Cruise Ship ‘Norwegian Dawn’ Arrives In Boston

May 25, 2015

After running aground while departing Bermuda last week, the cruise liner Norwegian Dawn has finally arrived at its destination of Boston, Massachusetts, with one passenger reporting the incident as a chance to spend “another day in Bermuda – perfect.”

A story in the Boston Herald says, “Passengers on a cruise ship that ran aground on a reef near Bermuda during a seven-day vacation shrugged their shoulders and said the mishap was no big deal as they disembarked Friday.

“The Norwegian Dawn, carrying nearly 3 500 passengers and crew, returned to the Black Falcon Terminal in Boston. Everyone had a story to tell — and a discount on their next cruise.”

The Norwegian Dawn grounded in the North Channel:

Norwegian Dawn Bermuda, May 19 2015-2

“I was afraid I was going to spill my drink,” said Bill Hagelberg, of Ashburnham. “It was really nothing … and we got another day in Bermuda. Perfect.”

“Fran Kinsall, of New London, Connecticut, was calmed by her husband’s Navy experience.”

“I heard something and I said, ‘This doesn’t sound good,’” she said. “And my husband, being an old submariner, knew exactly what went on so I wasn’t concerned.”

“The ship’s 2 443 passengers will receive a 15% credit for a future cruise that Kinsall said she intends to take advantage of.”

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