Today’s Bus Cancellations: September 17

September 17, 2015

[Updated] The Department of Public Transportation said they would like to advise the public of the following bus cancellations today [Sept 17]. The reason for the cancellations, which also occurred yesterday, remain unclear, however we will update if able.

Bus Service Cancellations for today:

  • Route # 7B Hamilton to Barnes Corner 4:40 p.m.
  • Route # 8 Barnes Corner to Hamilton 5:19 p.m.
  • Route # 7 CedarBridge to Barnes Corner
  • Route # 8 CedarBridge to Barnes Corner
  • Route # 10 CedarBridge to Grotto Bay

Update 5.09pm: In explaining why the cancellations have occurred, a Transport Ministry spokesperson told Bernews, “Yesterday the Department of Public Transportation went through a period where there was a huge spike in vehicles coming out of service for various reasons including accidents, tire changes and small electrical repairs.

“Their technical staff have made significant progress in returning buses to service and are confident that they will continue to lower the number of buses out of service.”

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  1. WoW says:

    Again….What are the reasons for the cancellations? Is someone from the PTB going to say why?

    • kangoocar says:

      looks like the did @ 5.09 pm today, but I only put that down to being BS!!!!!!

      • Coffee says:

        You’re correct , it was BS . We need to hear from the minister !

        • kangoocar says:

          Once again you are wrong and confused?? We actually need to hear from the BIU why this is happening!!!!

          • drunkenUrsula says:

            wrong again …we need to hear from this weak gov’t as to why all these cancellations buses.

          • Coffee says:

            Why change your tune ? When the PLP was responsible for transportation the minister was tarred and feathered at every oppurtunity . Now that the OBA is failing miserably it’s everyone else’s fault . Tar and feather your minister … He alone authorizes the major decisions that affect the outcome of services …. But you won’t see it that way because you wasted your vote on a bunch of misfits .

            • kangoocar says:

              Oh good grief!!! Do I really have to remind you of the fact that there is NO difference between the plp and the BIU??? nice try coffee???

              • Coffee says:

                As you like it , no difference between the OBA and the Chamber of Commerce union , remember the porch lady?

              • Like there is no difference between, UBP,OBA,BRYC, Chamber of Commerce, Bermuda Employer’s Council and BTA.
                Speaking of BTA that’s why the busses are cancelled, instead of paying bus drivers, they prefer to pay over $100,000 in bonuses for failure.
                And Woody’s still have the BEST fish sandwiches.
                Oh good grief!!!

      • It appears this is a prelude to another industrial strike when we,(Bermuda)don’t need anymore “Unions” interruptions by going on a power trip :-(

        • drunkenUrsula says:

          poor Raymond as usual you clueless as to what’s going on at DPT…. take time away from your country club, and see what’s really happening in BDA

          • Well “drunkenUrsula” we’ll just have to wait and see who knows what about what’s going on in Bermuda…

          • Hey Stormin Norman, we NEVER had these much cancelations under PLP.
            Remember they cut the funds for the drivers and gave it to the Hanbury and Dodwell gift club.

            • aceboy says:

              What a crock. Don’t you remember the marches etc. that were all done with a wink and a smile. I recall all the ferries dropping tools over the drunk pilot who crashed the ferry. He was given a pass to another job. No consequences. The PLP had more than their fair share of industrial *action*.

              You know how much Hanbury makes, what about Chris Furbert? No transparency at all. Have you even asked what he makes? Do you care? If not, why not? That is members money he puts in his bank account. I think you’d be shocked if you knew how much that was.

    • MAKE MY DAY says:

      PTB….Nothing but AMATEURS!!

  2. chip says:

    this is why we need change with the quickness poor children holding u hostage mercy