Four Star Celebrating Anniversary With $9 Pizzas

November 18, 2015

Four Star is celebrating its 25th anniversary today [Nov 18], and to mark the occasion all Four Star locations will be selling 10” cheese pizzas at their original 1990 price of $9, and a “birthday party” will take place today from 4pm to 5pm at Four Star Hamilton location on Angle Street.

“Attendees will be able to enjoy slices of pizza and birthday cake as they join us in celebrating 25 years of creating delicious foods and delivery to our valued customers,” the company said.

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“Featured guests will be Sir. John Swan; the Premier who opened Four Star’s first store location in 1990 as well as Reverend Canon James Francis; the Reverend who blessed the first store location in 1990.

“Also, The Premier of Bermuda Michael H. Dunkley will be in attendance, as well as The Leader of the Opposition Marc A. R. Bean.

“Four Star Pizza opened its first doors in 1990 and was founded by Mr. Marico Thomas. Originally Four Star Pizza began with offering pizzas, and subs to its customers with the option of having food conveniently delivered to them.

“Today, with over 100 employees and 4 store locations across the island, Four Star is continues offering delivery services as well as delicious food options from their Pizza, Indian and Grill menus.”

“It is tremendously exciting to be celebrating our 25th anniversary” said Four Star’s President Mr. Marico Thomas.

“We are extremely grateful to our loyal customers for their continuous support. It was always my dream for this company to be successful and looking back from where we were to what we are now, I couldn’t be more proud.”


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  1. Strike fund says:

    That’s still expensive!!

  2. truth says:

    proves that they can make these pizzas for 5$ or cheaper. taking us for years. BEND OVAAAAA

  3. Not Home says:

    It was $9 in 1990?! How much is it normally??

    • smh says:

      14.50 for a 10 inch in 2015

    • pizza lover says:

      I getting pepperoni pizza which is about 18.50. I remember when they first open. I use to buy a pizza from them religiously for 10.50 when I was in primary school. I still think they could drop the price a bit. It’s getting too expensive

      • We have to realize that everything in Bermuda is twice or three times as much then what we see on commercials in the States, that’s just how it is.

  4. Micro says:

    100 employees but how many of them are Bermudian?

    • Just Me says:

      thats none of your business

      • Quite frankly it is, because if you cant hire majority of Bermudians and the unemployment is rising, then you have to ask why.
        Now we all know Globalization (cheap labor) is the main factor but if Bermudians can do the job I see why not majority are not working there. And I refuse to believe that out of 3 thousand unemployed people that ALL of them will not keep time and be absent ALL the time.

  5. jimmy crack says:

    All these years and they couldn’t add one more star?

  6. thatright says:

    4star not for me their anniversary and their still trying make money give back to bermy

  7. Goddamn47 says:

    I like a lot of things on four stars menu. BUT.. the pizza pies are always dry they never add enough cheese. If you like it that way fine. But come on for all that money I can buy tomato sauce and crackers bec that’s how it tastes.