BHW Plan To Make Event ‘Even Better’ In 2016

June 17, 2015

The Bermuda Heroes Weekend organisers thanked all those involved and said they plan to “take a closer look at each event offered and develop a plan to make Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2016 even better.”

The 4-day event kicked off on Friday night with a stage show in Hamilton, which was followed by the early morning J’Ouvert celebrations in Dockyard , the Parade of Bands in Dockyard on Saturday, the Pan In The Park in Victoria Park, and the Raft-Up off Admiralty House.

A spokesperson said, “Bermuda Heroes Weekend [BHW] Ltd. today would like to thank the public for supporting Bermuda’s first ever carnival weekend.

“The weekend saw numerous events from Thursday, June 11 to Monday, June 15 with thousands of revelers participating in the inaugural event, including more than 200 tourists.

The committee had three goals for the weekend:

  • Create a signature tourism event that brings both local residents and visitors together to enjoy first class entertainment in a safe environment.
  • Celebrate Bermuda’s selected National Heroes from both this year and previous years.
  • Be a catalyst that will encourage the circulation of currency and job creation.

Jason Sukdeo, President, Bermuda Heroes Weekend Ltd, says, “We can happily report that we have achieved our goals. The events were enjoyed by revelers of all ages and walks of life. Residents and visitors alike enjoyed the celebrations.

“Each event had an excellent turn out and we are humbled by this acceptance of carnival in Bermuda. We will take a closer look at each event offered and develop a plan to make Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2016 even better.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those involved in Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2015. In particular we would like to thank our Premier, Michael Dunkley, L. Craig Cannonier, The Minister of Public Works, Patricia Gordon-Pamplin, The Minister of Community, Culture & Sport, Pat Phillip-Fairn and the Bermuda Tourism Authority and various government agencies including Bermuda Police Service, Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service, King Edward VII Memorial Hospital, Department of Health and Department of Parks.

“Again, Bermuda we thank you for participating in Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2015 and we look forward to doing this again from June 17th to June 20th, 2016!”

“The committee would also like to thank St John Ambulance Brigade, SAS Security, WEDCO, all vendors, all volunteers, the Ireland Rangers Football club and Flanagan’s.

“Corporate platinum sponsors include Bermuda Tourism Authority, Jet Blue and CellOne. Gold Sponsors include Hamilton Princess & Beach Club, Corporation of Hamilton, Correia Construction, Burrows Lightbourn Ltd, Colonial Insurance and Bermuda Motors.”

For more information on BHW, visit, email or call 278-1525.

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Comments (26)

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  1. UpsetwithVerdict says:

    Best event ever for Bermuda n look forward to next one!

    • Mockingjay says:

      One idea might be better, have the Front Street concert facing the length of the street instead of having everyone jammed up in one area.

      • Bermyman says:

        so when they are setting up the stage during the day, you block off front street? Likewise when you are taking it down.

  2. Yes I says:

    Wi Ready!! Great event and even better way to kick off the summer.

  3. WhistleBlower says:

    Southside as a suggestion. More space and beach to cool down on

    • westender says:

      Southside good idea. Dockyard has its lower road blocked off by Oracle and a lot of parking space has gone. The traffic was horrendous with cruise ships in part of the time too. People could just not move around freely.

      • frank says:

        southside sounds good but to much weight on that make shift bridge

        • I heart 441 says:

          What bridge?
          If you are reffering to the one by the airport, I doubt the parade would start in that area. Like someone said, it can start from Whites.

      • Truth says:

        There were NO Cruise Ships in during the event!

  4. tee says:

    I agree with WhistleBlower with having Parade of Bands at South side, however where would they have Jouvert as the trucks are a part of the celebration.. Another suggestion would be to have Parade of Bands leave Dockyard and make their way to Somerset Cricket Club or they can alternate each year. Also pan in the Park needed some more life. Bermudians tend to be reserved when they play pan. Like to see a trni high-school group next year. I give the weekend two thumbs up.


      Already thought of. Police have issue with the blocking of the street if they was to parade on the main road for such a distance. And there are no trucks involved in Bermuda’s J’ouvert.

  5. Um Um Like says:

    What a great way to celebrate the Queen’s birthday!

    • Mockingjay says:

      Ahh, I don’t think anyone had the queen in mind during the partying.

      • mike says:

        They certainly were throwing her likeness around at the vendors. Cold hard cash.

  6. Still Laughing says:

    I say well done sir! I, along with my friends visiting from overseas, had a fantastic time and looking forward to next year. Also, please don’t allow a particular minister who seems hell bent on keeping this island at an ultra – conservative position, deter you from your aspirations for Bermuda!

  7. Judes says:

    I also agree with having the parade of the bands start from the old Whites Supermart parking lot in Southside and “chip” all the way to Clearwater beach. The bands should be spread out more I thought they were to close….Jouvert can be on St. Davids cricket field..Sunday pan should include a guest pan band from Trinadad as they have so many groups that can really turn the crowd into a good LIME…

    • DC says:

      Or, we can put our own adult pan band together! I’m sure there would be many willing & able participants!!!!

    • D, says:

      Leave the Parade of Bands in Dockyard . The move was an excellent decision .

    • hmm says:

      Jouvert at st David’s cricket club might not work, depending on when the Pow Wow is, But Southside for Parade of Bands is a good option, even though Dockyard worked out great, especially since there is no Saturday cruise ship there. Another suggestion in the comments of going from Dockyard to SCC might work too.

  8. Catherine Woolf says:

    Perhaps a better trash collection and toilet facilities at Admiralty Park. Parking was a huge issue and police presence needed after the event to curb some of the behaviors after 7. It was not pleasant.

  9. Smokey says:

    I disagree, the Westend was an excellent location. Parking should have been on Malabar field we always have things at the same locations, time to have something in the WEST!

  10. stunned... says:

    well done to the organizers. there was something for everyone to partake in.

    my only suggestion for next year is for the organizers to make some of the all inclusives and fetes more affordable. i spoke with numerous people who wanted to attend but could not afford to participate.

    • I heart 441 says:

      Actually that’s the cost of most fetes at Carnivals. Suggestion to ya friends who couldn’t make it due to its cost, start saving up, cause they are well worth the investment!

  11. Bermuda Shorts says:

    St.Georges would be a good place to hold the 2016 event. It’s scenic and historic. By far the best event that Bermuda has had. I’m looking forward to next year’s fete.

  12. I heart 441 says:

    Southside is very ideal for parade of bands, jouvert can be on the beach/land at Clearwater.

    Artist to bring in can be Destra, Machel DJ Private Ryan and bring back Blaxx ( this man is a baddddddd). Stell pan can be kept at its current location.

    Dockyard to SCC in my opinion is not a good idea at all.

    The scenic views of it being out dockyard was great as well, it felt more like how most parades/Jouverts are with it being in the streets of neighborhoods as opposed to Morgans Point which has no structures/homes/buildings at all.

    2016 gonna be maddddddd.