Lewis Officially Congratulated At Cabinet Office

August 19, 2015

Earlier today [Aug 19] Premier Michael Dunkley welcomed record-setting gold medalist Jessica Lewis to the Cabinet Office to officially congratulate her on her outstanding performance at the recent Parapan Am Games in Toronto.

Ms Lewis’ gold medal win was the first ever major medal won by a Bermudian in para-sports, when she bested the competition during the 100m race, finishing well in advance of the field and breaking the Parapan Games record.

During her visit to the Cabinet Office today, Premier Michael Dunkley presented the 22-year-old athlete with a bouquet of flowers and took the opportunity to praise her “commitment to excellence”.

Video of Ms Lewis’ record setting win in the 100m:

Premier Dunkley said, “Jessica truly has captured the hearts and minds of all of Bermuda with her amazing win at the Parapan Games and I really enjoyed hearing her recount her experience of winning the gold medal.

“I shared with Jessica that I admired her competitive spirit and that she truly is an inspiration to us all. Her achievement has been like a beacon of light for our Country and all of Bermuda should be proud of her accomplishment.”

Ms Lewis thanked and acknowledged her family, coach and friends for her monumental success. The Premier was joined today by the Minister of Community, Culture and Sports Pat Gordon-Pamplin, Junior Minister Nandi Outerbridge and Junior Minister for National Security Sen. Jeff Baron.

Jessica Lewis visits Cabinet Officer (1)

Jessica Lewis visits Cabinet Officer (2)

Jessica Lewis visits Cabinet Officer (3)

Jessica Lewis visits Cabinet Officer (4)

Jessica Lewis visits Cabinet Officer (5)

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  1. Maddog says:


  2. Varied says:

    Inspiration to all of us. Way to go Jessica.

  3. I think this is well worth it and this young lady deserves the recognition, but Mr. Photo up were the heck are you in coming to the public and addressing us about what happen at cup match, you are very silent on the issue, but yet can still find time for photo up’s and prestigious stuff that is not dealing with the present climate in the country, and let me first apologize to Miss Lewis, her family and friends for having to come on here like this, but in respect to a much deserved award, this man is tarnishing the overall picture, by being a photo up and running from the real issues that we want to see and hear from him, such a great story but sickening to see him in this capacity.

  4. GoodIdeaBadIdea says:

    Great to see the recognition. Thanks Jessica for making Bermuda proud!

  5. Yes I says:

    Well done! Bermudians excel wherever we go!

  6. Pat Adderley says:

    Just so amazing the effort and the determination of this young lady and we are so proud of you as nothing holds you back in life. What a great example to all of us.

  7. Just a matter of time says:

    Well done!