Driver Taken To Hospital After Colliding With Wall

March 21, 2015

[Updated] Emergency services responded to a collision on North Shore Road in Devonshire at approximately 11am today [Mar 21] which saw a car colliding with a wall in the vicinity of Devonshire dock.

Bermuda Fire and Rescue Service personnel assisted the driver while police diverted traffic away from the scene and an attending ambulance transported the driver to King Edward Memorial Hospital for treatment to injuries that did not appear to be serious.

Update Mar 22, 3.19pm: A police spokesperson said, “Around 10:30am on Saturday, March 21st first responders were dispatched to a reported single vehicle collision on North Shore Road in Devonshire near the junction with Dock Hill, where a car driver collided with a wall.

“The driver, believed to be a 34 year old Hamilton parish woman, apparently received relatively minor injuries and was taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for medical assessment as a precaution.

“Both the car and the wall were damaged. The car was later towed from the scene.”

car accident Bermuda March 21 2015 (1)

car accident Bermuda March 21 2015 (2)

car accident Bermuda March 21 2015 (3)

- Photos by Kenneth Byron.

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  1. Observer says:

    No comment on this… BUT, a good opportunity to THANK the Bermuda Police who have been policing our roads so much more recently. Keep it up BPS!

    • Skink says:

      How bout pbs takes notes on dangerous roads and gives it to w&e to fix them. Our roads need more traction idk what it is with Bermy roads but they get more slippery compared to wet roads in foreign

      • Wright IS Wright says:

        They sure don’t have the corners like our neither…

      • Purple Koolaid says:

        Wet roads in “foreign” are designed to offer more traction for speeds higher than 40KPH, snow, ice etc. Our roads , when driven a 40kpm are just fine. Slow down.

        Hope the driver is okay.

      • Davie Kerr says:

        Wait a minute: we need more traction (by which I assume you mean non-slip surfaces) on roads with a nominal speed limit of 35k? I don’t think so: I think we need more drivers to drive more slowly and pay more attention to what they’re doing, rather than trying to impress their friends by showing off how good they are at breaking the speed limit.
        Blaming the road condition for drivers having accidents is to me like blaming the iceberg for sinking the Titanic: the iceberg didn’t move, did it?

      • Silver lining says:

        This is a stupid comment. We just need less idiots speeding on the roads and more sensible people who can take their time.

        • sigh says:

          I fly on the roads and i have never road off no cars in 20+ year. However i am bless they probly not.

  2. Ann says:

    Another wall! We aren’t going to have any walls left, when are we going to get serious about peoples driving skills?

    • Skink says:

      At least not Lime stone walls… It’s in short supply

      • Warwick says:

        Are you kidding? Look closely, sure is stone. And a lovely old one at that with moss and fern on it.

  3. Longtail says:

    Got to be careful on these wet roads! For your sakes and others

  4. W900Bx3 says:

    What driving skills??

  5. Newly Optomistic Bermudian says:

    Put some steel in the walls so they can bounce off them! Road guards/rails like every other country in the world. Just a thought for some places!

    • Ruby wang says:

      But why should people have to do that?

      • Ruby wang says:

        Oh wait here’s a thought – build them of rubber!

        • Ruby wang says:

          No wait – the walls should be taken to court !

  6. Awake says:

    WHEN are these people going to PAY to repair the walls THEY damage???!!! It’s PATHETIC that these IDIOTS get away with this – no matter the cause!!!

    • Purple Koolaid says:

      This took place during the day on a corner on a rainy day and we do not know what else was involved or been a contributing factor. I’m going to assume that this was merely an accident until we are told otherwise. I hope all involved get well fast.

      I agree with AWAKE about the walls. This one will likely be repaired by the driver or their insurance since it seems to have been on private property. However, you are right. The amount of public walls, structures and railings that are damaged by driver and never rebuilt OR rebuilt and paid for at a cost to the taxpayer is crazy. Why are drivers that do damage not made to be responsible for the damage they do. They or their insurance companies must me made to pay.

      Take a drive along NorthShore and count how many walls and railings have been torn down by private vehicles and never repaired. Its disgusting looking , unsafe and those that do the damage should be made to fix it or pay for it to be fixed immediately.

      • RTC not RTA says:

        They are not called ‘accidents’ any more as that suggests nobody is to blame. They are called ‘collisions’. Pretty much the only reason to slide or skid on a road is excessive speed or excessive braking or steering for the existing conditions. In some circumstances 20mph may be excessive. There is nothing wrong with the road surface for our speed limit.

        • Creamy says:

          Really? What if the car overturns without colliding with anything? What if a bike rider comes off the bike but doesn’t collide with anything? Would it be incorrect to call those accidents?
          What about the recent “industrial accident”? Should that be called something else?

          Isn’t an “accident” just something that is unfortunate and unplanned? The word doesn’t imply no-one is to blame. It just means it was not planned.

    • idiotpatrol says:

      Actually it’s your increasing insurance premiums that will pay for it.

  7. Terry says:

    You can tell explicitly by photo#3 that speed was involved.

    You figure it out.

  8. somuchless says:

    Wall collides with car

  9. Sean says:

    Why is that there has been at least 1 serious road incident (too frequent to be called accidents) every week this year?

    • Davie Kerr says:

      Because, slice it any way you like, the average Bermuda driver is not a good driver. To quote from a UK safe driving campaign poster of many years ago, “Accidents don’t just happen: they are caused”, and I would say that 99% of them are caused by simple human error.
      Passing your driving test only allows you to drive unaccompanied on a public road: it does not automatically make you a GOOD driver!

  10. W900Bx3 says:

    the average Bermudian is a great parallel parker…..driver, not so much.

    • adrianne says:


  11. It appears to me to be “extensive damages”. Now was that car travelling the legal speed limit is the $64000:00 question? “Drive like lightening and crash like thunder” :-(

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      *****BINGO*****…. Everybody must think they are NASCAR drivers in BDA!!

  12. C James says:

    There are far too many of these dangerous walls around. If Government took them all down then accidents like this simply wouldn’t happen.

    Its as if Government doesn’t care – I certainly don’t expect them to do anything about it and so these accidents will continue.

    • Ruby wang says:

      But then the cars would end up colliding with the houses -then they’ll have take the houses down !

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Yes, ‘something’ must be done. Something. The OBA has had over 2 years to stop these walls & utility poles from moving around & colliding with cars, bikes, trucks & buses.

        The OBA are miracle workers. They must do ‘something’.

  13. C James says:

    Its time somebody put their foot down!

  14. Res says:

    I think they have already done that !

  15. Kangoocar says:

    Another idjit, doing their part to keep our auto insurance rates high!!!

  16. tom cooke says:

    And my wife was asking where she cold get some stone for her bonzi trees… I said wait till Sunday cuz there is bound to be a couple of walls taken out by…. well you go figure…

    • sigh says:

      Thats stealing if you not paying for it. Just lime the people that was talking slate

  17. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Well… What can I say?? Another one “bites-the-dust”… Averaging at least one a week so far this year!! Speed – recklessness – booze – drugs!! It has to one of them!!

    I’d hate to see a lot of “onions” trying to drive in Europe – S. America or the USA!! They would be in big trouble!! And I used to drive a “Big Rig” (18 wheeler) in the USA for a couple of yrs – so I have a lot of experience!!

  18. Christopher Notorius says:

    Definitely the fault of the oppressive Oba government

  19. tom cooke says:

    Sigh I did get a 6 inch by 6 inch bit of stone I found on a rock fall on south road. ..and as it turned out that was to big…
    and yes as a “contractor ” I am very aware of stealing materials. …