MP Michael Weeks On Marsh Folly Wall Repairs

June 23, 2015

“As the MP for Pembroke East Central, I would like to give my appreciation to the Works & Engineering Department for the completion of the wall on Marsh Folly Road, which has allowed this thoroughfare to be passable once again,” area MP Michael Weeks said.

“I believe that all the area residents, most especially Mr. John Roach, are pleased that at long last the construction has been completed.

“This project has taken an extremely long time, over a year and a half, and this has been unacceptable. It has spanned two Premiers, two Works & Engineering Ministers, and 3 calendar years. For Mr. Roach to live in these conditions, worrying everytime a rainstorm would come about the safety of his home and his possessions has been simply unfair and unnecessary.

“We hope in the future that these type of projects are given the due attention they require from the OBA government.”

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  1. Micro says:

    So why didn’t you push your party to help pay for the retainment wall to be built before the bank collapsed?

    As I understand it, it was a ongoing situation with a property owner over construction work that predates the OBA administration and who was going to pay to build the wall to support the public road.

    • M. T. Pockets says:

      Please, don’t confuse the issue with facts. Some people don’t like facts, they get in the way of whining, blaming, moaning and spin.

      • Weak M.P says:

        Mr. Weeks so what are you thoughts about the road in Devonshire next to pet care? It was closed for 12 years I believe because it was deemed unsafe. It was closed while the PLP had 4 Premiers I, and guess what , during that time, the project was never even started! While progress was slow on Parsons Road, at least there was something done. If you don’t know why it took so long perhaps as the “labour government” you might want to question the labourers.

        So please Mr Weeks. Remember that people that live in glass homes should not throw stones!

  2. Unbelievable says:

    Cheap political shots fired by Michael Weeks. Again.

  3. serengeti says:

    So Michael Weeks is criticizing and disrespecting the works and engineering employees who toiled hard to do this work. How anti-Bermudian.

  4. In the know says:

    Mr. weeks stop being disingenuous & tell the people the real truth, how this was first dropped by the plp as the wall collapsed while the plp was government & before the election. After you do this please tell the people that it took a long time because of how the wall was compromised from the begin by mr. roach. Than tell the people that the process took longer as this wasn’t a normal 4ft wall, as this wall was over 30 feet tall & also has to support holding up the back fill for the road.

  5. Build a Better Bermuda says:

    It is apparent that Mr. Weeks hasn’t the slightest inkling as to the difficulties this project has faced, first and foremost was who was responsible for the works, which started under his parties watch. Then you get on with the technical difficulties of ensuring a proper retaining wall is engineered to withstand what is a busy thoroughfare heavy with traffic and trafficked with heavy vehicles regularly. Add to that the effects of heavy rain fall and effective drainage in a flooding spot. I do agree that it has taken a long time, but as Mr. Weeks should be aware, that cannot be laid on the OBA entirely, as they had to step up to clean up he mess the PLP weren’t dealing with… makes for a fairly good analogy for our government over the paralleling years.

  6. That problem had gone back well before there was even an O.B.A. yet alone an O.B.A. Government :-(
    Come now Mike, you know the truth…

  7. Terry says:

    This was not a ‘TIA’……………

  8. Where is MP Cannonier says:

    Where is our MP Mr. Cannonier? We haven’t heard a peep from him about anything happening in Devonshire South? How about all that additonal traffic that’s coming out way and that truck depot Government s putting into the BG? How about giving an interview about that? Talk about false, empty promises that he would look after the interests of our constituency. Mr. Weeks, want a new constituency?

    • Hmmm says:

      What additional traffic in DS?

    • Not exactly says:

      Truck depot has always been there. Nothing new, just building is more visible since last years storms.

  9. Zevon says:

    Well, it’s Michael “we have 100 buyers lined up for Grand Atlantic” Weeks.

  10. Tank Rain says:

    That was a “week” statement…