“Hurricanes 101: A Bermuda Focus” Lecture

January 21, 2016

On Thursday, 28th January at 7pm the Bermuda Zoological Society will host the first in a series of lectures, which will be free for the public to attend. The lecture is entitled “Hurricanes 101: A Bermuda Focus” and will be presented by Kimberley Zuill, Director of the Bermuda Weather Service.

The lecture will focus on how hurricanes have shaped and continue to almost annually shape Bermuda’s history, and geology.

The lecture is designed to offer an introduction to how, where and when tropical cyclones [including hurricanes] form, what mechanisms make them move [or track] in different patterns, where the strongest winds are located, how tropical storms differ from winter gales, and how to interpret, and therefore act, on the various levels of local watches and warnings.

Highlight video of Hurricane Gonzalo’s impact on Bermuda in 2014

Volunteer organizer Lisa Greene said, “The main purpose of these lectures is to provide the community with free and informative talks related to the mission of the BZS, which is to  inspire appreciation and care of island environments.

“In the up-coming months, the lecture series will cover topics such as the Sargasso Sea and turtles in Bermuda. We encourage the public to take advantage of this excellent opportunity.”

To get on the list to receive email notices about the upcoming talks email Lisa at elgreene@ibl.bm, and to register to attend the Hurricane talk, please follow the link.

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