Three People In Custody After Warrant Executed

December 31, 2015

The police executed a firearms warrant at a residence on Wellington Slip Road, St. George last night [Dec 30], and two men and one female have been taken into custody, with one man caught and subdued after trying to run away from the police.

A police spokesperson said, “The BPS acting on specific information executed a firearms warrant at a residence on Wellington Slip Road, St. George last night. A man the subject of the search ran away from police and after a brief chase was caught and subdued.

“Two men and a female have been taken into custody and the police are continuing their enquiries. The BPS would like to thank the public for their assistance and all information received will be acted upon accordingly.”

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  1. Frank says:

    Thanks BPS

  2. setson says:

    Yes thank u bps… Cause slip road is a peaceful neighbourhood… We don’t need the low life’s here in our quiet neighbourhood

    • Truth be told says:

      Low life’s that’s what you want to call it you don’t know the half of it so I advise you to be quite because half of you folks out here date low life’s or have children by one & maybe you’re the mother of a low life but you are so quick to judge someone else.. Smh

    • Imoverit says:

      Lol you should come down here and call me a low life to my face! And yes it is a happy new year lmao!!!

  3. Legacy says:

    Someone’s not having a happy New Year…

  4. S. Rebecca says:

    Thanks to everyone who assisted in the successful arrests of the three individuals at Wellington Slip Road.
    They violated a peaceful and quiet neighbourhood. Thank you for your diligence Bermuda Police Service.

  5. Job well done.

  6. micheal says:

    but no gun was found ..what you thanking them for.. seems like the arrested 3 people with no evidence

  7. Benjammin says:

    Thank you BPS. Much appreciated

  8. Ashley says:

    Did they find anything?