Tokio Re Advances Outreach To Capital Markets

September 14, 2015

Tokio Millennium Re [TMR] announced the establishment of a Capital Solutions unit and management changes to further advance the company’s outreach to the capital markets, saying that the “Capital Solutions unit will focus on developing new capital markets products and leveraging the use of technology to transact business with TMR’s capital markets partners.”

Stephan Ruoff, TMR’s Chief Executive Officer, said: “TMR has a successful track record in working with the capital markets since 2003. The company is further expanding its capital markets strategy as a core contributor to the organisation’s earning power by strengthening its product offering and services.

“Doing so enables TMR to offer greater capacity to its cedants, assists in managing our net portfolio and provides more opportunities to work with our capital markets partners.”

The company said, “Some of the key advantages of creating a fully dedicated unit coordinating efforts across TMR and Tokio Solution Management Ltd. [Tokio Solution], a wholly owned subsidiary of TMR, are a more holistic underwriting and retrocession approach, better leverage of the company’s expertise and analytics to help build portfolios that outperform the market and better alignment of resources to offer new products and services.

“Tokio Solution will remain the distribution hub working closely with capital markets partners in managing and facilitating reinsurance linked contracts and structures.

“Edwin G. Jordan will lead the Capital Solutions unit from TMR’s Bermuda branch. Ed brings together reinsurance underwriting expertise and knowledge of the capital markets to help take TMR’s capital markets strategy to the next level. Ed will remain the Head of Bermuda, his current role, until 31 December 2015.

“As of 1 January 2016, Kathleen Faries, who is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Tokio Solution, will succeed Ed as Head of Bermuda for TMR and will step down from her current role at Tokio Solution. A transition plan for the appointment of a successor to Kathleen is underway, with an announcement to be made at a later date.”

Stephan Ruoff further commented: “Having Ed focus his efforts solely on leading and ensuring the success of the Capital Solutions unit and appointing Kathleen as the Head of Bermuda for TMR further supports our commitment to the capital markets space.

“These management appointments underscore our view that the synergy and collaboration across TMR and Tokio Solution in executing upon our capital markets strategy will be key to our future success.”

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