BA Upgrading Bermuda Airport Check-In System

January 31, 2016

“Flights from locations including Bermuda are being moved across to the new check-in system this week, British Airways said.

A notice on BA’s website said, “Flights from Austin, Bermuda, Genoa, Hyderabad, Luanda, Malaga, Malta, Punta Cana, San Francisco and Seville are being moved across to the new check-in system this week.

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“The new system will help us to offer improved levels of customer service. The upgrade should not affect you or your flight but we would like to apologise in advance in the unlikely event that the transition encounters any issues.

“We encourage you to check in online and print your boarding pass and travel itinerary before you come to the airport. Please arrive at the airport in good time for your flight.”

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  1. sebring says:

    I know of a great many still independent seniors who travel intensively how ever they do not own a printer or a pc for that matter, how could this be an improvement to customer service. Could some one in BA explain what options are still available for the passengers that still require person to person check -in ? Please.

  2. Vulcan Trash Cleaner says:

    BA still has a very long way to go to better itself..the level of service from surly staff for a start needs to be rectified.