2016 Harbour Nights To Commence On May 4th

January 28, 2016

This year’s Harbour Nights is set to get underway on May 4th and run until August 31st, 2016, with Front Street set to host Bermuda’s longest running street festival.

The announcement said, “The Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, the Bermuda Tourism Authority, The Corporation of Hamilton, and the Department of Community and Cultural Affairs, are pleased to bring you the 24th Annual Harbour Nights.

“Commencing May 4th running through till August 31st 2016. Front Street will host Bermuda’s largest and longest running street festival, with offerings from local artisans, crafters, chefs, musicians and other entertainers, and of course, the Gombeys.

Slideshow of the first Harbour Nights of 2015


“To keep up with the changing environment, the Chamber invites those who are interested in participating in Harbour Nights to attend a vendor information session on Thursday, February 4th at 5:30 pm till 6:30 pm at the Chamber of Commerce, above the Ferry Terminal.

“This meeting is for previous and new vendors to receive information on participating in this award winning social event. Interested persons can register for the session online at www.bermudachamber.bm, contact the Chamber at 295- 4201, or email Stephanie Lee, Marketing and Membership Coordinator at slee@bcc.bm.

Ms. Lee states: “This year, we are looking to incorporate activities highlighting the quintessentially Bermudian experience. According to reports released from the Bermuda Tourism Authority, visitors want to participate in and experience the unique cultural aspects of the country they visit.

“Bermuda has a wide and varied culture, and our experiences are unique to Bermuda. We wish to incorporate and share more of those experiences with the 3000+ visitors that participate in Harbour Nights every week.”

If you or your company is interested in participating or becoming a sponsor please call 2954201.

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  1. Crafters at bottom of barrel says:

    Isn’t it about time some of these government institutions looked at the number of professional and excellent Bermudian artists and craft persons who have dropped out of Harbour Night? The event is a mediocre, half-baked showing of what it represented years ago. And why did these skilled, most times neglected and ignored, Bermudians drop out? How about the expense of participating? For average vendors, it cost big bucks to stand on Front St. every week with no guarantee that they will make back what they paid out to join the Chamber plus the nightly fees. And that does not take into account a full day of hard labor to pack goods, setup, breakdown,plus additional labor to unload and store goods next day.

    Harbour Night vendors are used for the entertainment of tourists. Without them, there would be no Harbour Night. Instead of the Tourism Board handing out generous funding to half-baked schemes, why not pay for vendor stalls? No where in the world does a country put the financial burden of entertaining its visitors during a street fest on the shoulders of the art and crafts community. Maybe, it is the vendors’turn to be paid to be out there. Then maybe those in charge will take off their blinder and also get rid of all the imported merchandise fraudulently sold as “Made in Bermuda.”

    • WOB says:

      I agree, it cost $50 (last I heard)for a table. Only some vendors would make that in profit. How about waiving it for small crafters or even charities with items to sell. (no I am not a crafter but just an observer).

      Harbour Night used to be a social event for locals too (not just for tourists) Something that everyone went to and meet up with friends because it had a lively vibe to it. I miss Harbour Nights the way it used to be (10 years ago!).

    • Raised on Ginger Beer says:

      I agree. I hear on a daily basis “Why don’t you sell your pieces at Harbour Night?” I was very interested in doing it, but the fees are ridiculous! For crafters / artists that handmake their products and all costs are coming out of pocket. There would be know way I’d make my money back or make a profit. I’ve noticed people dont go to Harbour night to purchase. Its just something to do. Only thing its good for is to get your name out there. Only people making profit is the Chamber and maybe the food vendors.

  2. Bermy Realist says:

    @Crafters at bottom of barrel…you could organize your own event like harbour or do something better if you think you can and market it to bring tourist to yours! We have to remember there is nothing stopping us from doing things ourselves and quit thinking someone else should do it! Organize yourself!

  3. Ate says:

    Ah Barbour night are boring I just rather go gamble and make money