Lionfish Poem Contains ‘Precise & Vivid Imagery’

July 12, 2015

A poem called ‘Lionfish’ by Bermudian poet Nancy Anne Miller has been featured on overseas blog ‘Three Worlds One Vision,’ with the piece saying that the lionfish “turns up everywhere just like a bad penny.”

The poem’s reviewer says, “After hearing about the lionfish some years ago, I never gave it much thought until I recently read Nancy Anne Miller’s poem published in the latest issue of The Arts Journal.

“With her precise and vivid imagery, the poet grabbed my attention. Without dillydallying, the poet takes us face-to-face with the lionfish: an aggressive, exotic creature.”

The full poem follows below:

Like it has been shocked from
the venom it carries on tips
of scales, the gold lines
vibrate in the water. Each jag-

ged, stripe lightning in the sea.
A mouth large enough for
any shoplifter to have a day,
tosses butterfish, minnows

in like jewels Floats above
reefs: an English sunset
over an expanding king-
dom from the Florida Keys

throughout the Caribbean.
MGM lion symbol for
the watery film of the deep
it rewrites the reef’s scripts.

Released from a private
acquarium into the vast
ocean, bright pieces of gold
fell from a silk purse. Won’t

convert into local currency,
shakes up the underworld’s
balance and turns up every-
where just like a bad penny.

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