Top 10 Most Viewed Videos For November

November 30, 2015

Bernews posted some almost 80 videos during the month of October 2015 covering a wide range of topics, and the most popular video for the month was the Nikki Bascome vs Erick ‘Pilo’ Reyes boxing match, with the footage showing the Bermudian boxer winning the match by TKO.

Top 10 Most Views Videos 2015 November nnn

The remaining videos in the top ten include a car being removed after collision, a police statement, the Phoenix store opening their doors at 4am on Black Friday, a car fire, the Remembrance Day Parade, Logic’s Black Friday giveaways, the Party People Mas Band at Bermuda Heroes Weekend launch, an interview with Miss Bermuda Alyssa Rose, and footage of Oracle Team USA sailing in St George’s.

#1 Nikki Bascome vs Erick ‘Pilo’ Reyes Boxing Match 

#2 Car Removed After Collision

#3 Police Statement

#4 Phoenix Opens At 4am On Black Friday

#5 Car Fire In Parking Lot

#6 Remembrance Day Parade

#7 Logic Black Friday Giveaways

#8 Party People Mas Band At BHW Weekend Launch

#9 Miss Bermuda Alyssa Rose

#10 Oracle Team USA Sailing In St George’s

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