Bermuda Stock Exchange Report: June 5 2015

June 5, 2015

Today [June 5] saw the close of the BSX’s week finish with 10,900 shares traded on the day, valued at $21,545.00 BD.

10,000 shares were traded by Bank of N.T. Butterfield Ltd, closing up 3.0% at $1.70 per share, while the other 900 shares were traded by West Hamilton Holdings Ltd, closing down 15.8% at $5.05 per share.

The BSX finished the week at 1,219.29, up 1.76% on the day. There was 1 advance, 1 decline, and 70 remained unchanged heading into the weekend.

The full report for the day is available here [PDF], and the full weekly report is available here [PDF].

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