclusion, not the other way around. Welcome people, welcome change, welcome new national heroes.”

      • Damn says:

        I wasn’t around back then but I’m pretty sure the organization that Dr Gordon founded and wanted for Bermuda is in no way shape or form the mismanaged organization that exists today.

        • Ringmaster says:

          @Kunta. Telling that you use the words “your circle” to Raymond Ray. What does “your circle” mean? I could guess but I may be wrong so please be clear. Whilst you are doing so, please also publish all those leaders for the last 40 years in Bermuda you admire and who were a) born in Bermuda b) did not marry a non Bermudian and c) did not have allegiance to a foreign country ie had citizenship/passport.

          Dr Gordon was not a born Bermudian yet he is revered. Do you have any heroes that can match my criteria?