74.7% Oppose Airport Run By Foreign Company

May 13, 2015

74.7% of voters were opposed to “having the airport developed and run by a foreign company,” according to a recent poll released by Profiles of Bermuda.

In releasing the poll results, Profiles said, “Nearly three-quarters of voters [74.7%] were opposed to having the airport developed and run by a foreign company. Less than 2 in 10 voters [16%] were in favour of the Government initiative and 1 in 10 [9.3%] were unsure.

Screenshot of the poll results from Profiles of Bermuda

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“None of the voters’ groups had a majority that were in favour of the initiative although statistical significance was found only among racial groups. Nearly 9 in 10 Blacks were opposed to the development [87.9%] compared to just under half of Whites and Others [48.6%].

“Whites and Others were more likely than Blacks to support the redevelopment [31.8% versus 8.2%]. The remainder for each group were unsure [3.9% for Blacks and 19.6% for Whites and Others].

Poll Notes: Profiles of Bermuda said, “Category totals may not add to 100% due to rounding. The survey was conducted among 407 registered voters between 15 April 15 and 10 May 15 and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.8%. Some 75% of respondents were obtained by landlines, 11% by cell phones and 14% via the internet. Data for all demographics were weighted to reflect the 2010 Census.”

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  1. stunned... says:

    the poll should read: Are you opposed to the creation of new jobs while Bermuda is still stagnating in the Bermuda recession?

    • Bill says:

      What jobs are you talking about…..?

      They certainly will not be hiring any Bermudians.

      • Zevon says:

        They certainly would be hiring Bermudians.
        That doesn’t your negative narrative though, does it.

        • Bill says:

          Bermudians would have a better chance asking the Oracle team if they could build their

          boats for them, and then sail them in the America,s Cup for them!

      • Raymond Ray says:

        I have one question. How can 407 represent the majority of voters? For real, are we to base the populations views on that number? Come now, if this “survey” was done today I will guarantee a different percentage of people who will vote for the new airport and a job.
        With honest figures we’ll have a better perspective but excuse me, 407 is waaaaaaay short of the amount of registered voters.

        • Impressive says:

          Its called a poll, a randomly selective segment that more or less represents the majority if conducted in a completely random manner..Similiar to Audit Sampling. Do you think when Auditors do their work they audit every single transaction?? This is the same principle.

          • Raymond Ray says:

            I totally understand how a poll is held but I believe them who’d been randomly selected are bias towards Government. Anyone that is out of work will be grateful for a job. Therefore contrary to the figure presented above I do not believe the vast majority of people “polled’ could be so blind.

        • Bassmaster says:

          Polls are only of relevance if it suits the OBAers!!

    • Dennis Williams says:

      Richards already said that the current staff will have to reapply for a job once this is completed. So you’re talking about taking jobs from some to give to others.

      • Trulytruly says:

        No because they will add more jobs.

    • smh says:

      So we’re gonna give people jobs for what, 1 year..and then let a foreign company run things for 35 years? Makes sense. Not.

      • Blankman says:

        That foreign company is still going to have to employ Bermudians.

        • Tolerate says:

          I think it was the same with the TA when it was formed. If a company is going to be running the airport, than existing employees should have to apply as they will NOT be working for their current employer. Would they also expect all the employee conditions to be the same? How if you have a new employer? Given the experience they ALREADY have for the job openings; they will be hired back under that company. This happens in most similar scenarios.
          While I cannot say how I would have answered the poll as I was not contacted (and like many, no-one I have discussed this with was neither), it would definitely been determined on how the questions were presented.
          I think there is a lot of fear mongering going on. The Government of Bermuda still owns the Airport. The Company building and running it until it is paid off is like ALL other companies of Bermuda. They have to obey our same hiring rules and the Aviation Laws that are on Bermudas books. They can’t just drop in and start to change Airport Operations related to the Laws of Bermuda; and the land is NOT theirs.
          Why ALL the lies about how we are selling or giving away our Airport. That’s just rubbish.
          Most people I have talked to about this and explained what is really going on and cutting out the emotional BS to get them worked up, than understand better.

          “By the skillful and sustained use of propaganda, one can make a people see even heaven as hell or an extremely wretched life as paradise”.

    • nonsense says:

      Cordell deliberately polled plp voters. He’s being very disengenuos.

  2. Lois Frederick says:

    Look who did the survey! Interesting that the question was indeed posed. The timing along with other events this week is impeccable. Combined Oppo. Bob put you all straight though. The airport is still going to be built.

    • allegedlyfuzzyinbda says:

      Yes Lois…nothing Bermudians can do when decisions are made “alledgely” on their behalf…no poll, no opposition committee, no amount of public discussion will change how the current party chooses to put their personal gain first and ignore the fact that their people need jobs..good paying jobs, not the low level opportunity offered after CCC takes any and all high paying positions..not to mention the huge amount of money Bermuda will pay to have outside resources for financing…. A new and improved airport is essential to Bermuda but it needs to be contained within the financial parameters benefiting Bermuda not an outside private source…a call for transparent not fuzzied up govt dealings is of utmost importance!!

      • Huh? says:

        Well first of all, it’s not ‘fuzzied up’ they are doing exactly what they said they were going to do.
        Second, there is no government of Bermuda that has not taken on a dictatorial style. This because once they are elected they can do whatever they please. This is also why it is so important that members of the different parties don’t start going about expressing their own opinions and demonstrating that they have some kind of conscience.
        Third, while I dislike the idea of the airport being run by an outside firm, if we need a new airport we all know there is no money left to build one – and why. The question in my mind is, why do we need a new airport? Tourists don’t come to see your airport, and besides it is efficient enough that coming in I have never stayed there more than an hour or so. Who cares? Give the stupid thing a paint job, think creatively and work with what you have. That’s the Bermudian way.
        This airport is not about airports. It’s about capital projects and short-term jobs. We need those.
        Fourth, this poll is magical in it’s appearance the day after somebody scrounged up some emails from somewhere in an effort to discredit the whole process. It raises doubts in my mind about the real honesty of the poll.
        In short. All this is a big bag of wind. We should try to make do with the airport we have and build up the actual tourism product not the front door.

        • Trulytruly says:

          What do you say to the unemployed construction workers looking for work? This is primarily to create jobs with other significant benefits too.

          • Huh? says:

            Build something that people will come to see or stay in or do.

        • Allegedyfuzzyinbda says:

          Huh…..like what you are saying…Actually agree ….jobs jobs jobs needed. When the fuzziness clears Bermudians will benefit until then it’s all talk on our part and no action on the Hill in response to what Bermuda actually wants and needs! But like I said great comment from you!

        • Who Done it says:

          Remember the American Base built the airport and ran it for many years, how is this different?

      • Zevon says:

        Yet you were ok with the PLP selling our future to foreign banks. Foreign banks own us now, thanks to the PLP. Where was the poll asking us about that?

        • Bermuda Jake says:

          Bank’s being foreign owned were not the fault of the PLP. BoB shareholders sold their bank. Former BNTB managers lost their Bank. The debt Bermuda carries was the PLP’s fault. Let’s stick to the facts.

          • Zevon says:

            I am sticking to facts. The debt run up by the PLP was to foreign banks. They sold the country into financial slavery. But you don’t want to discuss that. “That’s different.”

  3. Lois Frederick says:

    Should have only been able to respond to the survey if you are unemployed. The result would have been reversed.

    • Jack straw says:

      Then it would have been biased to please you and your pro OBA bloggers. Lmao.

  4. Mockingjay says:

    The world is Black the world is white open your eyes and see the light,see the lightttttt.

    • Political roar says:

      My world is a rainbow.

      Open your eyes.

      • Mockingjay says:

        Tell that to those in Ferguson and Baltimore, same S!@# in Bermuda but its subliminal social and economic privilege.

        • inna says:

          So what you want a cake and to eat it too? Sounds to me like you want everything in this so called priveleged world, without the priveleged in it.

  5. Raymond Ray says:


    74.7% of voters were opposed to “having the airport developed and run by a foreign company,” according to a recent poll released by Profiles of Bermuda.
    Excuse me :-( them voters had to be radio listeners because be damn if anyone contacted people I know. What am I say? It’s bullsh– especially with so many people out of work. Just read what Minister Bob Richards has said about “P3″ It’s a “win-win deal” for Bermuda and all Bermudians here now and those not yet born…

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Typo: what am I saying?

      • smh says:

        Yeah. What ARE you saying???

        It’s a damn poll like any other poll we’ve seen the past few decades. You can’t pick and choose which ones are accurate or not based on your personal view on the matter.

        Unbelievable how much we’ve let democracy slip…

    • Marge says:

      Raymond, you are right on the money…People look at the condition of our airport !!!!! it leaks and ladies when you use the ladies room how many stalls are out of service ? and you go to wash your hands and guess what these sinks do not work !!!!!!!!!!! this airport is terrible. Minister Richards, please get this disgusting airport up to par with the rest of the world .

      • Mockingjay says:

        Hey Dreamer the airport was leaking when they built it , remember when they forgot to put the bathrooms in.

        • Political roar says:

          Of course it was leaking when it was being built. You can’t put the roof on first.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        @ Marge and anyone else that are able to recognize the whole of India were on their computers last evening while Bermudians slept…Here’s an example below3 people thus-far didn’t agree with my correction e.g. Typo :-(

        “Raymond Ray says:
        May 13, 2015

        Typo: what am I saying?



    • Kangoocar says:

      Raymond, you are absolutely correct, I deal with hundreds of sensible people a week, and never once has ANYONE of them said they were against this airport deal, infact they are ALL for it!!! This poll is absolute nonsense and being orchestrated by the combined oposistion!!! The OBA are going to do it, no matter what the empty vessels have to say, and SO THEY SHOULD!!!!

  6. Toodle-oo says:

    Just out of interest , does anyone know exactly how the question was worded ?

    Or was it like the question that was proposed for the gambling referendum that was so loaded it was a disgrace ?

    • Political roar says:

      If it is the same as in the box above then I think the results are not surprising.
      Unfortunately, there are no public funds for such a project. It’s either jobs and a new airport with foreign input or no new airport and no jobs.

      Both sides are spinning it as the OBA will say its about jobs and progress and the PLP et al will go the anti-Bermudian and putting foreign interests first route.

  7. RU Kidding says:

    Well there you have it.

    Over to you OBA. Do it at your peril!

  8. Nicky says:

    and how many of that 74.7% are against the creation of 200 jobs for Bermudians that will not exist if the airport project does not go ahead?

  9. allegedlyfuzzyinbda says:

    Based on the local…and don’t tell me “alledgely” local polls…75% of Bermudians oppose, reject and basically are not represented by the current political party in the hugely controversial airport rebuild awarded to AECONN and CCC in which millions of Bermudians $$$ will exit the country without the approval of voters…in effect widely affecting the economy negatively…..talk about fuzzing thing up ….Mr Richards needs a closer shave in regards to running the finances!

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Oh my God, you’re another one them that don’t know the Bermuda dollars aren’t worth a red cent outside of the Island.
      In years gone by Jamaican dollars were also equal to the U S.A. dollar but check and see for yourself how much it is worth today :-(
      Money makes money and until certain people acknowledge this we’ll be sliding down the banister of life with the splinter sticking us in the asssssss. Didn’t you P.L.P. supporters learn from the past? In any business you give gently with one hand while simultaneously pulling hard with the other.

      • Raymond Ray says:

        To the 30,(thus far) that believe our Bermudian dollars are worth something and can be spent elsewhere in the world don’t know their “ahssssss from their elbow.” I can see clearly now that them in India were in front of their screens typing away and opposing anything that has my name, (and them who think like me)attached to it That still wouldn’t nor does it make them correct :-(

    • Trulytruly says:

      Find the breakdown it tells a different story.

  10. Micro says:

    While I agree the airport is long overdue for upgrades, we still have a major issue of a lack of hotel rooms that needs to be addressed.

    • damn.... says:

      more like lack of visitors

    • Political roar says:

      Pink Beach, Ariel Sands and Morgans Point all under way. Possible project in St. George’s (not sure how likely). Both Princesses have recently had reforms too.
      A significant amount of hotel activity in the last couple of years when compared with the last 20.

  11. consider says:

    How were the respondents selected?

    • Kangoocar says:

      @ consider, the respondents were selected as follows, pollster calls, first question is, do you support the plp?? Respondent answers no, pollster reply, I will call you back?? And hangs up!!!

  12. Huh says:

    Help me out Mr. Riley….I’m so confused…does this mean that 74.7% of Bermuda voters are xenophobic or that 74.7% of Bermudian voters don’t want a new Airport or both or that the PLP/BIU/BPSU/PC combined opposition don’t want an Airport built until THEY are back in power so that they can pick one of their “preferred developers” (Pro-Active/BIU/Landmark/Blind Trusts/Bazarian/Correia Construction/Paget Associates)?

    • stunned... says:

      dont forget ICS

    • impressive. says:

      xenophobic because persons don’t want the new airport in the manner which is being proposed??? Throw words around so loosely to label people who don’t agree with you.. You have made some valid points in the remainder of your post. but ease off the labelling.. People decide for or against things for various reasons

  13. damn.... says:

    I’d like to see the answers if the naysayers were asked “Why?”

  14. Chris Notorius says:

    Another completely meaningless and probably misleading poll. I wonder if the question was posed like this:

    “Are you against hundreds of Bermudians permanently losing their jobs to a foreign entity?” Yes or No.

    Before anyone thinks I’m joking, do you remember the question regarding the McDonald’s issue:

    “Do you think Government should tell you what you can eat?” Yes or No.

    Ridiculous polss with no purpose other than to make things look the way you want. paid for by whomever.

    More People’s Complainers BS

    • impressive. says:

      I see you haven’t mentioned the poll with regards to the referendum a few years ago. Now that was a loaded question, but I am sure you didn’t have a problem with it at the time did you?? OBA are losing credibility every day, just like their government. Some of them only support or give credence to information when it supports their view point.. Democracy, where are you madam?,, I really miss you.

  15. San George says:

    Too Bad! This government will do as it pleases. The Westminster system creates kings and Tryrants. They don’t represent the 75%; they represent their party insiders and beneficiaries of their decisions.

    Quo Fata Ferunt

  16. cole says:

    Without presenting the wording of the poll, which is notably absent, this poll means absolutely nothing.

    • Redman says:

      @ cole,

      Exactly. We need projects like this if we are going to see employment increase and if anything the last few years have taught us is that there are few who wish to risk their $$$ in Bermuda.

      Funny how the Hospital Project never attracted this level of political insanity. Heavy, sometimes unfair criticism sure but this is on another level. Shame really.

      • Make a new plan Stan says:

        People DID fuss over the hospital that’s why it’s not in the Botanical Gardens.

        • Redman says:

          @ Make a new plan stan,

          As I said “… Heavy, sometimes unfair criticism sure but this is on another level”.

          So fussing over the Hospital being built in the Botanical gardens is the same as the combined oppositions vitriol on this?… thanks got it ;-) FAIL!! SMDH

        • impressive. says:

          And the same people who I actually agreed with at the time about not having the hospital in Botanical Gardens are not saying much publicly about the industrial park smack in the middle of Botanical Gardens. I think in hindsight I would prefer the hospital,, lol.

  17. Terry says:

    Global Flight 007 now arriving at Gate 12….no Gate 13….no gate 42……
    Forget it……..Turn left and continue on to Barbados……….

    Gate Gate…..

  18. Alvin Williams says:

    As far as potential jobs for Bermudians? Why should we believe; this is the same government that is in favour of bringing in thousands of foreign workers and than according to them Bermudians can expect employment? This same government allowed a hotel developer to put in place a quota in the number of Bermudians that it is prepared to hire. Do you believe for one minute that this Canadian developer is not going to look after it’s own first? Namely Canadian citizens? In no time at all if this project goes ahead; this country will be flooded with Canadian workers building Bermuda’s airport with the blessing of this anti-Bermudian OBA government.

    • Zevon says:

      Hundreds of Bermudians will get jobs, and you hate the idea.

      • Unbelievable says:

        What Zevon said right there. It’s cuz his team couldn’t jump start anything and now that the OBA are doing it, Alvin can’t STAND IT!

      • impressive. says:

        Don’t be silly, What Mr. Williams is saying is real, but he who feels it knows it.. If any Bermudian, white or black or green believe that this OBA government would actually do something for the people of Bermuda then i feel sorry for them.

    • Lois Frederick says:

      75% Bermudian.

    • Redman says:

      Mr. Williams,

      So what are you doing to create jobs for Bermudians?… Cue Crickets.

    • Yahoo says:

      So what would you or your beloved PLP do? Borrow more money, give the unions raises and throw more parties like Ewart and the Cog did? I forgot, you have no ideas… just gibberish.

    • nice try says:

      Are you worried that if they bring in foreign workers the job will actually get done and get done on time??

  19. Redman says:

    Poll: 74.7% Oppose Airport Run By Foreign Company

    Yawns, turns page.

    • impressive. says:

      Yeah Turn the page on facts and eat up all the speculation, assumptions and untruths.

      • Redman says:

        @ impressive,

        What facts have I turned the page on?. Having read all of the notes the PC highlighted I fail to see the corruption… probably because there is none. A few questionable comments from the CCC/AECON but no smoking gun is there?! I have only just started on the emails, I don’t expect to see much there either.

        Darn OBA and others no transparency, Imagine hiding corruption by writing them down on traceable emails. Yawns, stretches…

  20. Zevon says:

    Isn’t the airport already run by a foriegn company, and has been for years?

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Yes, that’s the truth. But lets return to “Al”. I quote: “Why should we believe; this is the same government that is in favour of bringing in thousands of foreign workers and then according to them, Bermudians can expect employment?”
      Foreigners will need a place to live, shhh-t and drink Al
      They’ll spend money in our stores, restaurant, bars, gas stations and so on. Now, where is this not helping our economy that is in debt billions of dollars and it will have to be paid off with U.S.A. dollars?

  21. Alvin Williams says:

    Yes well you tell the Americans; the French; the British or the Canadians for that matter that only foreigners are going to boost their economy; give the employment? No I will tell you what it will do; it will reinforce the two economies that has always existed in Bermuda. One for the foreigner’ the higher rung and the other for the Bermudian the lower rung. No I do not believe you and this government’s anti-Betrmudian policies have shown us all their true intent and that is to create a Bermuda without the Bermudian.

    • Yahoo says:

      More gibberish Alvin. Take a break from spewing your nonsense.

    • Raymond Ray says:

      Al, my last name is Ray. I was born and raised in “Locker” I’m of a family of 14, do you understand me? We were the Portuguese people in the neighborhood “the 3rd. race” People in the Island back then, were far-more closer than we are seeing today, and why?
      Its been 120 + yrs since my great grandparent immigrated to this Island as farm workers, before bearing my grandparents and parents all were farm workers before we became Bermudians. It wasn’t until several generations of Rays were born here before we will be recognized as Bermudians. This had taken many, many years, and it just didn’t happen overnight “mate”.
      For my forefathers it hadn’t been easy, therefore Al I (its my right) believe the One Bermuda Alliance are our Islands “best bet” for a more secured future.

      • WHAT says:

        Don’t forget the filipino Bermudians while your at it!

        • Raymond Ray says:

          They are new on the scene, but just like anyone from elsewhere they also are, (by many) looked down on.

  22. Wait your turn says:

    Let’s all hope that when a Bermudian company is contracted by an international entity, that their nationals are as xenophobic as we are.

  23. Bermuda Jake says:

    The Poll question is flawed. The Airport is being paid for by the same foreign entity, which is a stimulus to an economy in recession. If we had the capacity to fund a capital project of this size I would disagree with outsourcing it, but sadly we don’t. The project should have been put out to tender, and the questions surrounding that process are fair.

  24. Redman says:

    For those saying that we need Hotels first rather than a new airport, well is the Govt expected to build those as well? Of course not. Govt is responsible for capital projects and not the privately owned Hotels.

    Besides the Govt is looking to help create employment and to stimulate the local economy. On top of that the current airport needs replacing as we are pumping good money into something that is past it’s sell by date.

  25. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Take anything from Cordell Riley with a grain of salt people. He sure does love the limelight. How come he didn’t become a politician?

  26. Coffee says:

    Survey says….

    • Trulytruly says:

      …Cordell is in right in sync with the combined opposition.

      • Redman says:

        @ Trulytruly,

        Yup. Which means they are all out of step with reality. LOL

  27. Everett Outerbridge says:

    I am not an expert at creating polling questions but the question posed above is problematic. It is a double-barreled question and the responses given can result in inaccuracies.

    For example, some may not be opposed to having the airport developed by a foreign company but be opposed to having the airport run by a foreign company and vice versa.

  28. aceboy says:

    I am a voter. Never got a call. I know lots of voters. They didn’t get a call either. Who got the call?

  29. In my opinion the best solution would be if we could find a company that would agree to use only Bermudian labor, while giving Government a yearly fee for running the airport that the developer and Government have agreed the developer can revamp for ten years of taking all proceeds less best wages on every leval. After which we would move to a shared percent of proceeds for an additional five years inclusive of Fee’s and finally resorting back to full ownership in the remaining five years all the while fully maned by Bermudian labor. I don’t feel it would take more than five years to revamp and five years of training personnel to be present in its beginning so that by the first ten years in it will be no forien presence working the airport. Only Bermudian labor at all stages though the developers are receiving 100% proceeds less top wages n fees for half their presence on paper. Given mind you that they are monitored and unable to make unapproved side deals, access n giving of free perks to croneys. This would give Bermuda an honorable chance in my opinion. The way its handled now seems to only insight Bermudians to through their hope out.

  30. Chris Notorius says:

    I hope the “People’s Complainers” have something to say about this.

  31. I like our Premiere like a President. He is the better choice, in my opinion less his preformed cabinet’s. My only wish is that he get some fire in his belly and start reprimanding and replacing the bad egg’s. We don’t need to see him give the a** Whippings, but we need to see the updated results quickly by change with apologies or replacements. The people can accept mess ups if humility is forth revealed.

  32. Jeremy Deacon says:

    How many people oppose a hospital wing being owned by a foreign company?

  33. Raymond Ray says:

    Jeremy, that was a Progressive Labour Party “deal” and of course, there isn’t any comments being brought up in reference to the “hoodwinking” that had / is taken/ing place there :-( Also Bermudians not born yet will still be paying for it in years to come.
    At least at the airport it’s a P3 deal.The investor C.C.C. will collect x amount quarterly or annually to go towards reimbursement for monies laid out; another third will go towards operations / maintenance etc. last but not least, Bermuda Government will also collect money…So where is there a problem?

    • Raymond Ray says:

      By the way, just wait until tomorrow and then count how many people spring up overnight to oppose my inputs. They must live in the far east te-hee-hee :-) The fact will remain just that, “facts”! Or as we say,”a horse by any colour is still a horse.”