Summer Ferry Schedule To Start On April 27th

April 16, 2015

The Department of Marine & Ports said they would like to advise the public that they will be introducing their Sea Express Summer Ferry Schedule effective Monday, April 27 to November 1, 2015.

“Printed copies of the new schedule will be available at the Hamilton Ferry Terminal starting on April 17th and can be viewed online.

“One of the more notable changes to the summer ferry schedule this year will be the Watford Bridge, Cavello Bay stops which are serviced by the Green Route.

“In an effort to contain costs, reduce the cost of fuel and increase efficiencies, beginning on April 27, there will be two morning fast ferries instead of three. Both of these ferries will service the Watford Bridge, Cavello Bay and Rockaway stops.

“There has been a reduction in use of this route and the Department of Marine and Ports does not anticipate any major inconvenience to the travelling public.”

Summer Ferry Schedule01

Summer Ferry Schedule02

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  1. At the meeting held in St. George’s a few weeks ago someone made a remark in reference to the writing on the ferry coming from Rhode Island, and having Rhode Island blasted on both sides.
    Why can’t / don’t Marine and Ports / Govt.arraign for them to display Bermuda as oppose to Rhode Island for the time it is here? I am sure they can stick something along the hull to cover the writing stating, “Rhode Island” :-(

  2. Alfred says:

    How long will it take to post the Summer Ferry schedule on The Department of Marine & Ports website

  3. Wonder Why says:

    There has been a reduction in use because it isn’t as convenient as it used to be! The route with the fast ferries originally had more frequent ferries. We moved to Somerset sold our vehicles and the family used the ferry almost every day. The schedule was cut back and we then had to buy a car but tried to use the ferry as often as we could.
    The new schedule is going to make the the ferry essentially useless to us so I’ll now look at buying a bike.
    With the Americas Cup contingent being based in the West I would have thought more ferries should have been put on…. Not less.

    There was a massive improvement in West end traffic but not for much longer. Guess all the PRCs will continue to buy houses in the East end where the traffic isn’t as bad.

    Oh well… Another backwards step

  4. sigh says:

    The ferry used to be such a wonderful service. It’s utility however has eroded year on year to the point now where, with these changes, I’ll probably just not bother.

  5. Cubicle2B says:

    Such a shame. There is no flexibility in the services now. It only really caters to 8-4 and 9-5 workers. 5 years ago we used the ferry exclusively. There was a mid-day ferry and a 9pm ferry which helped make it a very usable service. We could have an early dinner/drinks and still get home with the great service.
    Now if we are late we end up catching a taxi which is almost $50!! To say the least, we don’t spend much money eating and drinking in town anymore.

    Public transportation needs to be something the community can rely on before they will ever buy into it. Right now it is a bare bones service which is more focused on transporting people who can’t afford cars. The service needs to change its whole perception so that everyone feels comfortable using it. If the services ran later it would also give the public an alternative to drinking and driving.

    This is a backwards move.

    (The morning ferries will be interesting when they show up to Rockaway and don’t have enough room!… Traffic is going to be crazy on rainy days when the capacity of the ferry is cut in half.)

    • stunned... says:

      wrong Cubicle – the schedule is designed SOLELY for the Marine and Ports workers(?). not for the workers, not for the tourists, not for the restaurants in either Dockyard or St. George’s, not for eco-friendly persons trying to leave less of a carbon footprint on this lovely island, not for responsible people who want to imbibe alcohol and not drive a vehicle,it’s for the workers (?) who are vacuuming the boat while passengers are still aboard the ferries, so that they can make a mad dash off the ferries when they reach Hamilton. sickening. what’s worse is the idiocy is perpetuated by governments past and present who appear impotent to remediate the status quo.