Premier Thanks Bermuda Carnival Organisers

June 18, 2015

Today, Premier Michael Dunkley and the Minister of Community, Culture and Sports Patricia Gordon-Pamplin welcomed Jason Sukdeo, President, Bermuda Heroes Weekend Ltd. and its members to the Cabinet Office to formally commend them on hosting a successful series of events last weekend.

Thousands of residents and visitors participated in last week’s Bermuda Heroes Weekend of activites, which included a free Soca concert on Front Street, an early morning J’Ouvert celebration in Dockyard, the Parade of Bands on Saturday, the Pan In The Park on Sunday and the Raft-Up off Admiralty House on Monday.

Bda Carnival pic

Premier Dunkley who attended Friday’s concert, said he “thoroughly enjoyed” the event and congratulated the Bermuda Heroes Weekend team overall for hosting such an exciting line up of activities which added to Bermuda’s entertainment and tourism offering.

And for their efforts, the Premier presented Mr. Sukdeo and his team with a letter of commendation. ‎

Premier Dunkley said, “From all accounts, all of the events went off extremely well and I and my family particularly enjoyed the Friday night concert and festivities. I’m looking forward to seeing what Jason and his Bermuda Heroes Weekend team have in store for us next year and we look forward to working with them in the near future. The weekend’s event served as an opportunity to bring people together and I felt it was important to invite Jason and his colleagues to the Cabinet Office and thank them for their efforts.”

Minister Gordon-Pamplin added, “This event brought people of all cultural backgrounds together and it was wonderful to see every facet of our community represented. It was a successfully orchestrated event and they should be proud of the outcome.”

Meanwhile, the Bermuda Tourism Authority’s Chief Product & Experiences Development Officer, Pat Philip-Fairn, who was also on hand today, said the BTA is also “delighted with the outcome”.

She noted the entire weekend was a success, but Monday’s raft up was particularly significant because it differentiated Bermuda’s carnival experience from others.

Mrs. Philip-Fairn said, “The atmosphere was fantastic for all the events and the energy was great. I had an opportunity to speak with several visitors who were very pleased with the experience. The Bermuda Heroes Weekend team did a sterling job and we were pleased to be associated with the overall event.”‎

Mr. Sukdeo and his team took the opportunity to extended a special thanks to the Bermuda Police Service for their support as well as to all those who participated in the weekend of activities, noting that their cooperation and support helped make this community based event a reality.

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  1. Terry says:

    Nothing is free.

  2. Mike says:

    It was a fantastic weekend.

  3. John Silvester says:

    Where were the tourists?
    How much did the taxpayers pay for this??????
    Of course I will hear the “can’t even support a positive initiative…..”
    But the BTA gave a ton of money to pay for this.
    That money belongs to us.
    Should they receive support? Definitely….
    But the BTA is supposed to be self-sufficient at some point.
    Poor business planning again.
    How will the BTA pay for itself?????

    • Mike says:

      There were at least 200 visitors here for the event. Next year there will more. And more sponsors.

      • Catch A Fire says:

        @Mike…don’t even try and explain yourself to John Silvester. He is probably one of the people behind the failed $4 million dollar Byonce concert. How many tourists came for that. Or maybe John thought Global Hue was a great deal. Or perhaps even he helped establish the Faith Based Tourism project?

        This group of young people, whoever you are…keep focused and keep moving forward. For a first year event – you guys did an incredible event! Everyone that I saw in Dockyard, young , old, local , visitor , black , white had a smile on their faces! Keep it up.

        Some people are just sour grapes. Just step on them.

    • Mike says:

      Money well spent.

    • davy jones locker says:

      What about the people that couldnt get to their boats at the marina. The onee who pay a heafty fee each month to use that facility and couldnt because of the congection.

      • nomoremoney says:

        Really?? Try the Ferry. Or park and walk. Complainers, all of you. Jesus.

      • Catch A Fire says:

        Im sorry Davy Jones but really….now that you know what to expect, plan better next year . Or perhaps meet with the group with some ideas (not just negativity) on how this could be minimized next year. We ALL have to make concessions from time to time for the benefit of others and the country as a hole. When I lived at Harbour Road,I knew that May 24th and during other Marathons I would have to plan better and live with a half hday of chaos. The same during the Christmas Boat Parade, its an Evening of Chaos. However, everyone is smiling and having fun and we all live with it.

        Get over yourself @#Davy Jones Locker. What about me…I can’t even afford a boat, so count your blessings! Me, me , me …I, I , I . geeeesh…relax, take a deep breath every now and then and relax.!

        • Catch A Fire says:

          By the way, I now live in Point and couldn’t get home my normal route because of the Bacardi Block Party. But you don’t hear me complaining do you. In fact I decided to park the car near BHS and walk to the Event. It was an awesome event that probably caused a few minor disruption for the nearby resident as well. But, you know what…most people see the big picture and understand. Life is better when you learn to take less, give more and expect nothing in return! By the way – Thanks to Bacardi! and Thanks to these guys for an awesome Event! I’m not a young whippersnapper anymore but next year I might try and make it to two events!

    • frank says:

      looking forward to carnival in 2016 to big bigger and better
      and take it on the road

  4. Pastor Reverend Most Excellent Priestess says:

    Looks like people of all different backgrounds had a fantastic time and this will clearly make Bermuda more attractive as a tourist destination. This is clearly the work of the devil and will weaken some “church’s” hypnotic grip on some residents.

  5. Carnival says:

    Well done guys!

  6. biggadon says:

    Great job guys…. a thoroughly enjoyable weekend for all … cant wait for #BHW2016

  7. Stephen Thomson says:

    Well done. It was an excellent weekend. Incredibly well attended events, fun, well organized and great for both tourists and locals alike. The proof of pudding is that so many people from all walks of life attended. Clearly Bermuda wants and needs these events.
    I cannot say enough about how positive this is for our island.
    Well done and a huge thank you to all the organizers.

  8. hmmm says:

    Where is Minister Crockwell?

  9. Pastor Syl says:

    This weekend’s festivities brought all facets of this island together – a very welcome circumstance. No politics, and by report, no violence. That fact alone is amazing, that so many people together, with much alcohol (and probably other substances) available, yet there were no fights, stabbings, shootings, etc. Truly something to be proud of, Mr. Sukdeo!

    • Jus' Wonderin' says:

      There was a fight or two but they were QUICKLY brought under control!!

  10. Colibm says:

    Awesome weekend, plus my dentist rocks for helping organize this. A dentist, yep, it’s true…

  11. Tony Brannon says:

    Great weekend….
    Bermuda needs this to grow !
    Building an event takes time and commitment………and people sticking to the wicket with you…..

    I know… when they leave you…. it’s “Goodnight Irene”
    I hope they stick with this…

  12. Cranberry says:

    Great job – Congrats to Jason and his team…!!

  13. watching says:

    Was a great weekend.
    But that pic looks like an OBA love affair.
    How much did Bermuda pay to these guys to sponsor this event?
    Don’t get me wrong, I think it was a great weekend, but the public has a right to know how the numbers panned out.

    • I heart 441 says:

      I believe they got just over $50,000. In my opinion it was a good investment as a few international media came here for it. That media coverage has already has a few thousand hits on YouTube.

    • Catch A Fire says:

      If it was less than the $4M spent on a Tourism Beyonce concert that maybe two tourists attended, I’m happy.

  14. I heart 441 says:

    As we all witnessed, only ” Soca Powers” can bring together all faces of a community. Big up to de BHW team!

    2016 gonna be maaadddddd!
    Next year bring in Machel, Destra, DJ Private Ryan and bring back Blaxx.
    This year we had over 200 tourist fly in for it, I bet next year it will be over 500.

    • John Silvester says:

      You would lose that bet……

      • John Silvester says:

        In total it was a lot more than $50,000 with in kind etc….
        Lets do the math.
        even at only $50,000 for 200 visitors (which I am sure included the performers, managers etc…).
        Customer acquisition cost?
        But money well spent?
        It is a local event for locals.
        And that is OK. But don’t kid ourselves into thinking that thousands of people will one day show up to participate.
        Not gonna happen.
        And remember in 2017 there will not be one hotel room to be had. Americas Cup.
        I guess this will be a two year run for now….

        • SkEPTIC says:

          Have you ever been to Caribana in Toronto. It started out as a local event, but each year it grew bigger and better and attracts thousands of people from around the world. While I must admit that I have not been in over 20 years now (Im getting old) I enjoy Toronto and return there about once every year or two. Had it not been for Caribana, I would have never had a reason to go there. 30-40 visits there since.