Airport Emergency Exercise On December 7th

December 5, 2015

An emergency exercise will take place at the L. F. Wade International Airport on Monday [Dec 7] to test Bermuda’s readiness in the event of a plane crash or other emergency.

“This simulation is required every two years as part of the Department of Airport Operations regulatory requirements,” a spokesperson said.

“Residents are urged not to be alarmed if they see increased emergency personnel moving around the island on Monday.

“There will also be extensive activity in and around the airport and motorists may experience delays once the simulation starts. Everyone traveling in the area is asked to use extreme caution and patience as emergency personnel respond to the simulation.

Video of an airport training exercise in 2012:

“All flights will arrive and depart as scheduled on Monday. There are no flights scheduled into or out of Bermuda during the exercise. There will also be increased marine activity around the airport as emergency personnel will provide water support.

“This is an important exercise for Bermuda and particularly the Department of Airport Operations. The exercise must be undertaken every two years to ensure Bermuda is compliant with international regulatory requirements.

“There will be a greater number of emergency personnel moving around the island on Monday afternoon, especially in the vicinity of the airport. If there are emergencies during the exercise, emergency personnel will be available to handle the situation, as they would normally.

“Motorists may experience delays in the east end of the island throughout the exercise, especially during the evening commute. We ask for patience as we test Bermuda’s responsiveness to a possible emergency. We will let the public know when the exercise has ended.”

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    Understand the need for the simulation. Don’t understand why the services are forewarned of when it will be?

    They will be sitting by their vehicles ready to go instead of doing whatever they do when on duty.

  2. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    In a Heart beat they can transform The Airport into a field hospital in a New York minute.

  3. Daytime high beams on bike says:

    Cat’s out of the bag. Thanks.